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Drew 24/Oct/2001:07:45:11

love the site!
I link to sites that have new information, edutainment,
infotainment - whatever just sites that make me think differently.
Please visit suggest your link.
Jim -&- Charlene Chris   23/Oct/2001:13:56:51
Enjoyed the tour. We really enjoyed it. We are schedule for a cruise
on October 29, 2001. Thanks again for preview.
Kelly Van Etten   21/Oct/2001:16:50:40
I have a black and white photograph of the Delta Queen. (I'm assuming
it's a photograph) It appears to be old and is a front shot of the
ship. In the corner is the name: Ralph Williams. Under his name is
56/1000. Can you tell me any way I can find the history of this? It
belonged to my mother, now deceased. Thanks for any help you can give
Glenda Ferran   20/Oct/2001:10:28:20
This has been in informative site. I was helping my 12 year old find
information about the early steamboats. She has to do a travel
brochure. It must contain: name of boat, owning company address,
picture of boat, general information: boarding location, where boat
travels to, cost of trip, activities for what ages; historical
information, picture of passengers participating in an on board
activity, daily schedule, two testimonials from passengers, contact
information; testimonial from a crew member; include a final picture.

Your site has given her several of these things to work from. She will
have to use her imagination for the remainder of the information
because we have been unable to find any sites that have helped. Thank
you for taking the time to establish this site.
Jay Miller   19/Oct/2001:19:35:56
Fine site. I've been on the Delta Queen several times. Steaming is the
ONLY way to go!

I'm looking for a good model of a riverboat-type steam engine to
demnstate how steam powers the wheel. Any hel
Allen Strange Allen Dale's Steamboat Pages 19/Oct/2001:15:05:50
Dear Nori, because of someone's meanness, I had to rebuild my steamboat
site in its entirety! I have made a NEW site by invitation only. This
site is chock FULL of contemporary pics of all the steamboats left
running. I am very saddened by the DQSC's bankruptcy, and pray that
they will recover with the three queens in tact. Sincerely, Allen Dale.
P.S. the link to my URL is
Gina   16/Oct/2001:19:14:23
My son is doing a report on Missouri travel. I am having problems
finding what early steamboats were made of and also details of what
kind of cargo they carried. It's due Friday. Any help would be greatly
Carrie McCallister   15/Oct/2001:16:07:09
I have an ancestor who worked on a steamboat and I was interested in
the origin of the riggins (I'm not sure of the spelling). I have a
little history on him and he had something to do with putting the
rigging on steamboats. His name was Thomas Armstrong and he originated
from England. Thank you, I would really appreciate some information on
the history of the riggings. Carrie (Moore) McCallister
Laurie   11/Oct/2001:18:48:52
Hi, I have a bracelet with the inscription patent "The American Queen"
1907 i was wondering if anyone knew if it was related to the boat. It
has a picture of some type of crown on the front and seems to be gold
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Bill L. Yoho Billy Lee Yoho's Homepage 07/Oct/2001:13:50:25
This is interesting. My great granddad, Abraham Hawkins, ran a storeboat
of the steam variety for years prior to the Civil War. I'm a genealogy
buff and would love to find more about him on the OH River. If you could
give me any information, I'd sure appreciate it. B
kacie jo 03/Oct/2001:07:00:43
It was a nice site thank you very much it helped me do a school report!!!
Nori Mark Twain Info. - click here 30/Sep/2001:09:16:15
Dear Louise,
On Sept. 21 you signed my guestbook looking for info. on Mark Twain.
I hope that by now someone has answered, but although this may be redundant, let me direct you to
places on my site that have links to Mark Twain.
First, check my link page:
that has links to a timeline of Twain's life, a chat board about Twain, and (at my site) a bookstore
with some great books by and about him, as well as pages with quotes by him.
If you want to talk about Twain or ask specific questions, please feel free to write to me.

