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Queenie   13/Apr/2001:08:01:16
I would like to find information , especially a photo of the steamboat
called Joe Wheeler which my family travelled on earlier in the century.
elise   09/Apr/2001:09:33:25
hi, i would like to know if you have any info on the Str.Armenia, that
was on the White Lake, in Sunapee N.H. in the early 1900's. thanx for
any infor. elise
michael Parker   08/Apr/2001:16:04:05
need info on a steamship steering wheel.
It has 8 spokes and is made of somekind of hardwood ? Maple?
In the center of the wheel is a round brass circle with a square in the
On the brass circle it says.SANTA MARIA 1880.
Can anyone help me with more info on this type of wheel?
Thanks ever so much
Jay T. Hisel   06/Apr/2001:12:29:24

We are searching your site hopefully looking to find someone from the
Des Moines area that may remember a wooden model of the steamboat
This intricate scale model steamboat (about
36' long) was built by my grandfather, Alfred "Ted" Strong & his
brother, of Lansing, Iowa in the 1930's. It was displayed for a short
time at Jim Peterson's book store in Lansing. After that (from what we
have heard) it was purchased by a Mr. Metcalf in the early 1940's and
taken to Des Moines and displayed at a bank there for a number of
years. It is our desire to contact someone that may remember seeing the
model or know if it still exists or what may have become of it.
Thank you in advance for any information you can give me, or put me in
contact with someone that may be able to help me find my grandfathers
Jay Hisel
N852 Franklin Rd.
Oconomowoc, WI 53066-9527
My e-mail address is or call me collect at (920)
474-7384 or call my mother, Wanda Hisel, collect at
Frank X. Prudent   03/Apr/2001:00:16:44
I certainly enjoy perusing the comments that others have made in your
log. Occasionally, mind you, I can even send them an e-mail to shed
some light on their quandary.

It's also fun to find the posting of an old friend or acquaintance. If
I haven't seen them in awhile, it's good to read their comments and
find out how they're doing.

Thanks for putting your time and effort into keeping steamboat history
alive, just like your father did!
jason brown   02/Apr/2001:19:28:01
Brian   02/Apr/2001:06:14:27
Looking for info on a 19th century sidewheeler named Fuegla, any info
would be appreciated, looks to be a fairly large boat, I have a picture
of i
Dave Brown   31/Mar/2001:19:56:18

loved all the things i read in here, it brought back some old memorys, my grandfather Thomas Brown was chief engineer for Amhearst Barge Company, seeing the name Herbert E. Jones brought back some old storys he used to tell me, he was also engineer and also worked on all the Greene Line boats, i have lots of pictures he gave me, if anyone wants to see them just e-mail me.
John Mangini   30/Mar/2001:12:29:40
I am planning a party aboard a Steamboat and was wondering what form of
traditional entertainment you would recomend?

I am thinking along the lines of strooling banjo players or a dixieland
band and a Mark Twain impersonator.

I would be interested in your thoughts. Thank you.

Claire   23/Mar/2001:16:21:24
Fabulous site-I appreciate any site which includes other
steamboat enthusiasts
joe salzinger   21/Mar/2001:09:52:21
i am looking for photos of the sidewheeler "winona",which was in
operation 1n the 1860 s. The boat was owned by commodore W.F.Davidson
who organized the La Crosse and Minnesota Packet Co. Also any history
about the boat or the company would be helpful.
cbkallenberg   19/Mar/2001:18:21:12
Jackolin Vaughn   19/Mar/2001:08:15:18
I have an antique mirror with a paddle boat named CITIZEN reverse
painted on it. Was there a such named boat?
RJ Lampert   17/Mar/2001:12:16:23
In addition to having been aboard these historic vessels;
Delta Queen,River Queen, Admiral, Avalon,I worked for Yatch Harbor Inc.
on the Becky Thatcher recovery, {my idea for its salvage was used to
raise the vessel}. We sank a coal barge until it bottomed, lashed off
with cables and then pumped it out to lift one side to level and
floatit.Worked with Miss Ferrel on a museum project she did at the S.S.
Mississippi. There was also a Music Museum,I don't recall the name of
the man who was setting it up. Worked aboard The Goldenrod, Met Charlie
Menke, and Miss Forbes, not only was she still a great actress, she
played fiddle quite well. It would take a book to tell all of the
interesting and fun things about those river experiences.

