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See a tree topping incident in progress - photos and description posted at

See another before-and-after case

Instructions for proper pruning - located in Chandler, Arizona. "We not only agree with never topping trees but we are working on creating a partnership with a local nursery where every dead or dying tree we have to remove we plant two."

"No Topping" Sign Developed The Father of Arboriculture, John Davey, called them "Tree Fools", those who top their trees, and those who allow their trees to be topped . . . A company has taken steps to permanently educate communities with the message "Tree Topping Hurts". A sign that when placed in a community gives a daily reminder that tree topping is not a welcomed or desirable practice.

Topping is perhaps the most harmful tree pruning practice known - City of Walnut Creek

Proper Tree Pruning Does Not Include Topping Your Trees, by Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Denver County

Selecting a tree trimmer (arborist) by Colorado State University Cooperative

Don't Destroy Your Large Trees by Topping More info. from Colorad State University Cooperative Extension

Why Topping Hurts Trees Topping is perhaps the most harmful tree pruning practice known. Yet despite more than 25 years of literature and seminars explaining its harmful effects, topping remains a common practice. . . .

Tree Topping Hurts Info. from the Tree Doctor

Topping is the worst thing you can do to your trees more info. from the Tree Doctor

Topping a tree is NOT recommended - from Horticulture Solutions Series, University of Illinois

What's bad about tree topping Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Two Myths About Tree Topping Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Please don't top your trees . . . from the International Society of Arboriculture, Pacific Northwest Chapter

Download a PDF file: Tree Topping Hurts Trees

Tree topping is bad for your trees - Gardening Information from Oregon State University Extension

The Anti Tree-Topping Page Don't let this happen to your trees!

The National Arbor Day Foundation

ArborCare Library Eight good reasons why not to "top" trees

Should it be illegal?

A law against tree topping

City of Redding Comprehensive Tree Plan calls tree topping inappropriate

Homeowners, tree toppers sued The city settled a civil lawsuit Tuesday for $170,000 against five homeowners and three tree-trimmers who allegedly hacked off the tops of 59 trees at La Costa Canyon Park . . . The city sought a minimum of $134,495 in damages, based on an estimate by a city arborist, and city officials also wanted to include punitive civil measures.

Guidelines for Developing and Evaluating Tree Ordinances

Professor's Message, by Jeff Iles, Iowa State University, published in City Trees, The Journal of The Society of Municipal Arborists

Tree topping hurts - info. from Cortese Tree Specialists, Knoxville, Tennessee

Tree topping - info. from John A. Keslick Jr., Tree Biologist, Tree Anatomist & Professional Modern Arborist

Tree Topping Hurts Trees Forestry-Sales.Com, Inc., Member of Ohio Forestry Association

Tree Tooping, or How to Create a Disaster, by Paul Hetzler, Community Forestry Program, Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County

Urban Forest Tree Foundation of Kern: . . . a bizarre and disturbing practice known as tree topping is devaluing Bakersfield trees and neighborhoods at an alarming rate.

Experts Agree Don't Top Your Tree

No Tree Topping Download this PDF file from Spokane Universtiy

Tree Topping a few words from Cuivre River Electric Cooperative, Troy, Missouri

NeighborWoods training spotlights do's and don'ts of tree care, Olympia, Washington

The Dark Side of Urban Tree Topping, by John Tasan and Zakariya Abdullah, Faculty of Forestry, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Don't Top Trees - City of Greensboro, Urban Forestry Program

California Forest Stewardship Program California State Government tips on proper pruning Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute - urban wood, information and links to everything trees.

Tree Doctors if you live in the Phoenix area, here are some good tree trimmers who respect the trees and trim correctly