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If you know of a paddlewheeler in need of a home, or if you're searching for a boat to acquire, please send the information to and we will post your notice here upon receipt.

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25 Feb. 2006
New Pages On the Way

Lately I've been getting a lot of requests from people to buy steamboats, or to build steamboat models. Soon I will build a whole new center at this site for steamboat exchange. This is really needed. You should see my mail bag!

Also, a new museum exhibit about the Julia Belle Swain is in the works. It's just a matter of time. Visitors may ask, why don't things happen faster around here? The answer is - this is just a one person deal. I have no "staff" to do things for me. Plus, I must fit this hobby in around a growing real estate career. So, whether you want to buy a house or a steamboat - this is the place!!!

23 Feb. 2006
Delta Queen History Cruises

Our Queens are planning a season of history crusies, including lectures by leading Civil War historians and authors. Read the press release from the Delta Queen Steamboat Company click here.

14 Feb. 2006
Justified Type

Spent the last few hours fixing the type at the steamboats site. An error in the programming made all the pages justified center. It only happens for people who have PCs. I've been trying to solve the problem since I became aware of it last July. A friend recently pointed out what was wrong in my code, so now hopefully the pages are fixed. There are nearly 1,000 pages at this site, so I won't have time to test every single one. If you see a page with something out of center, or a page that does not look right, please send me the URL. I hope this makes the site easier to navigate. (contact)

07 Feb. 2006
News from the Queens

The Delta Queen Steamboat Company released the new 2006 steamboat schedule on Feb. 1. Click here to read the full news release.

16 Dec. 2005
Passing of Brian O'Neill

Lucette Brehm of the Delta Queen Steamboat Company reports this news:

It is with great sadness that I must let you know that we have lost a very special member of our Steamboatin' family and the Delta Queen Steamboat Company.  Brian O'Neill, passed away last evening, doing what he loved most, playing piano at the Plimsoll Club in New Orleans, where he suffered a heart attack.  Brian entertained us on the steamboats for many years and also worked shoreside, creating musical arrangements, shows and entertainment for the boats, as well as the music scene here in New Orleans.   The joy and pleasure of Brian's musical talents will live with us forever.  Please keep Brian and his wife Missy O'Neill, another longtime Steamboater, in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

11 Dec. 2005
Farewell to Noted Cincinnati Artist

Warren Stichtenoth, graphic artist for the Delta Queen, passed away Nov. 26, 2005. Read the Cincinnati Enquirer article about his life: click here. Visit the exhibit of his artwork at this site: Online Steamboat Museum.

Facts about the life of Warren Stichtenoth, drawn from the Enquirer article:

"From 1943 to 1945, he was a private first class with the Army's Company C, 310th Engineer Battalion, 85th Custer Division. He supported the infantry of the 339th 'Polar Bear' Regiment.

"As a combat engineer, he helped build bridges and roads, according to his son, Craig Stichtenoth of Katy, Texas.

"Mr. Stichtenoth attended the University of Cincinnati on the GI Bill . . .

"He went on to a career in commercial art and advertising, becoming an artist of note. His most famous works were of Cincinnati and its skyline, the Delta Queen and Kentucky scenes."

17 Oct. 2005
Our Queens are Safe

The Delta Queen, Mississippi Queen, and American Queen are safe, and back in operation. Read the latest post-Katrina news from the steamboat company, click here.

17 Sept. 2005
Boat Wanted

New in our mailbox.

"I am interested in purchasing a Paddle Wheel boat with approximately 50+ state rooms. I would like to know if you can guide me in the right direction? Condition is not a priority. Thank you for your help, Donna"

(write to Donna through the web master - Click here)

17 Sept. 2005
Blogging the Hurricane

Find out what's going on at these links: Daily Katrina updates

Here is my statement that was posted for a few days on my "about.html":

A message in the wake of the disaster, posted 08 Sept. 2005.

Dear Friends,

Our great American city New Orleans and her people, and the people of neighboring towns in Louisiana and Mississippi, and six additional states, just went through what is perhaps the most horrifying episode of American history. Maybe the Civil War was worse, but none of us alive today were there, so we can't compare it in any logical sense. The most disturbing thing for me, persoanlly, was the sight of tens of thousands of New Orleans residents stranded for four, and in some cases six days. How could that happen here? The pictures are burned into the American consciousness and the world consciousness.

Ten thosuand or more people probably died; millions of lives will never be the same. The rebuilding effort will costs billions. Plus, with unchecked global warming, catastrophic weather events will become more common as sea levels rise and water temperatures increase.

With the imminent approach of the four year anniversary of 9/11, I invite you to join me in a series of prayers I posted at my other site. 9/11 Prayers That's about all we can do at this point is pray. If you are not a religious person, please spend some time contemplating the heart of humanity and your role in it.


03 Sept. 2005
Info. Wanted on Sunken Sternwheeler

David Brink writes:

"Nori - We are trying to determine the origins of a Stern Paddle Wheeler under water wreck site that lays 30 miles off shore from Naples, FL. In an attempt to get more information about this wreck I have developed a web site to assist in disseminating current site information. The site is: The web sites asks a number of questions that may be answered by members of your association. I would greatly appreciate it if you or any of your members would send me any information they might have with regard the wreck seen in this site."

Ed's. note: If you can offer information or advice, please contact David Brink (email) or

22 Aug. 2005
Boat and Jet for Sale

Mory White writes:

"hello, i have a 18 FT Wooden Clinker built launch Built by Dickies Of Tarbert Lochfyne circa 1965. it is angling, exellent sea boat. Engine is a Yanmar 3 gm fitted with lewmar windlass anchor and sail reluctant sale. I want to sell it for 2300euro the price also include the shiping fees. i hpoe that you will like to buy it. I also have a jet that i want to sell for a give away price."

