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Jenny   18/Dec/2001:15:03:40
i would like to know if you have any information about dangers of
steamboat in 1800's?! plaese reply!
tHANX for your time!
Frank X. Prudent   17/Dec/2001:07:00:42
The REVONAH was indeed a small day packet that ran In the Madison, Indiana region up into the twenties. She was not steam though; she had a gas engine of some sort. Harlan Hubbard has several accounts of her in his various writtings, and he has captured her in a number of his wonderful paintings. The S&D REFLECTOR has run photos of her in the past with interesting comments by either Frederick Way,Jr. or Woody Rutter. Perhaps that's the next place to go for your research. I'd be shocked if the Madison Library doesn't have a complete set of S&D REFLECTORS and Harlan Hubbard's books!
Trever 16/Dec/2001:12:06:36
I'm looking for links or information on a steamboat brand or manufacturer named Revonah. The name comes from Hanover spelled backwards, Hanover, Indiana being the location of the company that built the boats. My grandfather is hoping to find pictures of these boats, since they seem to have dropped out of the historical record of the local area (Madison / Hanover, Indiana).

If someone reading this has any advice or information, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Trever Furnish,
Frank X. Prudent   11/Dec/2001:23:28:43
I'm very sad to report that Capt. C.W. Stoll of Louisville, KY. expired in a Louisville nursing home on December 10, 2001. It is doubtful that without CW there would be a Str. BELLE OF LOUISVILLE today. He was one of the diehard steamboat enthusiast that Judge Marlow Cook tapped to see that the Str. AVALON, which Jefferson County, KY. had just won at a bankruptcy auction in Cincinnati, have steam raised and run as an excursion boat. CW will long be remembered by this scribe and his legions of other friends, and clearly deserves the title of a Renaissance man.
sott e bruce 10/Dec/2001:09:11:54
my father worked for core of indgeners for years he loved the old steam boats
Capt Robert Lischkge   09/Dec/2001:20:41:27
Very good web site. I am Interested in the History of the Attaboy steam tow that pushed the Show Boat Majestic???? If anyone could email me some information it would be appreciated.
M.A. Winston   08/Dec/2001:09:10:37
This is a great site. I was a Coastie for over six years and been on many different types of Coast Guard Cutters, now I have gotten interested in Steamboats since my first trip on the "Bama Belle" here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Which is owned by Captain Mike and his wife Nikki. So I you are ever in Tuscaloosa you should take a ride up river on the "Bama Belle" it is one that you will never forget.
Christa   07/Dec/2001:19:55:59
Hi - My 9 year old daughter has to write a 2 page report on Steamboats for her history class. I tried to access your students' page, but it didn't work. Would you kindly email the text of that page to me? It is very difficult to find information in our public libraries - I'm relying on you! Thank you very much!
C.J. Williams   06/Dec/2001:09:42:15

I am searching for a Capt. L.D.Ferguson, listed in the Waterways Journal, as being Captain of the Engines, for the Steamer America.

I can not find much else,any assistance in locating my ggreat grandfather L.D.Ferguson (Lorenzo Dow Ferguson) I believe he worked the Miss. Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers.

He retired or went to Ala. in the early 1900's.

