River Log

July 21, 1999 to Jan. 22, 2000

Brian A. Smith   22/Jan/2000:16:28:42
Hello! Both of my great great granfathers were steamboat pilots. Our
family name makes it very hard to trace exact facts and dates. One of
them supposedly was a pilot on the Delta Queen. I have a photo of three
men, one of them my great grandfather, standing on the deck of a
steamboat. The inscription on the back reads "a good looking crowd
Chattanooga Tenn May 9th, 1907 - Willie Smith, W.L. Bennett, Donald T.
Porter" Below in different writing "middle one my grandpa on steamboat -
Grandma Minnie's dad" I have an article from the Detroit News Aug. 17
1958 about the Delta Queen sent to us my my grandmother along with
anaote that said that this was the "boat my great grandpa worked on"
The article was in section b page 2. It has some info about cruises at
that time and a little history about the boat. For more info contact
me. I am researhing my family genealogy and hopefully will know more
soon. I'll let you know if I find more about this. {My other great
grandfather was named Georg
tracy ahrens   18/Jan/2000:06:20:46
I have a friend who built a river boat that runs on the Kankakee River
in Kankakee, Il. We are looking for a boat whistle and need resources.
Can you help me? Please contact me at my email address. Thank you.
Miss Tracy Ahre
Jeff Davis   12/Jan/2000:19:15:12
Does anyone remember during the mid 80`s on a cable channel was a
program called LIFE ON THE RIVER Itwas of course about Mark Twain. And
I believe was put out by the U of Nebraska.Ive not seen it since.Does
anyone out there know where I could get a copy of that film.Mine is
pretty well worn out? Thank Youall.
V.J.   12/Jan/2000:13:35:28
Enjoyed the tour very much
Nori Steamboats 10/Jan/2000:19:58:33
Seeking statements from the steamboat community on the subject of the
"first" steamboat. Please volunteer your opinion and any objective
information you can provide to the guestbook or board room. I will use
your statements to build a new exhibit on the subject in the steamboat
JoAnn Hardony   05/Jan/2000:13:05:15
I work with AAA in Independence Ohio and have been on the
Delta Queen boats a total of 7 times currently. with # 8 this summer
and #9 on the Columbia River this fall!

Long live Steamboatin'!
Jarred McConnell steamer 03/Jan/19100:05:55:06
why can't you guys have a list of steamboats so that I can pick which
one I need to do? I needed steamboats that have traveled on the
mississippi river like the "Sultana." Geez what the hell is wrong with
america these days? Get a li
michael giglio   02/Jan/19100:08:39:29
Sabrina   31/Dec/1999:12:32:15
If there is anyone who might know this: I received a stained glass
window and was told that it was from the Delta Queen. That they were
very meticulous about the windows and that they were replaced if there
was a slight crack. If there is anyone who can help me with information
about this please email me. Thanks!
Capt. Carl Henry   27/Dec/1999:20:50:52
Greetings from La Crosse Wisconsin on the Upper Mississippi.
I'm the pilot of the Str. Julia Belle Swain, and just surfed on in.
Great site, can't wait to visit again.
Carl Henry
chris bryan   14/Dec/1999:07:51:58
I think this website could use some history about the first steamboat in
the U.S.
Dick 09/Dec/1999:08:36:47
I'm interested in obtaining information about a steamboat that sailed
Lake Erie in the later in 1800's (circa 1871 to 1920's). We thought the
name of the boat was: 'Queen of the East" and its captain was: Charles
Archibald McMillan. Can you help me out???? or point me in the right
direction???? Thank You.
Bryan   08/Dec/1999:13:44:19
Hi Everyone!
I REALLY need some help. I have an english project due on friday,
and I'm supposed to do something about the history of the steamboat, and
how it might relate to Mark Twain. If you have anything that could
possibly help me, that would be most appreciated. Thanks!
shirley Walcutt   07/Dec/1999:07:45:43
Hi. My name is Shirley and I have a copy of The American Pastry
Cook by Jessup Whitehead, 1889. This book was designed for
bakers on steamships and hotels.The binding is in poor condition
but the inside pages are beautiful especially if you want a
recipe for 150 people. If you could use it for your museum I would
be glad to send it to you. Please let me know an address if so.
Thank you. Shirley

