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If you know of a paddlewheeler in need of a home, or if you're searching for a boatto acquire, please send the information to and we will try to arrangea match. Your notice will be posted here upon receipt.

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07 Feb. 05
Steamboats of Australia Linked is happy to announce a new link collection:Paddle Steamers of Australia. The list includesthe Murray River and more. Log on and find out what's going on down there.

30 Jan. 05
Domain Name for Sale

The domain name is available. Seller will consideroffers around 350 pounds U.K. ($665 U.S.).Please contact Simon(click here)for further details.

23 Jan. 05
Columbia Queen Returns in April 2005

SEATTLE - Under the new ownership of Great American River Journeys (GARJ), aSeattle-based cruise line, the luxurious 161-passenger riverboat Columbia Queen willreturn to operation on the Columbia, Snake, and Willamette rivers following athree-year hiatus (click here for full story).

01 Dec. 04
Steamboat Art Collection is Offered

Amos Farrell recently contacted He is the great grandson of Samuel WardStanton, an American artist who drew and paintedsteamships from about 1880 to 1912. His family owns a collection of approximately 50 - 100 ofSamuel Ward Stanton's works.

Many of the drawings have fact sheets with them, including descriptions of the boats, types ofengines, whenbuilt, and by which yard, etc., but the artworks are not sorted or cataloged.

The collection will be auctioned through eBay, but the family wants to find interested partiesin the hopes that the collection will end up with people who appreciate steamboats.

There will be a notice in the JanuarySteamboat Bill (journal of the Historical SteamshipSociety). Here are a few pages about Samuel WardStanton on the Steamship Historical Society:Illustrations by Samuel Ward Stanton.

If you would like to inquire about this collection, please write to Amos Farrell:click here to email.

01 Dec. 04
Antique Stateroom Key

Gloria Packard is offering an antique stateroom key from a ferry boat named Belfast,built in 1902 that used to service the route between Bangor and Boston. The Belfastwas later turned into a liberty ship and saw action in the Pacific duringWWII. If you are interested, please contact Gloria Packardemail.

06 July 04
Reception for Andrea Sutcliffe Thursday

Andrea Sutcliffe explores the little known history of America's"first great invention" - Steam. Sutcliffe shares the story of John Fitchand his adversaries in the race to create the first passenger steamboat,eventually succeeding in the endeavor nearly two decades prior to RobertFulton's famous trip up the Hudson River in 1807. Book signing. Free ($5suggested donation). For information call 212.748.8735.

Thursday, July 8, 2004
7-9 pm
South Street Seaport Museum
12 Fulton Street (between South and Front Streets in Manhattan, New York, NY)

21 June 04
Who Built the First Steamboat?

There's good news for people who want to find the truth about the invention of thesteamboat. Author Andrea Sutcliffe has tackled the question in a new book,Steam: The UntoldStory of America's First Great Invention, to be released July 4, 2004. Pre-order it atAmazon by clicking on the title.

14 June 04
Grand Excursion Postcard Available

The Grand Excursion starts in just eleven days (See "Big Steamboat Party" below,click here).Now you can get a postcard commemorating the event. It depicts the War Eagle, a boat thatparticipated in the original Grand Excursion, plusthe Mississippi Queen, which will participate in this year's event.

Send $1 to: Patrick Rash,P.O. Box 931,La Crosse WI 54602-0931.

02 June 04
Artist Warren Stichtenoth Now at

The newest exhibit at the Online Steamboat Museum shows the work of Warren Stichtenoth,creator of many 1960s and 1970s era Delta Queenpaintings, drawings, and company logos.Click here to go to theWarren Stichtenoth exhibit in the Steamboat Museum.

29 April 04
Expension Steam Engines for Sale

From the Steamboat Mailbox:

"I have two triple expension steam engines for sale, made in the 1920s 450hp eachin full working condition. If you are interested please contact me. A truemaster peiceRomy - Emailfor more information."

18 April 04
Steamboat Wanted for Tennessee River

A private party is interested in purchasing a steamboat for personal use on the Tennessee River.They are willing to spend $100K and up and are very serious about obtaining a boat.Contact Tom if you have any leads(Email).