Thank you.
Al Godoy   06/Dec/2001:08:20:27
I am co-producing a history documentary about Louisiana. I am searching for an image of the steamboat "National". It cruised from New Orleans to Baton Rouge in the winter of 1861. That's all I know about the boat, except that it carried some Louisiana militia just prior to Louisiana's secession from the Unoin.
Peter Vogelezang   06/Dec/2001:06:34:29
Nori Steamboat Info. 04/Dec/2001:23:16:38
Contrary to popular opinion, we do not have an actual, physical boat at We wish we did, but for now all we have is this website. If someone wants to give us a boat, we will gladly take it! Contact the webmaster!!!!
?   04/Dec/2001:17:50:02
hey how are ya?
i like the site.
you should have more info on the steamboat though.
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Capt. John H. Vize   04/Dec/2001:08:56:15
Great site....
Carl Hugh Jones   02/Dec/2001:20:28:04
Sorry to hear the delta queen line has fallen on hard times. I hope that things work out. . I am a river historian and genealogist. I do genaelogy for hire.
Herb Woznick   02/Dec/2001:14:42:43
I am looking for information on the motor vessel Mary Elizabeth when it was a steamboat carrying prisoners from NYC to Sing Sing on the Hudson River from the Early 1900s.
Jack and Margaret Sw   01/Dec/2001:17:17:12
Glad to find your web site. We watched the DQ and MQ go by our then home in Marietta, Ohio. Started steamboating in 1995, and have enjoyed all of our 25+ trips. There is nothing like seeing the world go by at 7 mph.!
Lori Curtis   29/Nov/2001:05:31:55
To and guestbook visitors:

Do you have a picture of the Mississippi Queen? One that was drawn on the computer and in .eps format?

I'm working on a logo for a conference that pertains to the Mississippi River and the person really wants a stremboat as part of the logo.

Can you help? Do you know someone who can?

Lori Curtis
David Reinhardt The Howard Steamboat Museum and Mansion 28/Nov/2001:13:29:53
We would like to list you on our "Links" page. Please advise and consider listing us under your "links' as well. Thanks.

Judy Lowery   25/Nov/2001:19:24:55
Just doing a little genealogy and came across this site. I'm searching for Michael Lowery who was suppose to have died in a steamboat explosion on the Tenn. River in Ala. around 1900. My great grandfather.
Tim Nekich   25/Nov/2001:10:41:15
I am descended from Matthais Dowerman who built Steamboats out of New Albany Indiana circa 1855. I am interested in any information
philippe merien 24/Nov/2001:20:50:53
the feets in the reeds they looked at the queen, and back to work. Aie Aie Aie !!!
Lawrence M. Robb, Jr   19/Nov/2001:19:22:44
My greatgrandfather, Louis Sesher, partner in Hammett & Sesher built many of the Ohio River boats . My Dad & Granddad worked for Charlie Zubik many years, and I have many photos and memories of Charlie's fleet @ Pittsburgh. I would be interested in hearing from any who knew "Bunk" Robb or the Zubik boys.
Sandy McGuffin   19/Nov/2001:12:37:53

I am looking a copy of the steamboat race between the Robert E. Lee and the Natchez--- where can I purchase a copy for framing?

Phyllis Dale   16/Nov/2001:20:20:23
I've heard about your web site, Nori and I've finally found it. How wonderful to browse through and read the messages. I was the "Red Hot Mama" on the Delta Queen for almost 11 years. You can find my web site at Keep up the great work.

We're "Saving the Queens". Phyllis Dale
Brandie Griffin   16/Nov/2001:13:29:15
Hello, I am trying to find out about a towboat/tugboat company from 1970. It was being run by 2 brothers (who took over the company after their father suffered a heart attack). I am trying to find the brother that eventually became the office manager. If anyone has any info please email me at Unfortunatly this is all the info I have. Thanks so much for your time.
tiny hartley   15/Nov/2001:22:19:32
i am interested in blueprints or other dimensional information for the steamlaunch used in the filming of the movie "african queen".i am a selftaught steam hobbyist.i hope to build a scale replica to ply the waters of the muddy maumee!any info would be greatly appreciated.
Sharon Cunningham   15/Nov/2001:19:25:50
Nori, thanks for pointing me to the steamboat site links, and for helping with my search for a history of the James Rees & Sons boat building company of Pittsburgh. A history of the major builders would be a great research project for a book...And, you are so right; all aspects of steamboating history is so interesting that anything we can do to save this Americana, we should do. Sharon Cunni
Jean   13/Nov/2001:14:35:44
I am looking for information on steamboats that would have gone between St. Paul and Chaska in the mid-1800's. These boats brought immigrants coming to minnesota to different towns. If you know of any web link or books with this info on steamships or steamship registrys I would be most appreciative. Thanks
Carl Jones   13/Nov/2001:12:04:24
I am a river historian connected with the Missouri River History Museum on the dredge Lewis in Brownville, Nebraska, and the River Rats Reunion. For a modest fee I do Genealogy on river families, with access to about 30,000 names many in special indexs I have created. I hope the Queens are soon back on the rivers.
Roger Thiede   10/Nov/2001:07:21:02
I work for the Dubuque (Iowa) County Historical Society as a docent and interpreter/tour guide aboard the William M. Black steam powered side paddle dredge boat and have lots of information about the WMB that I would enjoy sharing with anyone that is interested.
Mariam Edgar   03/Nov/2001:19:58:51
How nice that you are helping to preserve your father's legacy. I was cruise director for many years and lived through the "saving". I only met you a couple of times but "Billy" rode a lot along with Capt. Wagner's son Ernie. I loved your dad, he was an inspiration to me and Betty Blake taught me so much. We had a lot of experiences together in those years.Capt. Gabe was a deckhand when I started.