If you would like to contact Mory, click here.

13 Aug. 2005
Boat Wanted

In the mail box:

"I am writing from Lima, Peru in South America. I am interested in buying a river boat. The boat will operate in the Amazon river, using the city of Iquitos as its headquarters. I will like to start with a small boat and build suites for an overnight journey."

If you know of a boat for sale, please contact (contact info. click here).

27 July 2005
Great American Journeys Announces New Itinearary If you're planning a trip to the Northwest, check the press release from Great American Journeys - posted at this site - click here.

12 May 2005
Boat for Sale

Ed.'s Note: This boat is sold, as of 25 June 2005

FOR SALE $27,500 REALLY SPIFFED UP... OR $ 15,000 AS IS.. Click here for details.

09 May 2005
Oxford Film & TV Seeks British Industrial Subjects in N. America

Oxford Film & Television of London (Channel 4) seeks subjects for a two hour documentary about the renewal of British industrial ingenuity in far-flung corners of the globe. Their producer, Marc Tiley, will consider any big restoration or maintenance projects outside the UK. For example: old British-style trains, engines, boats, bridges - or something completely different. Marc is looking for anything with a British connection.

The production will begin this year, so they are looking to join (or be a catalyst for) an ongoing project that has a great history as a spectacular back drop. The presenter, Claire Barratt, is an engineer. able to get involved in the nuts and bolts of things.

Contact: Marc Tiley, Oxford Film & Television, Leeder House, 6, Erskine Rd., London, NW3 3AJ   Tel.: 0207 4833637   Email

04 May 05
Help Rescue a Historic Steamship

Click here to read a press release from the French Titanic Society (FTS) on their opportunity to rescue the S.S. Nomadic, associated with the Titanic. Find out what they are doing and how you can get involved. (Click here to read press release.)

31 March 05
Distressed Boat Needs Home

Dear Sirs,

My name is Philippe Delaunoy and I come from Belgium. For the past 4 years, I have been trying to secure the preservation of the last WHITE STAR LINE steamship still afloat : the ss NOMADIC.

The NOMADIC was built by Harland & Wolff shipyards (Belfast) in 1911 as a First & Second class tender operating in Cherbourg. The NOMADIC served the TITANIC on 10th April 1912 and many other transatlantic superliners such as the Olympic, the Queen Elisabeth, the Queen Mary, ... The NOMADIC had a commercial career in Cherbourg from 1911 to 1968. She was then transformed into a floating restaurant on the Seine River in Paris.

The NOMADIC is now for sale and she could be sent to the scrapyard if no buyer is found. At the present, a Belfast based non-profit organization 'Belfast Industrial Heritage Ltd' wants to bring the NOMADIC back to Belfast, have her restored to her fromer glory by the shipyard that built her and 'use' her as the centerpiece of the future theme park 'Origin' to be built in Belfast and dedicated to the commemoration of shipbuilding in Belfast.

The average budget of the projet is 2m pounds. Once moored in a British harbour, the NOMADIC will be listed on the Historical ship Register and it will open right to subsides. Belfast Industrial Heritage (BIH) is 'only' looking for money for the purchase of the ship and launched an international fundraising campaign 'NOMADIC APPEAL'.

I take the liberty to contact you in order to know if you could help us preserving the NOMADIC - the last direct floating link with the TITANIC and the ultimate ship of the White Star Line fleet. You can, of course, send money but also helping us by forwarding the present message to everyone you think could make a donation or provide help.

For any information about the ship, the fundraising campaign, ... you can contact :

Philippe Delaunoy
Tel : 0032.

Kathleen Neill
Belfast Industrial Heritage
c/o MARA
38 Banbury Street
Belfast BT4 1FG
Tel. +44 02890458845 or (mobile) 07851018376.

We thank you very much in advance for your interest into the NOMADIC's plight

Sinceres salutations, Met vriendelijke groeten, Best regards,
Philippe Delaunoy
Tel. (office): +32 (2) 286.64.06
Tel (home) : +32 (69) 68.69.19
@ : Email

29 March 05
Currier and Ives Litho for Sale

Another notice from our readers:

"I have a Currier and Ives originial lithograph from 1845 of a woman named Mary. What's interesting about this lithog! raph is in the background is a picture of a paddleboat named Swallow. Since I don't collect information about boats, I would be interested in selling this lithograph if anyone is interested in it. It seems like it would be of historical significance."

Email for more information - click here.

29 March 05
Steam Calliope Parts for Sale

We received the following letter and ask any interested parties to contact the person directly:

"I am interested in selling the steam calliope parts I acquired while working at Disneyland. In 1955 Disney bought 2 antique steam calliopes and salvaged them into one. When the calliope was converted to compressed air it was sent to Florida. I have what remains of the steam parts, which are: a mixture of 18 Thomas J. Nichol calliope whistles, one manifold for a 20-note instrument with 19 tracker-style valves and a 20-note brass keyboard. A boiler is available, being a Gabriel on 1955 origins and propane fired, and a steam pump.

"I was wondering if anyone you know would be interested in the parts. I have pictures if you are interested. The Thomas J. Nichol whistles have been valued at around $45,000.00."

Email for more information - click here

Click here to see photos.

01 March 05
Site Redesigned

During the last week of February, the site has undergone the first complete overhaul since it was first posted in 1998. All the pages have been polished up and put into folders. All the links have been changed to reflect the new design. The look of the pages has also been updated. premiers with a new front page and should be much easier to navigate. Hope you enjoy the new site. If you have any trouble finding a steamboat page that used to be here, contact me and I'll help you find it (click here for contact info.) - Nori

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