John Fryant Model Boat Plans


John Fryant's model plans are now available through Loyalhanna Dockyard.

Paddlewheels And Props LIST OF PLANS!

Alligator, 1911sternwheel launch, plans

Alpha, 1928 Diesel towboat, 1/32 scale

Armenia, Hudson River sidewheel steamboat of 1847 1/96 scale & 1/48th scale

Army/Navy 45' Diesel harbor tug

Army 85' ST Tug, 1/48th scale

Bailey Gatzert, Columbia Ricer packet/excursion boat 1/48th scale & 1/96th scale

Brooklyn tug, NewYork harbor railroad tug, 1910 1/96 scale & 1/87 (HO model RR scale)

Buckeye State, 1850 Ohio River packet 1/96 scale

Comet, 1819, early side wheel steamboat 1/48 scale

Chaperon, Ohio River packet 1914, 1/96 scale

City of Monroe, 1/96 scale, typical sternwheel cotton packet

Cop-R-Loy/ Detroiter, smsll sternwheel towboat, 1/48th scale

Craig tug, Norfolk, Va., 1924 1/24 scale & 1/48th scale

Creole Queen steernwheel only, plans & photo set

Destrehan, sternwheel towboat , 1/48th scale

Donora, sternwheel towboat, 1/96 scale

Esso Honduras river tug & photos, 1/24 scale

Far West, Missouri River boat, 1/96 scale

G.K. Wentworth, Columbia River sternwheel towboat, 1/48th scale

Geo.T. Price, 1927 twin screw towboat, 1/48th scale,

1970s typical small diesel river towboat 1/24th scale, & !/48th scale

Inland river auto ferries, 1/96 scale

300 hp 1927 diesel towboat 1/48th scale

John W. VanPelt, small N.Y. Harbor tug 1/24 scale & 1/48th scale

Jos. Henry/Louisiana, sidewheel steamboat, 1/48th scale

Lake Charles/Choctaw, modern twin screw towboats, 1990s 1/24 scale & 1/32 scale

Mary Powell, Hudson River sidewheeler, 1/96 scale

Mt. Washington, side-wheel lake steamer, 1/48th scale & 1/96 scale

Nemacolin, small diesel sternwheel towboat, 1/48th scale

New Haven RR steam transfer tug, 1/48 scale

Ohio River sternwheeler "Royal" hull lines, 1/32 scale with photos

Scott/Ft. Armstrong, USE Diesel Stern-wheel towboats, 1/48th scale

Sgt. Floyd, 1930s USE towboat, 1/48th scale

S.S.Thorpe, Upper Mississippi River steam towboat, 1/48th scale

Thomas A. Edison, Florida sternwheel packet 1/48th scale

Vega, USE sternwheel seamboat, 1/48th scale

Ward 1920s vintage barges, per sheet

Ward 1920s vintage 360 HP Diesel river towboats, designs A, B, C, D, all 1/48th scale, each on a single sheet.

W.H. Bancroft, Alaska sternwheel freight boat, 1/48th scale

White Swan, never built sidewheeler, 1927 - 1/16 scale

Ward's Wild Goose, diesel sternwheel towboat, 1/48th scale 10 sheet set

Wild Goose detail engineering drawings, per sheet

Fairbanks Morse 180 HP diesel engine and auxiliary drawings

Vulcan/Hercules diesel harbor tugs, 1/32 scale

Steamboat drawings by Alan L. Bates:
America, sidewheel Ohio River excursion boat
Cape Girsrdeau, Ohio & Mississippi River sternwheel packet
Indiana, Ohio River sidewheel packet
Sprague, Largest sternwheel towboat
Gordon C. Greene, Ohio & Mississippi River sternwheel tourist boat
Pacific, Mississippi River sidewheel railroad car ferry
All in above list drawn to 1/96 scale

DPC steam prop towboat, WW II
Omar, Ohio River sternwheel towboat
Idlewild, sternwheel packet & ferry
Belle of Louisville, sternwheel excursion boat
Bryants Showboat with towboat Valley Belle
All in above list drawn to 1/96 scale

Bertrand, Missouri River sternwheel packet, 1/48th scale

W.P. Snyder, sternwheel towboat, built 1917, 1/48th scale

Robt. E. Lee, sidewheel packet, 1869. The "racer" that won race with the steamer Natchez in 1870. Drawn to 1/96 scale

Steamboat drawings by Bernd Lorenzen:
Natchez - The looser of the famous 1870 race with the Lee.
Plans researched and drawn by Bernd Lorenzen to 1/96th scale

How to purchase:
John Fryant's plans are now available through Loyalhanna Dockyard.

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