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George Harrison is my favorite musician. He was also someone that I talked to numerous times and met in person once when I lived with the Hare Krishnas in Los Angeles. I have always loved his music, and listened to it endlessly after leaving the temple. Plus, I grew up on Beatles music in the 1960s. Like the Beatles, George's message is love, and the search for god.
Brainwashed this is the album he was working on when he died
George Harrison: Living in the Material World a collection of studio sessions his family discovered after his death
Dark Horse includes It Is 'He' (Jai Sri Krishna)
All Things Must Pass original publication 1970, George's first album after the Beatles, includes My Sweet Lord and All Things Must Pass
Thirty Three & 1/3 includes Woman Don't You Cry for Me and Crackerbox Palace
The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1 with Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty)
Chants Of India (Ravi Shankar)
Dark Horse: The Life And Art Of George Harrison, biography by Geoffrey Giuliano (paperback)

John Fahey is one of those musicians who put out records over four decades. He could get so many notes out of a guitar that it seemed like he was always playing a twelve string. My husband and I knew John and his wife when we lived in Salem, Oregon, in the 1990s. John had a quirky personality, which comes out in his memoir, How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life. A mountain of a many who is dearly missed.
John Fahey in Concert
The Guitar of John Fahey, Vol. 1
The Guitar of John Fahey, Vol. 2
Guitar Artistry of John Fahey
Christmas Songs and Holiday Melodies
American Primitive Guitar (paperback)
How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life (paperback)


Tom Grant is my favorite piano player. He grew up in a family of musicians and performers, and has made his entire life as a musician in Portland, Oregon. He recorded his first album in 1979, and since then has worked with Woody Shaw, Joe Henderson, Dexter Gordon, Charles Lloyd, Tony Williams, and Chad Wackerman. I worked for Tom's brother for ten years, and saw the Tom Grant Band play live in Salem and Phoenix. Click here to go to Tom's website.
Take Me to Your Dream
Tune It in
Lip Service
In My Wildest Dreams
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart had a huge influence on my teenaged soul. Back in the 1970s, I saw both of them perform numerous times. One of the highlights of my life was being introduced to Captain Beefheart backstage after a concert at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach in 1977. Certain music is simply burned into the memory, and I can still recite lyrics from Trout Mask Replica. Zappa and Beefheart were both prolific so one barely knows where to start. Here are a few of my favorite albums:
Trout Mask Replica Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band double album. It is said that Beefheart heard this music in his head and made the Magic Band rehearse until they perfectly replicated what Beefheart envisioned.
Strictly Personal includes On Tomorrow, Kandy Korn, and Safe as Milk.
Safe as Milk includes Zig Zag Wanderer, Yellow Brick Road, Abba Zabba, On Tomorrow, and Safe as Milk.
Hot Rats Zappa's best album, in my opinion. Includes Peaches En Regalia, one of Zappa's most well-loved melodies.
Freak Out! Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention first album that was more of a historic event than just an LP.
Crusin' With Ruben & the Jets Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention play R&B and doo-wop.
Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar Zappa was a master musician, and master of the electric guitar. This is one of his guitar albums.
Guitar More amazing solo guitar music.
Bongo Fury featuring Zappa and Beefheart

Jazz and other selections our customers have purchased here

Dixieland: Birth of Jazz
Brooklyn Side
Horowitz Plays Clementi Sonata Quasi Concerto
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Shall We Gather - American Hymns and Spirituals
The Standard Deviants - Learn Personal Finance
Friends: The Complete Fourth Season
Maharishi Gandharva Veda, The Eternal Music of Nature: Rain Melody
Blues People


Ernie K-Doe: The R&B Emperor of New Orleans, by Ben Sandmel. The hit song Mother-in-Law catapulted Ernie K-Doe into a successful music career at the age of twenty-five. He went on to become a legend. This illustrated book tells his story.
The author, Ben Sandmel, is a New Orleans historian and friend who worked on the Delta Queen Steamboat long ago. His book has been extremely well received.

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