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img src="catrun.gif" width="256" height="48"
author: Claude D. Bilbo email
Subject: Neko the cat.
File: nekochas.gif
Copyright: 1996, Claude D. Bilbo
Distribution: Distribute freely
Disclaimer: Whatever it is, I assume no liability.
Purpose: Just for fun.
Plan: Get a job. Make money. Be fat and happy.
Orientation: Vertical
Hair: Short
Eyes: Two
Feet: Bare
PIN: 9119
Tel: 1-800-356-9377
Fax: I know lots of fax.
Cat: 2, both deceased
This GIF file was assembled with GIF Construction Set from: Alchemy Mindworks Inc.

author: unknown
img src="line1.gif" width="200" height="1"

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