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Family Rules: Helping Stepfamilies and Single Parents Build Happy Homesby Jeannette Lofas

Synopsis:Lofas incorporates lessons for making house rules work and shows how to establish guidelines and enforcethem from the beginning.

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Stepfamily Realities
by Margaret Newman
Discusses potential problems and what to do.


How It Feels When ParentsDivorce
by Jill Krementz
Children from 7 to 16 years old talk about their parents' divorce. Can help children deal with thedifficulties of divorce.


Through the Eyes of Children: HealingStories for Children of Divorce
by Janet R. Johnson, Ph.D., Karen Breunig, M.S., CarlaGarrity, Ph.D. & Mitchell Baris, Ph.D.
Using imagination and metaphor, the 15 stories provide a safe and effective way to help childrenunderstand and cope with separation. For ages 5 to 15.


Stepfamilies: Love, Marriage and Parenting in the First Decade by James H. Bray, John Kelly

Book Description:Based on a landmark longitudinal study, the nation's leading expert on stepfamilies reveals hisbreakthrough findings and offers the first detailed guide to easing the conflicts of stepfamily life andhealing the scars of divorce.

The purpose of Stepfamilies is to answer all the important questions of stepfamily life--to fill in theknowledge gaps that undermine so many stepfamilies today and, crucially, to learn the effect of stepfamilylife on children. Based on one of the largest and longest studies of stepfamily life ever conducted,Stepfamilies interweaves the stories of real families to illustrate such study findings as how:

a stepfamily has its own natural life cycle
a stepfamily takes several years to develop into a family unit
a stepfamily is at greatest risk during the first two years
a stepfamily ultimately coalesces into one of three forms
a stepfamily must solve four basic tasks in order to succeed
a stepfamily can help heal the scars of divorce

Filled with emotional, gripping stories, Bray's findings pinpoint the three major transitions in stepfamilylife and identify the riskiest issues that can throw a family into crisis. Bray is the first to identify theseveral distinct forms that stepfamilies take and to explore which types of stepfamilies are more vulnerablethan others and why. He also describes the natural life cycle of stepfamilies and basic tasks all stepfamiliesmust undertake to succeed. With a wealth of insight into the positive effects of remarriage, Bray showshow a loving, well-functioning stepfamily can lessen the trauma of divorce and restore a child's andfamily's sense of security.

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All Our Families: New Policies for a New Centuryby Mary Ann Mason (Editor), Arlene S. Skolnick (Editor), Stephen D. Sugarman, Skolnick Sugarman Mason

Becoming Family: How to Build a Stepfamily That Really WorksRobert H., Phd. Lauer, Jeanette C., Phd. Lauer / Paperback / Published 1999

The Combined Family: A Guide to Creating Successful Step-RelationshipsTaube S. Kaufman, et al / Hardcover / Published 1993

Coping in a Blended Family (Coping)Jane Hurwitz / Library Binding / Published 1997

The Courage to be a Stepmom: A Gentle Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Well-BeingSue Patton Thoele / Paperback / Published 1999

Developing Healthy Stepfamilies: Twenty Families Tell Their StoriesPatricia Kelley / Paperback / Published 1996

Developing Healthy Stepfamilies: Twenty Families Tell Their Stories(Haworth Marriage & the Family)Patricia, Phd Kelley / Paperback / Published 1995


Stepfamilies: Myths and Realitiesby Emily B. Visher, John S., M.D. Visher

Amazon Synopsis:Written by a husband and wife team consisting of a psychiatristand a psychologist who drew upon both their personal and professional experience, this book gives anoverview of the stepfamily and explains the importance of understanding the special nature of the stepfamilyand its differences from the nuclear family.

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Divorce and New Beginnings: An Authoritative Guide to Recovery and Growth, Solo Parenting, and Stepfamilies -Genevieve Clapp / Paperback / Published 1992

Everything You Need to Know About Stepfamilies (Need to Know Library)Bruce Glassman / Library Binding / Published 1994

Family Rules: Helping Stepfamilies and Single Parents Build Happy HomesJeannette Lofas / Paperback / Published 1998

Home WarsDorothy Reynolds Miller / School & Library Binding / Published 1997

How Do I Feel About My Stepfamily (How Do I Feel About)Julie Johnson, et al / School & Library Binding / Published 1998

How to Win As a StepfamilyEmily B. Visher, John S., M.D. Visher (Contributor) / Paperback / Published 1991

I Have a New Family Now: Understanding Blended Families (Comforting Little Hearts Series) -Robin Prince Monroe, Nancy Barnet (Illustrator) / Hardcover / Published 1998

Let's Talk About Living in a Blended Family (The Let's Talk Library)Elizabeth Weitzman / Library Binding / Published 1997

Living in a Step Family Without Getting Stepped on: Helping Your Children Survive the Birth Order Blender -Kevin Leman / Hardcover / Published 1994

Making It As a Stepparent: New Roles/New RulesClaire Berman / Paperback / Published 1986

Making Peace in Your StepfamilyHarold H., M.D. Bloomfield, et al / Mass Market Paperback

Making the Best of Second Best: A Guide to Positive StepparentingKathleen Fox / Paperback / Published 1998

Growing up Divorced, by Diane Fassel (out of print but worth looking for: an excellent book about divorce and its impact on children).

My Parents Are Divorced, Too: A Book for Kids by KidsJan Blackstone-Ford, et al / Paperback / Published 1998

My Two FamiliesAlthea, et al / Hardcover / Published 1998

Old Loyalties, New Ties: Therapeutic Strategies With StepfamiliesEmily B. Visher, John S., M.D. Visher (Contributor) / Hardcover / Published 1988

Once More With Love: A Guide to Marrying AgainBobbi Coyle-Hennessey / Paperback / Published 1993

Out of StepMary Jane Auch / School & Library Binding / Published 1992

Parenting Keys: Keys to Successful Stepfathering (Barron's Parenting Keys)Carl E. Pickhardt / Paperback / Published 1997

The Step-Parent's Survival Guide: Positive Advice for Achieving a Successful Step-FamilyHilary Boyd / Paperback / Published 1998

Stepfamilies (Rogers, Fred. Let's Talk About It.)Fred Rogers, Jim Judkis (Illustrator) / Hardcover / Published 1997

Becoming Family: How to Build a Stepfamily That Really WorksRobert H., Phd. Lauer, Jeanette C., Phd. Lauer / Paperback / Published 1999

The Boys and Girls Book About StepfamiliesRichard Gardner / Paperback / Published 1985

Stepfamilies: Love, Marriage and Parenting in the First Decadeby James H. Bray, John Kelly

Blending Families: A Guide for Parents, Stepparents, and Everyone Building aSuccessful New Familyby Elaine Fantle Shomberg, Elaine Fantle Shimberg

Amazon Synopsis: Real-life stories and solid solutions highlight this insightful guide to blending stepfamilies in America today.

Includes special sections on:
* Family communication
* Former spouses
* Grandparents and step-grandparents
* Juggling households
* Commuting children
* Discipline
* School issues
* Family customs and rituals
* Religious differences
* Reducing stress
* Adult time
* Money issues
* Holiday planning
* Vacations
* Curfews and other rules

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