Anyway, thanks for the great stories and pictures
Love and peace,
RJ Lampert
randy austin - Humphrey 16/Mar/2001:13:24:49
very cool web site!! I was wondering if anyone out there can help me
with some research I'm doing on Issac G. Humphrey. He was owner/Capt of
the Perry Smith in 1866. I know this from a newspaper artical dated 8
nov. 1900 that has been handed down through the family. Issac was my 3
great grandfather and I would appreciate any info you good folks could
provide. Thanks Butch
Vanessa   14/Mar/2001:16:15:22
Help me!!!!!!!!
Gordon Farabee   09/Mar/2001:06:13:07
I am a retired fisheries biologist working on the upper Mississippi for
30 plus years within the Hannibal area. In retirement, I'm now working
now on a project researching historical aspects of the Mississippi
River within the state of Missouri e.g., from the bootheal north to the
Iowa border. Does anyone have information on good historical documents
describing the Mississippi River back in the mid-1800's and early
1900's before the locks and dams were built in the 1930's? I would
welcome receiving these references. Thank you very much.

Maureen Murphy   05/Mar/2001:13:06:54
Am trying to locate information on steamer Isaac Brown. It was active
in the 1890's and I have a ships bell clock from it and would like the
Carl Mertz   04/Mar/2001:17:35:20
Just love Steamboats, looking for more information
TATA   04/Mar/2001:12:59:15
I am doing a project and I was wondering. How fast did steamboats in
1872 travel
Suzanne - Rivermen & Riverboats 04/Mar/2001:10:58:29
Would you be willing to add my link to your link page? I have already
added you to mine. Let me know what you think about adding me to
yours. Have a great day!
Suzanne a.k.a.
T E Thompson   02/Mar/2001:13:55:49
Looking for help in finding out anything about the sternwheeler Jim
Barkman, built in New Albany,Ind. 1859 Owned by Capt. James R. Bangs,
Arkadephia, Ark. & others. Capt. Bangs is my G-G-Granderfather.
Thank You T E
ORA LEE AMOS   28/Feb/2001:14:54:32
Theo Collins Theo's Trombone Page 27/Feb/2001:14:54:17
My uncle was the pilot of the Chautaqua Belle. A replica of a 1800's
steamboat. The Chautaqua Belle was at least 240' long from bow to
paddle. In the 1800's when Chautaqua county's economy was booming,
there was at least as many Paddles in Jamestown and The "point" as
there were moving in between New Orleans and Memphis on the "Mighty
Mississippi". The Jamestown inlet and the Chautaqua Lake had about 50-
60 Steamboats throught the 1800's. The boats ranged from 100-600' feet
JM   26/Feb/2001:18:19:41
I am working on a history project, and am looking for the name(s) of
people who were on the North River Steamboat (also known as the
Clermont) on its first successful trip between New York City and
Albany. I think my teacher must be looking for someone famous. Can
you help me?
Thanks! JM
Barbara Stewart   26/Feb/2001:13:53:01
My grandfather, James E. Lee, was on the Dixie Queen in South America
doing government work May 10, 1918. We have a picture of him on the
boat. He married my grandmother, Thelma Elizabeth Clark, in Meridian,
MS May 28, 1922. Thelma had my Dad Feb. 24, 1923, and she died a few
days later. James E. Lee was told my Dad was expected to die, and so
consequently James left heartbroken. They did expect my Dad to die. My
Dad's grandmother with much effort helped Dad survive, and then she
raised him. We never knew James E. Lee, and we are searching for some
information to trace our family tree. Believe he was born in Buffalo,
NY between May, 1886 and Jan, 1887. My family would truly love to
learn more about him.
Eric noss   26/Feb/2001:05:23:45
Hi I like looking at steam boats andlearning about them.

