Steamboat People: John Fryant

John Fryant is widely known in the steamboat community for his model boat building plans, the model boats he has built and restored, and his art. Here at the Steamboat Museum, we were fortunate to acquire these John Fryant pieces for the museum. Descriptions written and provided by John Fryant.


Julia Belle Swain pencil drawing - artist's collection.


Time Traveler painting - acrylic on canvas - author's collection


Steamer Tacoma - Acrylic on masonite board. Owned by Joseph ed Davisson, New Orleans, LA


John W. Lane Ohio River Ferry at Gallipolis, Ohio. Acrylic on masonite board. Artist's collection.


New Orleans, 1811. First Steamboat on the Western Rivers. Colored pencil & acrylic on paper Artist's collection


Duncan Bruce diesel towboat as built in 1927. Colored pencil on paper. Owned by Ed Shearer, Houston TX


Tell City - Oil on Canvas. Owned by Hotel Lafayette, Marietta, Ohio.


Cold landing is an acrylic painting done for Harry Robinson, Marietta Ohio. (editor's note - this print is available)

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