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Boat House is a niche publisher of books about steamboats. Not the grand Mississippi-Ohio river boats, but hobby-size steamboats, big enough to use but small enough for a family to own for pleasure. Several of our books deal with the engineering and design involved in building one's own sternwheeler (sternwheeler and propeller-driven). Note: These books are essential for designing a sternwheeler; the publisher is working on a step-by-step procedure book. will announce when the step-by-step book is available. These are the currently-available titles:

1) Reed's Guide to Yacht, Trawler & Launch Engines - The only engineering text from the Great Age of Steam that prepared engineers for the design and care of SMALL vessel machinery. Chapters on the engineering and machinery of paddlewheel propulsion. Originally published 1904. $59.95

2) Steamboats & Modern Steam Launches - The "bible" of the steam boat hobby; includes articles about several sternwheeler projects with practical advice on engineering. $59.95

3) Sternwheelers & Steam Tugs - Exquisite photos of the relatively small sternwheelers of the Canadian Pacific Railway's Lake & River Service boats of British Columbia and Yukon; the preserved SS Moyie is an example. $39.95

4) Sternwheeler Catalog of the Chicago Marine Iron Works - this small book is invaluable for its focus on vessel and machinery size appropriate for a personal sternwheeeler; one table of vessel per machinery size is worth the price of the book. $22.95

5) The Steam Launch - is a survey of hobby steamboats with a chapter on paddle steamers, and machinery. $49.95

We sell these direct, not through the big distribution channels such as Amazon. Contact Boat House at

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