29 Feb. 04
Steamboat Race at the Kentucky Derby

Here's something to look forward to: the next The Great Steamboat Race between theDelta Queen and the Belle of Louisville will be April 28 at 5 p.m. inCincinnati. We just heard from Stacey Yates, the press officer for the Kentucky DerbyFestival. She added a link to our site after seeing it in AAA Home & Away Magazine.

She said:"The community Festival I work for produces an annual steamboating eventcalled the 'Great Steamboat Race.' It's more than 40 years old and hastraditionally featured the Delta Queen and the Belle of Louisville since itsinception."

Click here to go tothe Kentucky Derby Festival site and read the announcement about the next race.

27 Feb. 04
Off Line Again

My sites were off line again over the last 24 hours and here's the most recent wordfrom the domain host:

Maintenance work is currently taking place on server 1050 due to a denial ofservice attack. We are upgrading certain software packages due to security issues.Our engineers are working to complete the maintenance as quickly as possible sothat the server can be accessible. You can view the latest updates at
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience andunderstanding.
Technical Support Department

24 Feb. 04 Off Line for 36 Hours

As i write this, has been off line since sometime yesterday. Here's theproblem, according to my domain host's network status update:

The server had to bedisconnected from the Internet due to auser who had been initiating networkattacks against various machines on theInternet. We are currently restoring theserver from a backup to eliminate anypossibility of a system compromise andto ensure integrity of customer data andour network. The server will be placedonline as soon as possible once ournetwork administrators complete a fullsystem analysis and stability test. Weapologize for any inconvenience andthank you for your patience.

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great new year celebration to welcome 2004.Over the holiday, went off the air due to technicaldifficulties. We're back now and please don't ask us what happened!Yesterday's problems are gone and we learned a lot. Now, on with the new year!

Big steamboat party on the Mississippi in 2004

The steamboats have a big party planned for us June 25 to July 5, 2004 to celebrate150 years of their history on the upper Mississippi River. Communities inIowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota will hold celebrations as a flotilla ofpaddlewheel steamboats recreate the original 1854 Grand Excursion's journey.For more information and to get tickets, go

Steamboat Wanted:

Looking for 80 to 150 passenger paddlewheeler for dinner cruises on thethe Susquehanna River, North East Pennsylvania. Pleasecall 1-800-233-8342 ext. 111 Donna or email Donna c/o (click here forcontact info.).

Subj: SS Argentina
Date: 9/16/2003 2:34:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: KarinCleary
To: Steamboatmail

I am writing to you in hopes that you can help us save a historic OceanLiner that is in danger of being scrapped some time this month. TheS.S. Argentina [currently called the Enchanted Isle] is urgently in needof assistance in preventing her from heading to the breakers in Africa.

Background: Two new sister ships, the S.S. Brasil and the S.S.Argentina were built at Ingalls Shipyards, Pascagoula, Mississippi, forMoore-McCormack Lines to replace the ships built in 1928. (During WorldWar II, Moore-McCormack Lines operated more than 150 ships, lost 11vessels, transported 754,239 troops, and carried 34,410,111 tons of warcargo.) The S.S. Brasil was launched in September 1958 and the S.S.Argentina was launched in December 1958.

They were built as luxury ocean liners, later becoming cruise ships andwere THE LAST PASSENGERS SHIPS BUILT IN THE U.S.

The Enchanted Isle, as she is now known, (formerly the S.S. Argentina)was just sold for $2.08 million (less than 1/10th than what it cost tobuild her). She will be leaving this month to head for the breakers ineither India or Africa. She is currently laid up in Violet, Louisiana.

Some friends and I are frantically searching for some way to prevent apiece of American history from being lost for all time. It is a shamethat we sometimes do not appreciate what we have, until we do not haveit any longer. In any case, emotions aside, the ship is trulybeautiful.

I was hoping that you would help us by placing a link to this website: We're trying to get this informationout to as many people as we can. We have a "Save the Ship" page onthere where people can write to Congressmen telling them we need theirhelp in saving this piece of history from being destroyed.

Let me know if this is something you would be willing to do. Thank youfor your time and consideration.