December 7, 1999
Lyn   03/Dec/1999:04:39:25
Terrific site guys. Keep the information coming. Looking for
information on "The Golden Rod" steamship(fishing vessel) in the USA.
How would one go about finding information on the crew?If anyone knows
please let me know. Thanks so much for your help.
All the best for Christmas and the New Year. Take care one and all
Sally   20/Nov/1999:05:14:21
I am interested in finding out any information on a steamboat
called "DREW" as it was the subject in a photo we inherited from my
husband's grandfather. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
BRAD SEALE   19/Nov/1999:15:46:00
ROB   18/Nov/1999:20:38:18
alot to look at....
can u help .... we are looking for info on billy wirth the actor
director muscian and artist....
there are 140 of us proud wirth fans who have a nice website
but it has a few holes we'd like to fill them
his bands names were dust n bones.... his current band is the cronies.
if you have any info or pics we'll pay.... please let us know...
thanx alot
check it out.....
Briana   18/Nov/1999:17:46:54
Hi! I am doing a box report for school and I am wondering if you have
any photos or really good info on steamboats that you would recomend for
me. Thanks.
Another question I have is how or where on the web can you get your own
Bob Allen   16/Nov/1999:19:54:43
My wife and I really enjoy Steamboatin' We have been on 5 cruises and
are booked on the American Queen next June, St Louis to St Paul. Our
favorite is the old Delta Queen and have been on one of Cap'n Gabe's
trampin trips. Lots of fun!

Captain Harold Schul   16/Nov/1999:13:30:27
I visited your site and enjoyed it very much, I work on the Steamboat
American Queen as a Pilot. I have ridden all three of the Queens at
Delta Queen Steamboat Co. and have made many good friends there as Capt.
Doc Hawley and Capt Gabe Chengery and many others. I will be flying to
New Orleans this Sunday to catch the A/Q for 31 days. Keep up the good
work as I will be visiting this site again. God Bless Capt Harold
Captain Harold Schul   16/Nov/1999:13:19:35
I visited your site and enjoyed it very much, I work on the Steamboat
American Queen as a Pilot. I have ridden all three of the Queens at
Delta Queen Steamboat Co. and have made many good friends there as Capt.
Doc Hawley and Capt Gabe Chengery and many others. I will be flying to
New Orleans this Sunday to catch the A/Q for 31 days. Keep up the good
work as I will be visiting this site again. god Bless Capt Harold
Art Cort   14/Nov/1999:21:28:20
Travelled on Delta King and Delta Queen between Sacramento and San
Francisco in 1939-40. Two trips downriver and one trip up.
Two trips on DQ on Mississippi River system. Nashville to Cincinatti
and a winter run New Orleans to Vicksberg and return.
Look forward to more trips on the DQ.
Russ Barnes   09/Nov/1999:13:30:06
Dear Nori Muster,

Have seen your web
pages and they are
great. I worked at
DQ, in Cinti
Corporate office
1977--1980. Knew
your father I have
written a play,
Towhead, about the
Delta Queen. It is
being performed
here in Washington.
If you know of
anyone who would
like to come to it, let
us know. Is your
father still alive?

Russ Barnes
Bruce Veasley   06/Nov/1999:01:43:13
Whatever happened to "Rabbit", a deckhand on the Delta Queen back in
the early 70's? Didn't he get in some kind of trouble with the law?
Anyone remember him?
kathy mansfield   03/Nov/1999:10:19:05
I grew up in Caruthersville, Mo right on the Mississippi River and it
was always a big treat when the Delta Queen came to town Everyone always
rushed to the dock just to stand and watch It has been a dream of mine
to actually get to ride on it. Maybe someday.
Ray Bell The Stea 30/Oct/1999:20:50:05
Excellant web site, has a lot of information
In your Q-&-A section a writer was asking about a source of plans for
building an R/C river boat. He should log on to ""
and lokk for Taubman Plans

For any one who wants to put steam power in their model boats, I import
engines, boilers, and accessories from England for R/C model boats.
They are manufactured by John Hemmens.

Ray Bell
Pat Thiel 28/Oct/1999:08:07:28
I'm looking for information on the S. S. Greater Detroit which was a
sidewheeler on the Great Lakes. Any information would be greater
Travis C. Vasconcelo   28/Oct/1999:06:51:26

I love your site. It has provided a great learning resource, and
contact for a great deal of people. I constantly heard referances to
your site while at Tall Stacks reciently. I had even heard rumor that
you may show up there.

Although, I never had confirmation that you were there. I would have
really enjoyed the chance to meet you.

If you ever have any questions about calliopes, or your readers do...e-
mail me, I can't answer it...I am sure I
can locate someone who can.

Some day I plan to re-launch my calliope website...but with my
schedule...that could be a gargantan task that could take several

Best wishes to the best Steamboat site, and best Steamboat site

Don Weigt   24/Oct/1999:20:15:06
Nice site!

It's late, I don't have time to browse on your site tonight. But, I'll
be back, probably many times!

My wife and I are great steamboat enthusiasts. She has ridden the
American Queen. We've both ridden the Julia Belle Swain three times.
We look forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary in three years, and
plan to do it with a trip on the Delta Queen.