Eric noss   26/Feb/2001:05:21:59
Nori   23/Feb/2001:11:33:21
Hi David,
thanks for your guestbook signature. Sorry it's taken so long to reply &
i hope this is of
some help anyway. The boats did play a part, but i'm not sure what they
mean by a
"modern" war.
They're all pretty backward if you ask me.
Anyway, here's a reference that might be of help: a timeline of the Civil

Nori History of the Steam Engine 23/Feb/2001:11:18:57
Hi Rashka,
thank you for signing the guestbook. If you want to learn more about the
hazards of old
steam engines, visit our steamboats museum. Here's the exact address:
Brandy   21/Feb/2001:11:18:14
Hey I love! steamboats! they are so cool. we're doing a project in ss
about the history of steamboats and locomotives. This is such an
informational site. THANX ALOT!!!!!!!

Rashka   20/Feb/2001:07:55:32
I just wanted to log onto this thing to say that steamboats are really
interesting. I've been researching the steam engine for some time, and
the fact that the steam engine was in use for trains, cars, etc. due to
the inventation for boats is really interesting! But I have had major
problems in learning WHY they were so hazardous! I know that it had to do
partly heating process. But there are a lot of crashes that I'd like to
learn about too! I wrote in to wonder if anybody could give me a hand.

captain john lo cice   14/Feb/2001:17:24:58
great web page,i ran tugboats up and down the miss.river and watched the
queen meany times plying up the river,and i remeber one time it was a
dark night and here came the queen over taking me at college pt mile 156
what a made drift back to mark twain and the days of river boat
gamblers and show boats. i hope the queen can keep running for an nother
100 years
captain john
JD & Mara Pauley Hobby111 sternwheeler on the Kanawha 10/Feb/2001:15:24:06
great site !!!
lots of info
Dick Pollard Pollard's Family Index 08/Feb/2001:15:35:49
Good Day,

I am seeking historical information and a photograph (or rendering) of
the Steamship Texas, c. 19th. I believe the steamship may possibly have
been built in New Jersey or Philadelphia prior to the Civil War(?).
Thanks in advance for any authoritative reference (-s).

Dick Pollard
Gary Greco   07/Feb/2001:15:56:50
I would love to see old pictures of the paddlewheeler coal barges that
used to go up and down the Monongahela River from Pittsburgh to
Brownsville. I loved seeing these as a kid on the river. That was
back in the 1950's.
Tara   07/Feb/2001:10:28:01
OuiskelothaNebi1   05/Feb/2001:11:14:04
I am looking for the name of the artist who did a lithograph that I
believe was called "Passing on the Two Whistle Side," which shows two
steamboats, one passing the other. I believe the gallery was located on
the Mississippi River, on the Iowa side, about 10 years ago. Thank you
David Smith   04/Feb/2001:08:41:27
im 17 and from scotland.Im in my last year of high scool studying history. For our last year we are doing the American Civil war.I have to do a dissertation and i chose to do -to what extent is it true to say the US civil war was the first modern war.I need more info on steamboats and the roles they played during the war.I was wondering if any one has any info please e mail me as it would be most helpful in completing my dissertation.

Derek Huston   01/Feb/2001:10:39:58
Denise Correll   29/Jan/2001:17:47:24
I was wondering about where I could get information on travel
(steamboats) on the St.Johns River(Jacksonville, Florida) and how it
has/had an economic impact.
kurt   28/Jan/2001:14:17:38
Your page has really helped me in my school work because i has to do a
project on the steamboats and this site was used.

Kurt V
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