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Ancestry Links

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Provides a forum for volunteers to present transcriptions of passenger lists and related materials so that people can trace their ancestry

Campbell County Kentucky Steamboats, genealogy, and other information from this riverfront county that traces its history to 1794.

Toward the Poles a 1950 U.S. Navy publication, and information about the author, Rear Admiral James E. Cohn. At this site!

Captain W.C. Watts and the People's Line See photos of Captain Watts and his three daughters, as well as boats he ran, and specifics about the People's Line steamboat company. This page includes a People's Line steamboat menu. See an extra-large, readable steamboat menu, click here. At this site!

Bill Muster family ancestry - Bill Muster helped save the Delta Queen Steamboat in the 1960s and 1970s. His grandfather fought in the Civil War and was captured by Confederate soldiers in 1861.

Captain R. R. Hanna On January 2, 1955, Captain Robert Hanna noted all the boats he remembered seeing in the Pittsburgh district.

Steamer Artemus Lamb
Correspondent traces his ancestor's death in 1896 after the Artemus Lamb explodes in Illinois. At this site!

Daniel's Steamboat Line
One researcher posts a wealth of information about his family's steamboat history. At this site!

Family History
Pete Swanson, great grandson of Frederick Daft, recounts ancestry, including Charles Daft, steamboat captain. At this site!

Capt. Fred E. Paul
Researcher wants info. on grandfather Capt. Fred E. Paul - Steamboat man from early to mid-1900s. At this site!

Ancestry Questions
One researcher is looking for more information about his steamboat ancestors. Read his story here. At this site!

Mercury Steamboat
The Mercury steamboat carrying men from the US Geodetic Survey. At this site!

Ancestry Stories
Jim Forcum recalls his great aunt and uncle who toured with a stage play through southern Indiana towns aboard the America, one of the many showboats of the time (with photo). At this site!

Steamboatin' Jamiesons (go to Tiller's Folly site)
Learn about the steamboat history of this family in the Northwest U.S. The Jamieson brothers are recorded in history today due to the tragic ending that they all met as a result of marine disasters. Learn their story, posted at this online museum, under "Colourful Characters in Historic Yale," Yale, British Columbia.

Little Kanawha River (go to
Mail Boat "The Dove" and other reclaimed river memories 1919 - 1921 from Creston, on the Little Kanawha River near Parkersburg, West Virginia.

If you want to post stories about your ancestors and their association with steamboats, please write them up and send them in. If you have photos, please send them along. Over the years I've received so many stories that I decided it's time to start preserving them at the Steamboat Museum. If you've written to me before, please consider writing up your story to post here. - Nori contact info..

Real Steamboats

Riverboats of the 50 States At this site.

Delta Queen photos
1968 photos of the Delta Queen in Cairo, Illinois. Photographer Ken Steinhoff grew up in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and built this website to share his 1960s photos from the Cape Girardeau area, as well as current day photos.

Contemporary Ohio and Mississippi River steamboats by Micah Lynn

Restoration of the Gerda III, a Danish vessel that assisted in the evacuation of Jews in 1944 during Nazi occupation of Denmark. The Gerda III, one of many in a fleet of clandestine rescue boats, saved the lives of three hundred people. The boat itself now has a new life in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut. Abandoned, wrecked, and mystery riverboats posted in a public forum.

S.S. Bigwin Lake of Bay's steamship, historically ferrying passengers to the magnificent Bigwin Inn. After a long saga, an amazing story of historic restoration. No paddlewheel; was steam, now electric. Giving cruises in Dorset, Ontario, north of Toronto.

American Sternwheel Association privately owned paddlewheel boats in Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama.

Lakeland Queen sternwheel riverboat gives cruises in Rotorua, New Zealand. towboats and a whole lot more. If you have a boating emergency on Lake Erie, they can help.

S.S. Moyie The S.S. Moyie sternwheeler is one of the most significant preserved steam passenger vessels in North America. When the Moyie was retired in 1957, after a 59-year career with the Canadian Pacific Railway's BC Lake and River Service, she was the last operating passenger sternwheeler in Canada. She is in a surprisingly complete state for a vessel with such a long service record. The S.S. Moyie is located in the beautiful town of Kaslo, in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia.