Susan   23/Oct/1999:18:30:21
I was looking for some info on the American Queen steamboat and found
your site and hopefully will find the American Queen. I think steamboats
are just so intriguing, so much history!
T.D.Mason   20/Oct/1999:16:03:43

We took a trip on The Delta Queen in June 1996.It was the best trip I
ever had.WE enjoy your site.
Ethel -&- Drummond Mason
James F. Hodges   18/Oct/1999:14:28:47
Jane Browe   18/Oct/1999:10:19:20
Hello, Nori:

My husband and I are in our early 40's and just experienced our fifth
cruise on a Delta Queen Steamboat Co. vessel. This trip was on the
American Queen. We took our first cruise eight years ago on the Delta
Queen to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, and we instantly were
hooked on steamboating.

On our recent cruise, I took two rolls of pictures of and from the
American Queen. I notice she does not have a lot of exposure on your
website, but let me know if you are interested in receiving any of the
photos, and I will be glad to provide you with digital files. I also
have several photos in digital format of the Mississippi Queen, and a
delightful photo of the Mississippi Queen and the Delta Queen docked
side by side in the Port of Cincinnati last fall (1998). Just let me
know where to direct the photo files, if you are interested.

Keep up the good work!

Jane Browe
Captain Sonny Comphe Dolphin & Nature Cruise 16/Oct/1999:20:39:12
Loved you site. Would love to have a steam boat.
Michael E Swigert   16/Oct/1999:19:14:57
Don & jeane Jackson   13/Oct/1999:22:14:24
Thank you for a real look at the history of steamboats
Don Burke   11/Oct/1999:12:24:43
STEVE BARR   09/Oct/1999:18:01:47
your site is great, how would I go about finding info on WASHINGTON
BURREL listed in 1850 Crawford Co IN as pilot, he died prior 1860. That
would be on Ohio River
Steve Barr
William T. Burrell   09/Oct/1999:13:54:00
Chris and Don Fisher   09/Oct/1999:04:51:33

We made our first river trip on the MQ last
Feb/Mar and enjoyed it very much. We have
recently booked for an upper river cruise
from Memphis to St. Paul next August on the
AQ. Our travelling companions were and will be our brother-in-law and sister. Looking
forward to the next trip and seeing another
of your steamboats. We live near Jacksonville,
FL where 2 or possibly more of your coastal
ships will be built. Will follow their
progress through local media. Your site is
interesting and has a lot of information and
photos. Great for browsing and learning as
well as seeing history of river steamboats.
Richard (Dick) and P   08/Oct/1999:16:10:31
We are 5 timers, 4 on Delta Queen and 1 on Mississippi Queen. In June
of 2000 we are taking a trip on the Colombia Queen out here on the West
Coast. We are looking forward to more Steamboat trips.
joe gohmann   08/Oct/1999:14:01:27
On an overnight trip from Louisville to Cincinnati on the Tom Greene in
1936 I was fortunate to play a game of bridge with Mrs. Mary Greene.
She was so friendly and nice. Her son Captain Tom Greene was a little
more aloof but then he was running the boat.
Adrienne Greene   08/Oct/1999:11:52:22

I heard about your wonderful website in the "members Paddlewheeler"
newspaper. My grandmother and grandfather are Capt. Tom and Letha
Greene. My memory of "Grams Greene" was stirred when I saw the photo of
her in the newspaper, and felt, once again, very close to the boats. I
didn't know Capt. Tom-- my dad (Tom Jr.) was 12 years old when his
father died. From what I can tell by the stories though, he was
something else! I grew up hearing all about them, have experienced
wonderful vacations on the DQ -&- MQ (so far). I'm glad you're
representing the boats online.

Adrienne Greene
D.R.Skinner   08/Oct/1999:08:07:23
Got your website address from the Paddlewheeler,Autumn issue. My wife
and I are avid River fans and spend a lot of time on the Ohio on our
boat which is docked near Greenup Lock and Dam.

Have tripped on the American Queen and visited the Delta Queen several
time. Love to see them pass by.

Keep up the good work!!
Edward P. Sullivan   07/Oct/1999:20:11:25
Hello, I believe I was a passenger on what is now the Delta Queen when it
was a U.S. Navy ship in San Francisco Bay. I shipped out from Treasure
Island and returned after the WWII in the fall of 1946 as an ETM3/c.
I think it ran from TI to the ferry building for sailors on liberty.
My wife and I took the American Queen the summer of 1997 from St.Paul to
St. Louis (our home) and it was great!
Ed Sullivan
mel hartsough   05/Oct/1999:18:06:57
Nori is this your email address? if so write me back and let me know.
Tom Vonderahe   05/Oct/1999:13:36:53
Wonderful memories! My dad was a physician, and I believe Mary was one
of his patients. When the DQ left Dravo in the spring of 1948 she came
to her home port of Cincinnati (our home, too) and one evening Mary
invited my parents and me aboard.I remember the diningroom furniture had
just been delivered and was still piled in the middle of the room; it
had not been placed about. I have won several bottles of champagne for
being the "longest ago" passenger at Captain's receptions for PSSA's.