concerned american   29/Sep/2001:17:56:36
the late joe mcgraw had a steam whistle ( luckenheimer ) that was
salvaged from a wreck site near the hatchie river,bolivar tn. yankees
sunk the river boat during the civil war. imagine a spring fed river
big enough for two mississippi river steam boats to pass. today that
river is no bigger than fifty ft. wide in some places. all the springs
have dried up, water run off from cleared fields now feeds a stagnate
silt filled,poluted (local tannery)muddy ditch called the " scenic
hatchie " its to late for the hatchie but, not to late for our national
scenic river ways. clearing of the ozark mts. is killing off the
springs that feed the rivers in the ozarks, some of them are federal
parks. we are concerned about the rain forrests in central,south
america as we should be. long term effects of clearing forrests is not
a choice we can live with for long!
Bill Lingo   28/Sep/2001:14:53:40
Leaving in AM to board Delta Queen at St. Paul. Looking forward to
another trip (35th) because the new managers thinking will keep it
below St. Francisville next year for 3-5-7 day trips. When youv'e seen
one levee, you have just about seen them all.
For anyone looking for river history, thy should contact the S & D
Reflector at Marietta, Ohio. It is the publication of the Sons &
Daughters of Pioneer Riverboaten. The organization is open to all
interested in river boats. J. W. Rutter - 126 Seneca Dr. Marietta
45750. Dues are $15 per year and there is a lot of history and
references to pix and more history at various museums and schools.
Ray Baumbach   27/Sep/2001:17:34:38
I am looking for pictures or patterns of the following paddlewheelers,
Idlewild, Cape Girardeau, Omar, Sprague, Gordon C. Green, for building
a model for my own personal use.

I have tried all over the internet, but maybe I am not looking
in the right places. Hope you can help me.

Thanks, Ray
Craig Kaplan   27/Sep/2001:14:58:00
I am looking for a model to build the African Queen. I am not
interested in the Billings plastic one but that is the only one I can

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Craig kaplan   27/Sep/2001:14:55:43
joey bubba   24/Sep/2001:13:08:10
this page sucks
Fred Hausser   22/Sep/2001:15:21:15
I work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and am pursuing various captains
licenses. What kind of license and experience is needed to operate
riverboats such as these? Also, what kind of mariner type jobs are
available on these boats. Thanks for any information.
Bill deWaal   21/Sep/2001:02:51:18
A refreshing web site, makes one feel good and clean inside! - God
Bless You Nori!
louise   21/Sep/2001:01:13:43
im looking for info on mark twain can anyone help me.
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Dawn   10/Sep/2001:17:39:04
Would anyone here have information as to where I might obtain a
picture of the Lucy Walker? Any newspaper stories or any news at all??
Thank you. dASN29@HOTMAIL.COM
Charles Olds International Family 10/Sep/2001:09:15:57
My Great GrandDad was a "Steamboat Engineer". He was from Gainesville,
Hancock county, Mississippi. His name was William Mars and had a Son
(My GrandDad) named Christian Mars who was married to my GrandMa, Ruby
Pearl Wadsworth. Great GrandDad William also had a Daughter, Mary
Mars. Can you tell me Anything about him such as which Steam Boat he
might have served on, what a Steamboad Engineer did, etc. Any
information at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Bob Blomberg   06/Sep/2001:15:05:44
I first saw the Delta Queen at Muscatine, Iowa, in 1970. I was 8 years
old then. When I returned home that evening, I learned that she was on
her "last trip". I remember crying that night and then writing a
letter to President Nixon, begging him to save the beautiful boat I had
just discovered. Thankfully, my prayers and the prayers of millions
were answered, as the Delta Queen is still here today. Since that day
in 1970, I have been in love with steamboats and the river. Thank
goodness we have so many people in this country who are interested in
our heritage enough to preserve boats like the Delta Queen, and build
new boats in the western rivers' tradition. Everytime I see one of the
beautiful steamboats, I wish I were on her--preferably working with the
steam engines, which I dearly love. Well, I can dream, can't I?! At
least I can still go to the river and see these gracious boats pass
W. O'Conor   06/Sep/2001:06:35:24
i would just like to say that you are all a shower of boring bastards
with nothing else to do than masterbate all over model boats!!!!!

that man is GAY!!!!!!
W. O'Conor   06/Sep/2001:06:32:20
i would just like to say that you are all a shower of boring bastards
with nothing else to do than masterbate all over model boats!!!!!
Robert Posey   04/Sep/2001:20:51:24

I am looking for floor plan layouts and pictures of any steamboats.
To explain why I'm looking for these, I create computer game models in
my spare time, usually for a game called Re-volt. If your interested,
Re-volt is an R/C car racing game. And I thought it would be neat to
make a racing track for Re-volt that revolved around a old grounded
steamboat in a swamp somewhere. Any prints, pictures or links would be
greatly apprieciated. I thank you for your time.
carolyn taylor boone   04/Sep/2001:05:33:31
Hello, my grandfather Capt Thomas Oscar Wood was the Captain of
the Idlewild, now known as the Belle of Louisville from l917-l925.
I have lots of information and stories about the Belle.
Writing a childrens' book about his adventures.
Great steamboat site you have.
Michael and Laura Fa   01/Sep/2001:15:08:09
TONY   31/Aug/2001:09:14:12
Does anyone know where I could locate large steamboat models to
purchase or build? Please respond to Thank you.
Nicole Spurgeon   28/Aug/2001:16:31:01
I really enjoyed this site.
I am looking for some information on my great grandfather who was a
Chief Steamboat eng. in the early 1900 to the 1950's. He ran mostly
the Ohio river from Louisville,Kentucky to Evansville, IN. I am real
interested any boats or any information regarding him his name is
Robert Fisher.

