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Misc. Steamboat Hobbies and Diversions
The Html Sandbox

These pages are just for fun. There may be no significance to these pages. But a steamboat site that is all work and no play is not worth building!


Stanley Steamboat of Sacramento - a short story for children, written in 1999 for the Sacramento Reads Festival.

Online Steamboat Races,, and held an imaginary competition every summer since 2001. Find out what it's all about.

Writing Advice Workshop Fiction Writing | Choose a Point of View | Find a Publisher | Break Writer's Block | Books on Writing

Freshwater Aquarium Care This is a page of simple guidelines for a happy freshwater aquarium.

The Truth about Tree Topping learn the right way to trim a tree. Improper trimming can permanently damage a tree!

Student Writing on the Housing Market Bubble In REA 281 & 282, instructor Nori Muser (your webmaster) asks students to explain what happened in the housing market in the 00s. You will not believe how smart the students are! Most of them already worked as real estate agents or appraisers through the 2000's. REA 281 & 282 are requirements for the appraiser certification program. Animated Clipart Collection free clipart from back in the day when people put these funny animated gifs all over their websites.

Computer Art made with animated clipart. Some of this is just plain silly, but it is come complicated html-writing that I would not like to have to do again. - Nori (webmaster)

The Steamboat Tigers Check out the performing tigers that we keep on board. (One of the computer art files that stayed onboard the steamboat site this whole time.)

Sit out on the deck If you've never sat on the deck of a real steamboat, watching the river go by, you might get an idea of what it's like at this page.

Photos of My Friends The best of the earliest html pages I built. - Nori

Jokes These are some pretty old jokes, mostly from around 2000.

Steamboat Shop visit the onboard giftshop.

Nori Deco Nori is in charge of research, planning, and development for Here's how she gets her inspiration.

Betrayal of the Steamboats a possible future book . . .

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