I've since traveled all three. The best comparison I"ve heard is, "The
Delta Queen is the Grand Dame, and is due all respect. When they started
the MQ they didn't know what they wanted, and when they finished they
didn't know what they had. When they started the AQ they knew exactly
what they wanted but didn't know when t
Jon Ward Long Wind Publishing 02/Oct/1999:14:51:52
what a great site with lots of information. thanks.
Lewis F. Moody,III   01/Oct/1999:13:25:28
Wonderful tour. Keep up the good work.
Samuel Devonshire   01/Oct/1999:09:43:29

Suzanne   30/Sep/1999:14:02:43
I am researching our family tree and have posted on query already on
this site. Just to add to the information, Connie McGee's father worked
for the Diamond Jo Lines, his name was John McGee. I have no dates as
to when he worked for them and don't know if he was a mate, captain,
etc. Connie also had a brother by the name of Thomas McGee who we heard
from relatives that he was murdered on one of the riverboats (don't
know which one though). We later found an obit on Thomas and it states
that he died from Apoplexy. We don't think that the obit really states
the true cause of death. Thomas was only a mate on one of the
riverboats and we are not sure what to believe. We would like to stick
to the fact that he was possibly murdered for some unknown reason.
Would like to find out more information on him. We have no family
keepsakes of him or anything. His death date was around Sept. or Dec.
of 1903. We originally had September, but the newspaper states
December. Is there anyway of findin
Laura Hernandez   25/Sep/1999:20:58:40
Your webpage is wonderful. All the information I was looking for I
found right here. I was having trouble finding information on steamboat
engines until I came to your website. Thank you for solving my problem.
Leslie   13/Sep/1999:12:28:11
I love this
A.J. Bush   13/Sep/1999:12:20:16
This is a very good site! I was looking at it while working on the
internet for info for a two page report on steamboats. Nori, this is a
great site and I hope that you will continue to make it better.! Thanks
Edna Burns   12/Sep/1999:13:10:08
I have lived in New Richmond, Oh. all my life and grew up hearing
stories about the Delta Queen. I recently gave a tour of the New
Richmond area to passengers of the Delta Queen. They docked in New
Richmond to learn a little history of Captain Wagner who lived in New
Richmond. It was a dream of mine to be able to walk on the decks of
the Delta Queen. A very enjoyable day.
Tripp   06/Sep/1999:15:01:35
Bruce Welcome aboard 03/Sep/1999:21:59:49
I have some old wave files that were taken from the Steamer "Columbias"
homepage. If you would like me to send you a copy let me know, Bruce
Ray Belair - Cinezine 30/Aug/1999:11:43:12

I was doing some final prep work to launch our new Cinezine site in a
few days (September 1st), and noticed that you have a link to our site

If you would like to update the link, our new address is:

Thanks for the support!

Raymond Belair
Cinezine Webmaster

William E. Lingo, Jr   25/Aug/1999:21:16:23
Just ran across your page this evening and am having a hard timw
tearing myself away. Have only been interested in steamboats since 1994
when we took our first cruise-Great Race. Since then we have been on 19
more with three booked for later this year. Am especially looking
forward to the reunion cruise and the millenium. We are also booked for
one of the inaugural cruises of the Columbia Queen next May.
I am an avid reader of the S&D Reflector
You can be sure that Ill be returning to your page regularly.
Will Black   17/Aug/1999:11:49:33
Thanks very much for all your work. WBB
John D. Ertle   08/Aug/1999:17:32:19
Researching for any data on Capt. Frank Johnson, he was captured by the
Union Navy and was used on their boats during the Civil War. He was
also co-captain on the Robert E. Lee during the famous race with the
r.c. schneider   01/Aug/1999:08:41:03
thought your site was very informative and interesting
I've been a fan of the dq since I was a kid, thanks
Mark 1800's Ephemera 21/Jul/1999:14:40:43

I found you page while I was looking for information about some papers I
have from the late 1800's, thank you. Some of these papers are from the
Iron Steaboat Co. of New York, and there are others that are
boat/steamship related as well. If you would like to see them
please go to my home page and look under "Letters" and "Advertising,
along with other topics. If you have any questions please let me know
and I'll be more then happy to answer them if I can. One other note, I
still have about 1500 more images to scan in and post.