I have the best memories of my life from those years and was lucky to have been a part of the DQ history. I did come back for awhile and worked onboard the AQ for her inagural. I am so deeply sad about the recent events that have befallen the boats and pray they can be saved again. Thank you again for this site. Mariam Edgar
Toni Shipe   03/Nov/2001:06:12:00
I hope there is someone reading this that can help me find out some information about a steamer trunk I have. I have a trunk that is from Neverbreak Co. from Newark, New Jersey and I was hoping to gather information about it. It has been passed on from my grandfather and he got it from an older relative of his. I was wondering how to find out if the company exists, and how to track the identification number that is on it. One side of the trunk is for hanging clothes and the other side consists of a pull down drawer with compartments, and two drawers of the same size. If anyone can help me out, I sure would appreciate it. Thank you.
vhudgxu   01/Nov/2001:15:35:49
Sian Lewis   29/Oct/2001:07:02:52
We are trying to trace a ship called the Worchester. we believe it to be owned by a company called Landport and Holt of liverpool. A captain of this ship was Frank Salter. If you have any information or ideas on how i might find some more information i would be really chuffed
MARIA   27/Oct/2001:20:44:35
Loved your site. I am trying to get as much info as I can on Robert Fulton and Steamboats for my classroom unit on Westward Expansion. The photos will help my California second graders see what magnificent boats they were. Thank you, Maria
frank lewis   26/Oct/2001:10:24:09
I am trying to trace my great grand father who I believe was a pilot on the mississippi around 1880-1900 any information would be greatfully received
frank lewis   26/Oct/2001:10:21:12
Melanie Mattson   25/Oct/2001:04:26:38
My ancestor, Nehemiah Stevens, and his brother, Peleg Stevens, helped build the Clermont/North River Steamboat. I am trying to determine where they lived in Hoboken/Jersey City by the location of the shipyard where the vessel was built. According to "the History of Jersey City" by Alexander McLean: Fulton's foundery was "on the corner of Green and Morgan Steets and the dry dock was in front of it." However, according to Kirkpatrick Sale's book, The Fire of His Genius" (pg113), Robert Fulton reported "the boat is now building at the shipyard of Charles Browne at Corlear's Hook, the part of lower Manhattan that projected into the East River at about Grand Street."

I appreciate some guidance on the location of these shipyards.
Lyle G. kelley   24/Oct/2001:23:21:47
I am looking for information on an "uncle" of mine. He was a member of at least one river boat during the 30s, 40s and or 50s maybe even earlier than that. His name was Carlisle H. Callahan and he settled near Cincinnati, Ohio. He had a brother named Howard who also was a pilot or captain on a river boat at the time of the S.S. Pittsburg or another riverboat that was named after that city. Any information at all would be appreciated and welcomed. Thank you my email is
Nori More guesbook entries 24/Oct/2001:19:57:51
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