Steamboat Stories by Jerry Canavit

Fast Boats on the Mississippi

The Fast Boats - Part 2

Racing Stories

The First Steamboat Race

The Great Lake Erie Steamboat Race

The Great Upper-Mississippi Steamboat Race

Disaster Stories

Steamboat Racing and Boiler Explosions

Explosion of the Steamer Mont Blanc

The Sultana Disaster


A Terrible Explosion in Iowa.
Duck Eats Yeast, Explodes, and Puts Man's Eye Out.


Ben Hur:
Austin Once Had The Best Dam Steamboat In Texas

The Last of the Breed:
A Brief History of the steamer Lone Star; the longest continually operating wooden-hull steam vessel on the Mississippi River System.

The Fabulous Telephone

The Stiletto and the Mary Powell

Avalon Memories

The Magnificent T.J. Potter

The Dog & Broom


Captain Uriah Bronzer Scott

Who Was Henry Miller Shreve?

Hell Roarin' Jack

Confessions of a Steamboat Addict
Confessions Part One: The James P. Pearson
Confessions Part Two: The Steamer Avalon
ConfessionsPart Three: The W.J. Quinlan


The Avalon, seen above, is one of the boats in Jerry's "Confessions of a Steamboat Addict." More photos from the Avalon in "Avalon Memories," above.


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