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Raise responsible, happy, spiritual children.This page offers titles on family therapy and juvenile help. For more general parenting information,link to the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting program.For books on step-parenting link to our Stepfamily Bookstore.


The Challenging Child: Understanding, Raising, and Enjoying the Five'Difficult' Types of Children
by Stanley I. Greenspan, Jacqueline Salmon (Contributor)
Explains the five difficult types of children: sensitive, self-absorbed, defiant,inattentive and active/aggressive. How to adapt your parenting style to your child's personality.Reduce conflicts, help your child build on strengths. Child's Magazine Book Award Winner.


The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution: Preserving Relationshipsat Work, at Home, and in the Community
by Dudley WeeksConflict is unavoidable; teaches us how to approach it directly and positively. Presents testedmethods for resolving stubborn differences of opinion.


Angry all the Time:An Emergency Guide to Anger Control
by Ron Potter-Efron, Ronald T. Potter-Efron
Help for very angry people who lose control time after time. Identify the causes of anger,avoid violence, blaming and threats. Change anger provoking thoughts; eight steps ofanger management.


Mental Shielding to Brush Off Hostility (Book and Cassette)
by Richard Driscoll
Learn how to protect yourself with irritable co-workers, an angry boss, an upset mate, orcritical parents. This audio cassette and book teach you how to create a protective mentalshield that helps you disregard hostility instead of being hurt, angered, or stressed by it.


I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better: Six Practical Principles ThatEmpower Others to Solve Their Own Problems While Enriching Your Relationships
by Gary B. Lundberg, Joy Saunders LundbergLearn to walk emotionally with those you care about while empowering them to solve their ownproblems.


When Anger Hurts: Quieting the Storm Within
by Matthew McKay, Peter D. Rogers, Judith McKay
Exercises and techniques to control destructive anger, reduce frequency of your anger,change attitudes that trigger chronic anger, identify stresses and needs that lie below your anger.


When Anger Hurts Your Kids: A Parent's Guide
by Matthew McKay (Editor), Patrick Fanning, Kim Paleg (Contributor), Dana Landis (Contributor)
When parents frequently express anger to their children, kids react by being less compliant,less concerned for others, and less accepting of themselves. Teaches tools to control youranger and raise kind, well-behaved children.


The Romance of Risk
by Lynn E. Ponton, M.D.
New model for understanding teen behavior. The author proposes that teenage "acting out" is "risk-taking,"and that this natural impulse can be redirected into healthy channels to minimize the dangers inherent intoday's teen culture.


When Someone You Love IsDepressed: How to Help Your Loved One Without Losing Yourself
by Laura Epstein Rosen, Ph.D. &Xavier Francisco Amador, Ph.D.
Methods to protect yourself and your relationship; how to recognize your needs, provide support,and encourage the depressed person to seek treatment.

bookWhen Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teensby Bev Cobain, Bev Cobian, Bev Cobin, Elizabeth Verdick (Editor), Jeff Tolbert (Illustrator)Reading level: Young Adult

A guide to understanding and coping with depression, discussing the different types, how and why the condition begins, how itmay be linked to substance abuse or suicide, and how to get help.

A self-help book for depressed teens and adults who care.This book extends a compassionate, knowledgeable, hand to teens trying to understand the complex and frustrating dynamics ofliving with depression. Author Bev Cobain demystifies mental health terminology with staightforward explanations about thevarious kinds of depression and the difference between "the blues" and more serious kinds of depression that need attention.This is an interactive book where teens are shown how to take an active role in doing things to help themselves stay healthy.Young readers will find themselves in one or more of the stories told by eleven teens from many walks of life as they describe theirstruggles with depression. The stories demonstrate that young people can do something about depression and have hope for thefuture.
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logoChildren in Families at Risk: Maintaining the Connections by Lee Combrinck-Graham (Editor)Hardcover - 429 pages (August 1995)

Steamboats' Review: This is graduate-level readingfor professionals, but parents may benefit from being exposedto the ideas. Packed with information.

