12 May 2005

Ed.'s Note: This boat is sold, as of 25 June 2005

FOR SALE $27,500 REALLY SPIFFED UP... OR $ 15,000 AS IS..

1902 Marine Iron Works "Feliz" Design

Built 1988 Scripps Iron and Machine Works , Fredericksburg Tx.

The Sternwheel Steam Boat " City of Lakeport" - ex Rio Colorado Princess - is For Sale. This Paddle Wheel Steamer is 45 feet long, 8 feet wide, and floats in 12-15 inches of water. The vessel has a custom trailer. It can be transported cheaply, without special permits.

All steam machinery is in excellent working condition. It has always been a fresh water only boat. This vessel could easily be certified as a commercial passenger vessel for 20 pax + crew.

Located in the California Wine Country, 50 Miles North of San Francisco Convenient to SFO or Oakland Airports

$ 27,500 with hull plating and paint renewed.

$ 15,000 As-Is. Increasing with progressive upgrades. Builder says steam machinery is worth $ 15,000.

Please no "how low will you go calls"... come see the vessel and we can talk seriously.

Boat and Engines :
Builder : 1988 Scripps Machine and Foundry
Designer: 1902 Marine Iron Works - Feliz - and it's 4" x 16" engines.
Refer to " River Navigation" by Marine Iron Works of Chicago
Reprint available from Elliot Bay Steam Launch Co.

Vessel Specifications :

45 x 8 x ~1 38' LOD Welded Steel built to workboat standards. Strong not fancy.
Flat Bottom, Hard Chine, Model Bow. 4 compartments - 3 hatches.
Condensing tubes double as hull skids.
39" rails, 3 entry gates, wheel chair accessable. RV type head.
2 welded steel diesel tanks 27 x 17 x 48 each.
1 welded steel water tank ( under boiler) ~ 4' x 4' x 6"
7' dia x 6' wide wheel 12 floats ~ 30 rpm at top speed.

Steam Power Specs:

85 sq ft Babcock & Wilcox type horizontal water tube boiler. Professional non-ASME.
Built 1988. Hydro'd @500 psi new, 300 psi annually, relief set 150 psi. Have docs.

3 feed pumps : stainless crosshead, Gardner-Denver duplex steam, manual simplex.

Pair of 4" x 16" D valve double acting cylinders 12 HP. Marine Iron Works Design. with single lever reversing gear, cross head pump, pittman arms, eccentrics, bearings, etc.

No hot box or vaccum pump, but everything else is there for condensing.

The vessel is a fully functional steam powered yacht, cruise 6 knots, top speed of 8 kts.

With spacious decks, and over 70 feet of passenger railing, the Steam Buff can count on memorably sharing his passion with numerous happy guests, paying customers, or fellow club members, aboard this sturdy and picturesque paddle wheeler.

All steam equipment is in working order.

March 2005 : The vessel was thoroughly inspected. Some hull plating deterioration under the boiler and tanks was noted. Balance of the hull, all decks, and railings are excellent.

May April, 2005 : The hull is scheduled for professional replating under the boiler and fuel tanks, making it virtually rust free. After repair, hull, deck and rails will pass the most rigorous insurance survey. Millerick Bros. in Sebastopol ( who built the Rose charter sailboat which sails out of SF...and Tule Princess steam boat) will do the work. They are artists at thier craft.

The boiler, steam engines, pumps, gauges, and associated machinery are all in working order.

This Paddle Wheeler can be trailered on any road without special permits because of it's 8 foot width. So you can easily explore new cruising areas, go to steam boat festivals, or serve different winter and summer markets, if you use the boat commerically.

The trailer shown is included in the sale. Minimum tow vehicle is a 1 ton with duals and 5th wheel set up, capable of towing 14,000 lbs or more. For long distances, we say hire a professional with a diesel tractor.

Vessel gear includes all necessary safety equipment including: yacht rated life jackets, new fire extinguishers, danforth anchor, steam whistle, running lights, spot light, and flares.

Height on trailer 12' 6''..reducable to 10'6" Bridge Clearance Approx 8 feet.

4 Compartments - 3 water tight bulkheads - 2 access hatches.

1/8th inch steel plating and deck
2 x 3 x 1/4 angle frames and deck beams on 24 inch centers
1 1/4 x 3/16 flat bar longetudinals on 12 inch centers- bottom and deck
3 x 3/16 flat bar longetudinals on 12 inch centers- sides
2 x 2 x 3/16 square tube deck supports
3/4 x 3/4 square tube passenger railing and canopy supports.
1" round chine bar - full length.
3/16 x 4 inch hatch combings
3/16 hatch covers.
1/4 glass taped plywood painted canopy

Paint System:
Hull : Tri-poxy enamel - outside
Anti-Corrosive Primer inside.
Topsides - marine enamel over anti-corrsive primer.
Deck: marine enamel with non-skid .

Boarding Gates: 3 Port-Starboard- Bow.
Head : Enclosed Port-a-Pottie with manual Pump Out.
Antique Kerosene running lights
Antique Merriman 12 V Spotlight
Brass Steam Whistle
Steam Siren.
Full gauges, sight glasses, try valves, and controls on boiler.
Double redunant feed water pump capabilities.

Professionally restored : $ 27,500 with renewed hull plating, painting, and canopy.

We are glad to sell at any stage of completion. The less we have to do the better !
Price depending on stage of completion $ 15k / $ 20 K / to approx $ 27.5K

We Will Sell The Steam Machinery Only : Builder estimates value at $ 15,000 Boiler, Engines, Pumps, Pittmans, Eccentrics, Tank, complete. Submitt serious offer.

We have builders plans, and feel the hull can easily be USCG inspected for protected waters, perhaps Lakes Bays and Sounds... with diesel, electric or hybrid power.

Capt. L.R.

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