Delta Queen blog and history An online journal by Delta Queen historian Bill Wiemuth from aboard the Delta Queen chronicling life onboard, the Delta Queen's history, and her current struggle to survive. Learn more about river history, steamboats, and how they shaped the nation. River History Audio CDs River Historian Bill Wiemuth's excellent River History Series audio CD recordings. The Royal Mail Ship Segwun is the oldest hand fired coal steamship in North America and the oldest registered vessel in Canada (1887). She is still going strong and carries over 25,000 passengers annually. No wheel, but lots of history. Cruise and Maritime News

Sidewheeler in Norway "Skibladner" (pron. shee-blah-d-ner) is the pride of Norway's inland, and one of Norway's best-loved tourist attractions. This preserved and restored paddle steamer is over 150 years old but continues to run a timetabled service in the summer months. Also see:

NYPL Digital Gallery - find photos of historic steamboats Steam Ship Master and the Steam Ship Master Society in Vancouver, B.C., Canada - dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the sole remaining wooden stam tug in North America.

Dolly Steamboat in Arizona.

Historical Steamboats of Idaho - At one time Idaho had more steamboats than any other place. At this site!

The William Blake The Dubuque, Iowa County Historical Society is turning this old paddlwheeler into a "Boat and Breakfast." At this site!

Paddle Steamer Waimarie at Whanganui Riverboat Centre, New Zealand. Waimarie, the only surviving paddle steamer from the golden riverboat era in New Zealand's history, has been salvaged and faithfully restored after lying submerged in the bed of the Whanganui River for 41 years.

History of the Toronto Island Ferry Service, including the Trillium Find more about this boat at the company homepage:

The Grand Romance offers excursions, dinner and Mystery Theater in Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach (Los Angeles, California)

Paddlewheel steamboats in Germany ( - Schaufelrad means paddlewheel, Dampfer means steamer) this site is the result of a one-year study to gather photos and info. about the paddlewheelers of Germany, by Carmen Winkler.

Riverboat Twilight Two-day, overnight Mississippi River Cruise departing from LeClaire, Iowa to Galena, Illinois and return.

Dixie Queen, London The largest Paddle Steamer on the River Thames, London.

The Delta King, hotel lodging, Mystery Theater restaurant in Old Town Sacramento.

Julia Belle Swain

The Natchez, historic steamboat based in New Orleans features jazz and dinner cruises.

Belle of Louisville, historic steamboat in Louisville, Kentucky.

Lake George Steamboat Co. Dinner cruises, chartered cruises. Lake George Home Page More information about recreation at Lake George.

Murray Princess A paddlewheel steamboat on the Murray River in South Australia.

Paddle Steamers P.S. Melbourne, P.V. Rothbury, and P.V. Mundoo of the Murray River in Australia. See also:

P.S. Marion, also on the Murray River of Australia. More Murray River history:

Spirit of Peoria Riverboat offering excursions, sightseeing tours, dinner cruises and charters.

Niagra Steamship Cruise back 100 years in Ontario, Canada.

Steamer Columbia The Steamer Columbia Foundation, a non-profit museum organization, has acquired the Columbia and intends to restore her for excursions on the river. The Columbia, a National Historic Landmark, is the older of two Bob-Lo boats, built in Wyandotte and Detroit in 1902. Site includes excellent link page.

Edmonton Queen sold at auction May 2016 - will continue to offer river cruises.

Steamboats of the Fifty States find links to all the paddlewheel boats in America.

Canandaigua Lady Paddlewheeler offers cruises on Canandaigua Lake, New York State.

Stanley Steamers The story of the S.Y. Rio Colorado, a stern wheeler launched in Texas, 1998.

USS Nightmare Visit America's premier haunted steamboats in Covington, KY, and Pittsburgh. Check out their link "spirits" for a great picture of a ghost captain.

Paddlewheel Park, Vernon, British Columbia In use since around 1880 as a launch point for Okanagan ferry service, Paddlewheel park has a lengthy history. This site houses articles and photo essays on Paddlewheel Park. Okanagan Landing

Riverboat Cruises in Lindsay, Ontario The Skylark VIII offers sightseeing cruises and weekend sunset dinner cruises; hosts weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Fulton Steamboat Inn Stay overnight on a real steamboat. This one sounds like a lotta fun.

Disneyland Paddlewheeler - "Disney built a great little boat, with a real 'walking beam engine.' You can stand right next to it as you puff along." - Rob (a visitor) Mark Twain Riverboat in Frontierland.

"Whatever Floats Your Boat," an article about modern river travel by Joe Harkins, offers links to river cruises all over the world. Most of these are on non-paddlewheel boats, but he makes a good case that river travel is a good way to see China, South America, Russia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and America.

Souvenir d'Antan Site features the 45 ft Victorian steam launch "Souvenir d'Antan," which was built in 1901 by the Royal boatbuilder, Alfred Burgoine of Kingston-upon-Thames, and which is being offered for sale.

S.S. Delphine Horace Dodge's Steam Yacht - no paddlewheel, but a beautiful boat with an interesting history.