Fryant Model Boat Plans
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Paddlewheels And Props price list, Effective Nov.1, 2017
These prices supersede all others in previous catalogs.
Prices include shipping within the U.S.A. only. Ohio Residents please include appropriate sales tax for your county. Canadian orders will require additional postage. Regrettably I can no longer ship orders overseas due to problems with shipping and handling. Payments accepted by checks drawn on U.S. banks, money orders or cash. No credit cards or Paypal.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Make checks or money orders payable to John Fryant. Mailing address:
7672 Crystal Cove Pointe, Maineville, Ohio, 45039-7008
All prices listed in U.S. Dollars
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Alligator, 1911sternwheel launch, plans & article-------------------------------$20.00
Alpha,1928 Diesel towboat, 1/32 scale --------------------------------------------$35.00
Armenia, Hudson River sidewheel steamboat of 1847
1/96 scale -----------------------------------------------------------------------$20.00
1/48th scale---------------------------------------------------------------------$ 35.00
Army/Navy 45' Diesel harbor tug --------------------------------------------------$ 50.00
Army 85' ST Tug, 1/48th scale --------------------------------------------------------$50.00
Bailey Gatzert, Columbia Ricer packet/excursion boat
1/48th scale----------------------------------------------------------------------$ 35.00
1/96th scale----------------------------------------------------------------------$ 18.00
Brooklyn tug, NewYork harbor railroad tug, 1910
1/96 scale------------------------------------------------------------------------$18.00
1/87 (HO model RR scale)----------------------------------------------------$18.00
Buckeye State, 1850 Ohio River packet 1/96 scale----------------------------- $20.00
Comet,1819, early side wheel steamboat 1/48 scale --------- -----------------$25.00
Chaperon, Ohio River packet 1914, 1/96 scale ----------------------------------$20.00
City of Monroe,1/96 scale, typical sternwheel cotton packet -----------------$25.00
Cop-R-Loy/ Detroiter, smsll sternwheel towboat, 1/48th scale----------------$25.00
Craig tug, Norfolk, Va., 1924
1/24 scale ------------------------------------------------------------------------$25.00
1/48th scale-----------------------------------------------------------------------$18.00
Creole Queen steernwheel only, plans & photo set -----------------------------$20.00
Destrehan, sternwheel towboat , 1/48th scale -------------------------------------$55.00
Donora, sternwheel towboat,1/96 scale--------------------------------------------$18.00
Esso Honduras river tug & photos, 1/24 scale-------------------------------------$35.00
Far West, Missouri River boat, 1/96 scale -----------------------------------------$ 30.00
G.K. Wentworth, Columbia River sternwheel towboat,1/48th scale-----------$30.00
Geo.T. Price, 1927 twin screw towboat, 1/48th scale,----------------------------$ 25.00
1970s typical small diesel river towboat
1/24th scale,---------------------------------------------------------------------$ 28.00
!/48th scale -----------------------------------------------------------------------$ 20.00
Inland river auto ferries, 1/96 scale -------------------------------------------------$ 18.00
300 hp 1927 diesel towboat 1/48th scale --------------------------------------------$18.00
John W. VanPelt, small N.Y. Harbor tug
1/24 scale-------------------------------------------------------------------------$28.00
1/48th scale-----------------------------------------------------------------------$10.00
Jos. Henry/Louisiana, sidewheel steamboat, 1/48th scale----------------------$ 28.00
Lake Charles/Choctaw, modern twin screw towboats, 1990s
1/24 scale---------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 40.00
1/32 scale---------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 28.00
Mary Powell, Hudson River sidewheeler, 1/96 scale ------------------------------$ 25.00
Mt. Washington, side-wheel lake steamer,
1/48th scale--------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 30.00
1/96 scale ---------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 15.00
Nemacolin, small diesel sternwheel towboat, 1/48th scale-------------------------$20.00
New Haven RR steam transfer tug, 1/48 scale ----------------------------------------$ 30.00
Ohio River sternwheeler "Royal" hull lines, 1/32 scale with photos------------$ 25.00
Scott/Ft. Armstrong, USE Diesel Stern-wheel towboats, 1/48th scale------------$ 35.00
Sgt. Floyd, 1930s USE towboat, 1/48th scale ------------------------------------------$ 30.00
S.S.Thorpe, Upper Mississippi River steam towboat, 1/48th scale----------------$ 25.00
Thomas A. Edison, Florida sternwheel packet 1/48th scale,-----------------------$ 30.00
Vega, USE sternwheel seamboat, 1/48th scale----------------------------------------$ 30.00
Ward 1920s vintage barges, per sheet ------------------------------------------------$ 20.00
Ward 1920s vintage 360 HP Diesel river towboats, designs A, B, C, D, all
1/48th scale, each on a single sheet. Price per sheet---------------------------------$20.00
W.H. Bancroft, Alaska sternwheel freight boat, 1/48th scale------------------------$30.00
White Swan, never built sidewheeler, 1927---1/16 scale----------------------------$30.00
Ward's Wild Goose, diesel sternwheel towboat, 1/48th scale 10 sheet set-----$40.00
Wild Goose detail engineering drawings, per sheet --------------------------------$18.00
Fairbanks Morse 180 HP diesel engine and auxiliary drawings -------------------$20.00
Vulcan/Hercules diesel harbor tugs,1/32 scale ---------------------------------------$40.00
Steamboat drawings by Alan L. Bates:
America, sidewheel Ohio River excursion boat
Cape Girsrdeau, Ohio & Mississippi River sternwheel packet
Indiana, Ohio River sidewheel packet
Sprague, Largest sternwheel towboat
Gordon C. Greene, Ohio & Mississippi River sternwheel tourist boat
Pacific, Mississippi River sidewheel railroad car ferry
All in above list drawn to 1/96 scale--------------------$30.00 per set

DPC steam prop towboat, WW II
Omar, Ohio River sternwheel towboat
Idlewild, sternwheel packet & ferry
Belle of Louisville, sternwheel excursion boat
Bryants Showboat with towboat Valley Belle
All in above list drawn to 1/96 scale----------------------$25.00 per set

Bertrand, Missouri River sternwheel packet, 1/48th scale---------------$35.00 per set
W.P. Snyder, sternwheel towboat, built 1917, 1/48th scale--------------$50.00 per set
Robt. E. Lee, sidewheel packet, 1869. The "racer" that won race with the steamer Natchez in 1870. Drawn to 1/96 scale----------------------------------------$50.00 per set
Steamboat drawings by Bernd Lorenzen:
Natchez - The looser of the famous 1870 race with the Lee. Plans researched and drawn by Bernd Lorenzen to 1/96th scale-------------------------------------$50.00 per set

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