Amazon Review (excerpt): . . . based on the notion that familyconnections are substantial resources for healing and recovery even whenthe family is a very troubled one. . . . with a particular focus on workwithseverely fractured families . . . detailing a wide variety of situations,chapters cover cases involving children who are emotionally andbehaviorally disturbed, children with psychiatricdisorders, abusive parents, and parents with substance abuse problems. . . .(see full review at

Discusses changing how therapiststhink about engaging families, families of children placed ininstitutions,foster care options, and reunification. --Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, OR,1/1/96
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bookParenting Teenagers: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting of Teensby Gary D. McKay, Joyce L. McKay, Don C. Dinkmeyer, Sr Don Dinkmeyer

SynopsisThe Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) program has taught over two million parents how to encouragemutual respect, cooperation, responsibility, and self-reliance in their kids. This completely revised edition of "ParentingTeenagers" features increased coverage of single parents and stepfamilies and more real-life examples.
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bookThe Adolescent in Family Therapy: Breaking the Cycle of Conflict and Control(Guilford Family Therapy Series)by Joseph A. MicucciHardcover - 323 pages (October 1998)Guilford Press

Amazon Review:Much of the writing on therapy with adolescents suggests contradictoryapproaches. On the one hand, therapists are advised to encourage theteenager's individuality and separation; on theother, they are urged to help parents "pull in the reins" andreestablish a strong sense of authority. This book proposesthat what is missing from both of these formulations is a focus onstrengthening the quality of family relationships andensuring that adolescents receive the ongoing parental nurturancethey need. Presenting a developmentally groundedapproach to treating a wide range of adolescent problems,Joseph Micucci shows how troubled teenagers and theirparents can be helped to use family relationships ascatalysts for growth and change. Filled with realistic case examples,step-by-step discussions of the process of assessmentand therapy, and straightforward clinical advice, the bookdescribes specific family intervention strategies for eatingdisorders, depression, defiant behavior, underachievement,stress caused by psychotic symptoms, and other frequentlyencountered conditions. Attention is also given to workingwith schools and the special challenges of treatingmultiproblem, low-income families.
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logoFamily Therapy Approaches With Adolescent Substance Abusers by Thomas C. Todd, Matthew, D. Selekman (Editor)Paperback - 352 pages

Booknews, Inc. , June 1, 1991:Eleven contributions present a diversity of approaches for the familycounselor who is not a chemical dependency specialist but who seeksguidelines for successful intervention through family therapy.Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
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More Titles for Family Therapy
and Adolescent Help

The Hatherleigh Guide to Child and Adolescent Therapy (Hatherleigh Guides to Mental HealthPractice Series, V. 5,)Paperback / Published 1996Leaving Home: The Therapy of Disturbed Young PeopleJay Haley / Hardcover / Published 1997Read more about this title...

Negotiating Parent-Adolescent Conflict: A Behavioral Family-Systems Approach (Guilford FamilyTherapy Series)Arthur L. Robin, Sharon L. Foster (Contributor) / Hardcover / Published 1989Read more about this title...

Power and Compassion: Working With Difficult Adolescents and Abused Parents (Guilford FamilyTherapy Series)Jerome A. Price, Cloe Madanes / Hardcover / Published 1996Read more about this title...

Therapy With Troubled Teenagers: Rewriting Young Lives in ProgressBob Bertolino, Robert Bertolino / Hardcover / Published 1999Read more about this title...

Treating the Tough Adolescent: A Family-Based, Step-By-Step Guide (The Guilford FamilyTherapy Series)Scott P. Sells, et al / Hardcover / Published 1998Read more about this title...

Treating Troubled Adolescents: A Family Therapy ApproachH. Charles Fishman / Hardcover / Published 1988Behavioral Family InterventionPaperback / Published 1992(Special Order)Read more about this title...

Behavioral Family Intervention (Psychology Practitioner Guidebooks)Arnold P. Goldstein, et al / Paperback / Published 1992(Special Order)Read more about this title...

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy for Children and Families (Cambridge Child and AdolescentPsychiatry)Philip Graham(Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1998Read more about this title...

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy for Children and Families (Cambridge Monographs in Child andAdolescent Psychiatry)Philip Graham(Editor) / Paperback / Published 1998Read more about this title...

From Borderline Adolescent to Functioning Adult: The Test of TimeJames F. Masterson, Jacinta L. Costello / Hardcover / Published 1980Individual and Group Therapy and Work With Parents in Adolescent PsychotherapyRichard A. Gardner / Hardcover / Published 1999Treating Adolescents by Family Therapy: A Developmental and Narrative ApproachAnne K. Fishel / Hardcover / Published 1999

The Adolescent in Group and Family Therapy

Max SugarFamily Therapy for Adolescent Drug AbuseAlfred S. Friedman, Samuel Granick (Editor)Read more about this title...

Handbook of Adolescents and Family TherapyMarsha Pravder Mirkin, Stuart L. Koman (Editor)


The Secret of Overcoming Verbal Abuse: Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster and Regaining Control of Your Lifeby Marcia Grad Powers and Dr. Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
Applies rational-emotive therapy to stop the cycle of verbal abuse. The best book on the subject.

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