Karin Cleary

23 July 03
Newest Pages at

This year's International Online Steamboat Race was a big success. Furthermore, tookfirst place! This is fantastic news to us, even though 99.999 percent of the world does not know aboutonline steamboat racing. Someday they'll learn!! will proudly display the covetedantler trophy throughout the year, or until another boat wins the reace.Click here to see the race.Click here to see the after-event entertainment: Steamboat 'Round theBend, starring Will Rogers.

More new pages: Go to the Online Steamboat Museum to find out about cruises you can take inSalem, Oregon, and Omaha, Nebraska. I went out to see those boats this summer with my camera.Click here for Salem; here for Omaha.Happy steamboating and thank you for all the letters and guestbook signatures.

Wanted: Dry Docked or in-Need-of-Saving Steamboat

Several people are looking for steamboats suitable for saving, display. Here is one request:Nick Vazquez

I hope that you can help me find a company that recreates the steamboats, paddlewheelers of the past. I believe that theymust all be dry docked. We would like to use it for a restaurant, catering purpose.

Steamboat Wanted for Adventure Golf Facility in Louisiana

Good chance for a second life! If you know a steamboat that needs a home,contact Steve and Angela Ross:email

Hello. My wife and I looking to purchase a riverboat paddlewheel to display at our brand new adventuregolf facility in Louisiana. Do you know of any authentic or replica sources we can contact. Any helpwould be appreciated. Thank you.

Railpub Offers Books, Journals on Steamboat Hobby

Paul Gibson wrote in with the following information:

Railpub is a dealer in back issue magazines, probably the largest onthe internet, with 300+ titles currently in stock covering steamboats,railroading, tractors, autos, trucks and various transport and industrialsubjects.

We also have over 2000 used books available. Many of these are steamboator marine related. For example, our current catalog contains back issuesforSteamboat Bill, S&D Reflector, Ships Monthly, Sea Breezes and more.We have been in business for nine years, and our website is updated with newinventory every six weeks.

Visit today.

Arizona Steamboat Reunion

Carol Brooks, Curator, Az Hist Soc, Yuma, AZ, writes:

Do you have a relative who worked the steamboats on the Arizona-Californiaborder, 1850-1910? Whether they be captain, mate, purser, deckhand, or woodcutter, we would like to hearfrom you. If your relative worked on one of the ships from San Francisco to the Gulf of California (andconnected with the river steamers), or was an owner in the Colorado Steam Navigation Company (or the GeorgeJohnson Company), please contact us. A rather incomplete list of names we have found can be seen at This list has some biographical information with the names. A largenumber of the men were from NY, CA, and Hawaii. Please e-mail us atAz History Yuma. was off line most of Tuesday, 25 Feb. 03. Hit a virtual sandbar.Operations returned to normal sometime during the night. No email was lost.Our domain host did not get fired, either. They are pretty good. Software problemshappen. ~ed. has had so many technical problems that we decided to post our service record.To see the litany of troubles, click here.

American Queen to Race Natchez

Read the latest news from the American Queen steamboat: click here.

Want a Free Steamboat?

Hello Nori! Just a note to let river enthusiasts know that the City of St. Charles, Missouri wants todispose of the Goldenrod Showboat and is even considering giving it away! The venerable 1909 showboatis the last of only two authentic showboats in existence (the other is the MAJESTIC at Cincinnati, Ohio)and needs to be saved! From 1937 until 1990, the Goldenrod was moored at St. Louis and was the home ofthe annual ragtime festival.

Email Overboard - Please Write to Us Again

I accidentally erased a letter sent in late Oct. or early Nov. 2002offering a plate print of the Belle of Louisville.I tried to save it but erasing something in AOL's program is final.Apologies, please write back again.Contact Info.

Also, the account was off line Nov. 9 -11, and some mail may have been returnedwith "fatal errors." Rumors of's demise are greatly exaggerated.Please write back again.

Delta Queen Models Available

Be the first on your binary block to buy one of these authenticDelta Queen models. THEY'RE HERE!Click here for Delta Queen models

Riverboat and Tugboat Plans for Model Builders

Contact John L. Fryant to buy a catalog of model boat plans. The catalog is $6 U.S. andCanada, $8.50 outside N.America. Write to John for more info.:email

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