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Buy, Sell, or Build a Real Boat
For model boats, click here. * - Buy speedboats, pontoons, and other fun boats. . . . sorry no paddle wheels! steamboats for sale in the UK.

LaPointes Classic Boat & Motor Mitch LaPointe's Classic Boat and Motor, including antique wooden Chris Craft boats. boats for sale by region Keep an eye on eBay. Many people have put paddlewheel boats up for sale there over the last decade. buy and sell yachts.

American Sternwheel Association an association of people who build paddlewheel boats, check their page, "For Boat Builders Only," for good advice. They also help people buy and sell boats.

Learn to build a steam engine here: Making It New: Invention, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Boating Supplies Pleasure Boat Marine, the place to feed your habit for boating supplies. We have something for every type of boating enthusiast This site offers databases to access, post, and share information: Marine Directory with 13,000+ listings; Crew Swap for skippers, owners and crew; Boat Jumble - sell and buy used gear; Cruising Guide - find information on harbors, marinas, anchorages & moorings or contribute with some info of your own; Gear Guide - reports on equipment, good and bad, let us have your comments on your favorite bit of gear or why it is now resting on the ocean floor; Links section - over 4,100 links to non-commercial marine sites

Build a Wooden Boat step-by-step instructions

Putt Putt Boats steam powered novelty boats.

Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co. This company supplies components for builders who want a steamboat, but who cannot afford a river packet sized vessel. They make traditional 23-foot fantail hulls (in fiberglass), ASME code boilers, steam propellers (low disc area, right hand in sizes from 10 inches to 30 inches in diameter), engine casting kits (Elliott Bay Triple, York Compound, Model Compound, and the Anderson Single), feedwater hand pumps, engine-driven feed-air pumps, reflex gauges, and replica marine deck hardware. "All products painstakingly produced to equal of exceed the quality of marine goods from the Great Age of Steam."

Boat House (also at publishes books for boat builders, sternwheeler and propeller-driven. Check their titles here - at this site - click here.

National Marine Manufacturers Association

Boating Industry International

Independent Boat Builders, Inc., the Nation's Largest Marine Purchasing Cooperative

American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc., setting standards for safer boating

American Boatbuilders Association

Forum for buying & selling steamboats & s.b. paraphernalia Communicate with people who are building sternwheelers.

Elizabeth Marine Ways Learn about steamboat building and repair in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania.

Company that offers large diesel-electric drivetrains for some of the bigger, modern riverboats: SCR Engineering

SteamLaunch Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co., suppliers of replica hulls, engines and all the gear you need to build your own steam launch. In business since 1979. Associate Members, Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers.

Paddle Boats (like you rent at the park)

Build a boat: Beckmann Boatshop, Ltd.; Hobby Steam Boilers, Ltd. Antiuqe reproductions of steam, electric, diesel, gas, code steam boilers, custom boatbuilding. Antique and classic launches and tugboats; hull and engine kits.

International Steamboat Society - Steamboating Magazine at International Steamboat Society - Steamboating Magazine - provides contemporary information on how to acquire, build, operate, maintain, and enjoy a steam-powered vessel.

Marine Engine Info. This site has info. on marine steam engines, including an Engine Identification Section to allow users to post a photo and description of an unknown engine.

Steamboat Societies, Organizations

Steam Ship Historical Society of America (SSHSA) The mission of the Steamship Historical Society of America is to record, preserve, and disseminate the history of engine-powered vessels.

USS Arizona Civil War Project Fund - incorporated in 2014 to preserve the history of the USS Arizona. This is not the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. This USS Arizona was a sidewheel steamboat launched in 1859, captured by Confederate forces in 1862, captured by the US Navy in 1863, then it burned and sank in 1865 south of New Orleans. This boat is not listed in the Fred Way Packet Directory, since it was active on other rivers, and at sea, and was never used for its intended purpose as a packet boat.

New Orleans Baton Rouge Pilots Association "National Safety, Security At the Forefront" ASA is an educational and social organization dedicated to the proliferation of paddlewheel vessels.

S&D Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Riverman - "S&D is an organization of like-minded people with a common interest in boats of the past and the people who operated them, with a special emphasis towards paddlewheel and steam powered vessels of America's inland rivers. In addition to historic vessels, S&D is also interested in present-day vessels which accurately represent the historical aspects of the steamboat era, such as the Belle of Louisville, Delta Queen, Natchez IV, Julia Belle Swain and others."

The North American Steam Boat Association organized by Charles Roth, this group is comprised primarily of steamboat lovers from North American; publishes a bi-monthly newsletter; good links and other resources.

International Steamboat Society magazine

The Historic Sternwheeler Preservation Society (HSPS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the heritage and history of authentic sternwheel vessels.

WaterwaysJournal Publishers of news from the inland marine industry since 1887.

Steam Boat Association of Australia

Steamboats on the Monongahela River Monongahela River Buffs Association.

Northwest Steam Society

Steam Boat Association of Great Britain

North American Steam Boat Association

Steamboat Society of Australia

Northwest Steam Society

Yahoo steamboat group Decription: "An eGroup page that shows an interest in steam boats, their machinery and operation, for both old and new vessels of any size. This group is dedicated to helping the development of a greater interest in steamboats and the steam boat movement.

Jerry Canavit's essential Steamboat Reading List - click here (at this site).