If anyone has any information please contact me.
Walter Stein   27/Aug/2001:14:57:06
Need to update my E-mail address re: request for any info on the
steamer FANNIE DUGAN. This packet was on the Ohio River in the 1880's
and later on the St. John's River where she sank.
Jim Davis   26/Aug/2001:12:06:18
I enjoyed the site and all of the important information posted. At the
present I serve as pilot aboard the Steamer Delta Queen. During the
last race from New Orleans to St. Louis, the Delta Queen lost the race
by half a boat length. It was a sad day in history for me. Her last
race was lost by me, a thirty year river man that has loved the Delta
Queen since I was a little boy growing up on the banks of the
Mississippi River in Greenville, Mississippi.
If you come ride the Delta, I look forward to meeting you and sharing
the expirences that have been mine to enjoy aboard many vessels on many
rivers of our great country.
A salute to the webmaster and all of those that help them in producing
a wonderful site here on the web.

Captain Jim Davis
Dawn Laughary   23/Aug/2001:08:51:19
I live in Ft. Madison, Iowa and in the Hawkeye Paper of Burlington,
Iowa {Friday, August 17, 2001}say that it is believed there is a
steamboat buried somewhere beneath South Main Street. It states that
this steamboat sank in the 1850's {Mississippi River} near the mouth of
the Hawkeye Creek. If anyone one knows the name of this steamboat they
could conact Bob Hansen at 800 S Main Street, Burlington, Iowa or
contact me at and I will pass the information
along. I use to live in Burl. for 20 yrs and it has alot of history
hidden that I would love to find out. Also any info on steamboats in
the 1830's would be very helpful. Thank you for this web site.
Dawn Laughary   23/Aug/2001:07:51:21
Hi! I am lokking for a steamboat or paddleboat that came up the
Mississippi River between 1835 & 1840. My 5th great-grandfather, his
wife & 3 sons were on it. His wife was pregnant with twins and when
they docked by Montrose, Iowa; his wife and twins died during the
birth. If anyone has information on this steamboat or have any ideas
finding out the name of this steamboat, please email me at Thank you for your help.
Dr. Dave   21/Aug/2001:08:49:22
Need an answer to a question:
When did steamboats start servicing the Mississippi River. Trying to
solve a puzzle about "when did the events depicted in Huckleberry Finn
occur?" and the fact that steamboats are referenced will help to narrow
the chronological scope.
Please respond.
Dr. Dave =)
Colleen Townsend   21/Aug/2001:02:55:51
how do i get information on your steamboats
Please send booklet
311 Furman Mills Rd
Sherburne N.Y. 13430
Rhonda MIller FREE STUFF 18/Aug/2001:13:08:42
Enjoyed the site.
Steve Kimmons   16/Aug/2001:09:45:45
Continued from previous message:

Actually, our romance began on another riverboat altogether. We both
lived in Shreveport, LA at the time, and our first date was on the River
Rose. Not too long after that evening cruise, the River Rose left
Shreveport. I actually saw her docked in New Orleans a few years later
- with the town Kenner, LA painted on her side. Just wondering if she's
still in Kenner, and if not, where?

Greetings to Captain Chengery, if he sees this!
Steve Kimmons   16/Aug/2001:09:41:16
I have fond memories of honeymooning on the Delta Queen in September,
1988. My wife Susan and I enjoyed the hospitality of Captain Chengery
and his crew on a "Four Rivers Cruise" from Nashville to St. Louis. We
were the Captain's special guests at his table for the last dinner of
the trip, and have some great photos from that evening and the entire
trip. Many wonderful memories. Unfortunately, those memories are mine
alone now. Susan died suddenly in 1997. The framed photo of the Delta
Queen in our daughter Emily's room serves as a daily reminder of a
wonderful time with the love of my life.

Actually, I came upon the idea of taking a trip on a steamboat many
years earlier, from the music of John Hartford (another who was taken
from us all too soon....) I just had to find the right woman. It took
a little convincing (Susan was more the Caribbean Cruise-type) but we
NEVER regretted our decision. I hope, someday, to take daughter Emily
on a DQ cruise.

Actually, our romanc
Tony Moore   14/Aug/2001:22:08:50
Interested in steamboats on smaller rivers in Arklatex and on Red River.
Have slides made from 1873 CoE photos of clearing of Red River Raft.
Collect books & odds & ends on same.
Frank X. Prudent   14/Aug/2001:21:54:02
The famous steamboat ROB'T E. LEE holds the speed record for a
commercial vessel between New Orleans and St. Louis. She made the
record run in a race against the NATCHEZ departing the Crescent City
with the official starting place being the St. Mary's Market. About two
before five PM June 30,1870 the LEE was off. The NATCHEZ left four
minutes later. Never were these two racehorses neck n' neck during the
run north. On July Fourth the LEE steamed triumphantly into her
landing at St. Louis; having spent three days,eighteen hours and
fourteen minutes to cover the distance. The NATCHEZ came limping in
later on in the evening.

Remember, these are times that were set by steamboat captains and
engineers whom were out to set a speed record and reap the benefits
that would entail. Realistically it would take much longer to make an
average steamboat trip between New Orleans and St. Louis. Business
would be transacted along the way and the boat was always at the mercy
of the weathe
Billie R. Mills   14/Aug/2001:10:08:00
I am glad to have found a site devoted to steamboating and look forward
to using it now and in the future. Could anyone tell me the approximate
time it would have taken a steamboat to come up river from New Orleans
to St. Louis, MO or Chester, IL in the 1880 -90's period? I would
appreciate any help anyone could give me. Please feel free to e-mail me
at Thank you Billie R. Mills
Dave   10/Aug/2001:22:23:02
Does anyone have any information or photos of a steamboat on the
Steamboat "Fanny Fern" that was in service in 1856 that plied in & out
of St. Louis? It is described in our papers as a "Light draught" vessel
that "should have no problem getting through".


Justin   06/Aug/2001:18:53:57
I have been a steamboat enthusiast since I was about 3 years old and
FINALLY was able to ride the oldest and most authentic steamboat
still in operation today--the 87 year old Belle of Louisville. The chug
of the engines, the hiss of the steam, the smell of the boiler, there is
nothing like it. During my cruise, I learned that the Belle was having
fiancial trouble since her 1997 sinking and that the county may retire
the Belle and make her into a museum to cut costs. I think the decision
will be made this November. This would be a terrible tragedy for
steamboat lovers everywhere. Already, her cruise schedule is pretty much
limited to weekends. During the week, the fake sternwheeler Spirit of
Jefferson cruises the river instead being powered by disel engines and
and a propeller. When asked what I could do to help the Belle, the
ticket lady just said "spead the word", so I'm doing that here. All who
are able should ride the Belle and make donations to help keep her
rollin' on the rive
Nori Steamboats of the 50 States 02/Aug/2001:09:09:39
Hi Ron, you signed the guestbook (below) looking for a steamboat in Memphis. On our "50
States" link page we have posted three URLs for Tennessee [now offline]:

Maybe one of these offers day trips.
janbudding   02/Aug/2001:07:35:49
Dear Reader,
A friend of my has plannedto built asteamdriventug/passegerboat for own
use.he has collected the most important machinery such as a
triple,steamboiler,pumps.stearingmachine,condenser etc.
but he is missing a steamdriven capstam and cannot find such.
Please is there anybody who is able and willing too find an adres where
he can buy such a machine.
Last but not least i will give my compliments for the fantastic webpage
we do not have such in HOLLAND OR EUROPE
Jan R. Budding
Boersenserf 22
3871 RK Hoevelaken The Netherlands
e mail : jan
John Hanners   01/Aug/2001:11:43:30
This is a query about a steamboat term that I can't find in any
dictionary of American usage.

Does anyone know what a "ballgine" is?

In Stephen Foster's "O Susanna" there's a verse, seldom printed or sung,
where the narrator boards a steamboat, and it ends with:

"The ballgine bust, the hoss ran off, I surely thought I'd die
I closed my eyes to hold my breath, Susanna don't you cry."

John Hanners
Texas A&M University-Commerce
Commerce, Texas 75429-3011
Willis Koffroth   31/Jul/2001:20:42:49
Getting information together on my nacestor, Robert K. GRAY, born 1837
in Vanceburg, KY. Made his home in Portsmouth, Ohio, and was a mate on
the "Doane No.2" in 1864. It was sunk by the Confederates. According to
the 1872 Portsmouth City Direcor he was Mate on the "Fannie Dugan". I
would appreciate any input. I am especially anxious to get a photo of
either of these paddlewheelers.

Willis Koffroth
RON BROWN   29/Jul/2001:13:40:21

Nori Steamboats! 17/Jul/2001:16:44:42
Hi Steamboat Lovers, there are more guestbook entries now posted at the website. Click on the link above or click on
the link [read more guestbook entries] below. Your questions answered at this bulletin board - the webmaster and steamboat
community check the log frequently. Thank you for visiting and posting here. -nori (webmaster)