This organization works to bring American rivers back to health - a good cause

More research information: FAQ Page (at this site).

Search Maritime Museums: click here (at this site).

more steamboat organizations at

Steamboat Art and Music

James Antone Daviner has painted watercolors of the Greenwood, Thealka, the Betsy Ann racing the Tom Green, and others.

John Matassa This Wilmington, Deleware artist does oil paintings of famous Deleware steamships (at this site).

Riverlorian Chats by Jerry Hay Go to the website (click here) or write to Jerry to invite him to give a live presentation on river history for your school or group: Email

Warren Stichtenoth was the artist for many Delta Queen paintings, drawings, and company logos (see examples of his work at this site).

Michael Blaser, Waterway Fine Arts Artist paints scenes of the Western Rivers. He reports: "We are currently reproducing a new painting featuring the steamer Natchez and the City of New Orleans. The painting was commissioned by the New Orleans Steamboat Company. The print reproductions will be countersigned by Captain "Doc" Hawley, former Captain of the Natchez. This print will be added to our web site as soon as possible. I have done projects with the Cincinnati Historical Society, the Murphy Library Special Collections in La Crosse and many others all based on steamboats, the Western Rivers and the Great Lakes."

Marine Artist Jim Clary invites you to view progress images of his recently completed painting of the American Queen. Go here: See early phases of the work at this website— - click here. The artist is preparing a limited edition of 250 signed & numbered 22 x 17" prints, for $150 each. To order, go to the website or call Cap'n Jim's Gallery at 810-329-7447

Ernie K-Doe: The R&B Emperor or New Orleans, a new book by Ben Sandmel (order now from - click here)

Harlan Hubbard renowned artist - see his steamboat paintings at Another resource for his artwork is the University of Kentucky.

Steamboat Paintings by Mark Rook - at this site!

Murals of Kris Killman Large murals of river scenes by Southern Illinois artist Kris Killman. At this site! This is the official website for Marion Sue Bradford (Thompson), internationally known steamboat artist and watercolorist.

River History Audio CDs River Historian Bill Wiemuth's excellent River History Series audio CD recordings.

Marine Art Museum Paintings, marine art and artifacts, photos; located in Winona, Minnesota Producers and distributors of "The Unsinkable Delta Queen" (now available on DVD), as well as other DVDs, CDs, and publications on river and heartland traditions.

Steamboat Collages Marcia Loudon's digital scrapbook kits allow you to use elements of the steamboat era to build pages for heritage family scrapbooks. At this site!

Steamboat Scarf - See a beautiful scarf based on a graphic the designer found at this site.

Ste-e-e-e-eamboat A-Comin'! - a new picture book for kids. (at this site).

Steamboat Jewelry, clocks, etc. (at this site)

The artwork of Missouri artist Gary Lucy is called "a visual documentary of American history." See steamboat art. Site includes good ragtime and Dixieland audio clips.

Commission a Steamboat Painting for your own living room write to Nori Muster (at this site).

Collectible miniatures made in historic Charleston, SC "We have done some riverboats and they are very popular . . ."

Russ Ryles' Steamboat site, including newly-released CD of sounds from the river: bells, whistles, engines, calliope!

Read a history of jazz on the river: Hogan Jazz Archive, Tulane University

Tested By Time To Become An American Legend: The Steamboat Delta Queen

This video by The Delta Queen Steamboat Co. and Jerry Sutphin illustrates the remarkable history of America's favorite steamboat, the Delta Queen. See this item at

Mark Twain

PBS Documentary on Twain Good links and information at PBS. (Click here to buy the documentary on home video.)

Mark Twain's Riverman Career, by Barbara Schmidt & Dave Thomson. Learn about Samuel L. Clemens' Mississippi steamboat career; find histories of all the boats we know that Clemens worked on as a pilot, as well as the ones he traveled on during his return visits to the river. Quotations and commentaries by Clemens and others; biographies of other river men such as Horace Bixby, who were associates of Sam Clemens. Lots of graphics: photos and engravings of boats and portraits of Clemens and other rivermen.

Mark Twain Bookstore Buy a book by this great American author (at this site).

A timeline of events in the life of Samuel Langhorne Clemens - Mark Twain - 1835 to 1910

Warner Bros. is now selling a DVD of the 1944 Frederic March "biopic" The Adventures of Mark Twain: see Warner Bros. Official Online Store put "The Adventures of Mark Twain" at the top.
The Adventures of Mark Twain
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The adventures of Huck Fin (1939)

Mark Twain's Other Woman: The Hidden Story of His Final Years, by Laura Skandera Trombley. "If its on the River its on our Site"

Cruise Information

Cruise Mates Cruise reviews, ship reviews, cruise ships, cruise bargains, cruise lines, cruise news. Use Great Escapes travel to book steamboat cruises.

Blount Small Ship Adventures these are not steamboat paddlewheelers, but the cruises look like fun. Book cruises; company based in England

Barrhead Travel UK - the UK's Largest cruises sellers offering Cheap cruises.

Cruise Direct UK Description - Cruise Direct - First for Cheap cruises around the world.

Sail the Net cruise information.

History of The South

Center for the Study of Southern Culture The University of Mississippi

History of the Civil War Including timeline

Missouri Civil War Museum one of the largest and most extensive Civil War museums in the Midwest

A reminder to our visitors: the Civil War ended when Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Northern General Ulysses S. Grant after losing the Battle of Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865.