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Robert Druckemiller 20/Aug/2002:14:11:43
I am looking for any and all information about the
steamboat ''ECLIPSE'',which blew up at JOHNSONVILLE,TENNESSEE on
January 27,1865. My ancester Thomas Sparks of the 9th Indiana Light
Artillery was killed in the explosion MY HOME ADRESS IS 853 sOUTH
AVE.TOLEDO,OHIO,43609 thanks for any information,BOB
Robert Druckemiller   20/Aug/2002:14:04:52
I am looking for any and all information about the
steamboat ''ECLIPSE'',which blew up at JOHNSONVILLE,TENNESSEE on
January 27,1865. My ancester Thomas Sparks of the 9th Indiana Light
Artillery was killed in the explosion MY HOME ADRESS IS 853 sOUTH
AVE.TOLEDO,OHIO,43609 thanks for any information,BOB
Jenn Shirk   19/Aug/2002:15:00:14
I am in search for the name of a family who owned a steamboat
building company in England during the 1800s... in search of my
great great grandfather's original name. His orginal last name
begin with B and thats mostly what I know. I am trying to trace my
history and would like to know his orginal name.. his first name
was Austin Pete B. and he was part of a family who owned a
steamboat building company, but when he married a Irish girl his
family disowned him and he changed his name. If anyone has any
information about this, please let me know at my email, Thank you
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Nori Steamboats 16/Aug/2002:19:42:46
Dear Howell,
There is a reporter who used to work for the Delta Queen company in the 1970s, who is currently researching a story
on the corporate history of the Delta Queen. If his story is published, you will see a notice on our Latest News page
( He is in the inquiry process, so check back in a few months. The boat has
an interesting corporate history, passing through several sales, mergers, etc. I think that for most of the 90s the
boats belonged to American Classic Voyages. You can read the most recent events at this page:
I hope this helps,

Nori Steamboats 16/Aug/2002:19:38:54
Dear Carl,
You can answer questions if you want. If you need to charge a fee, then please state that up front if you contact people. If you want to
have a listing on our link pages, please write out what you want it to say and I will post it. I can also mention you on our FAQ page and
mention that you charge a fee for your services.
Link page:
FAQ page:
There are a lot of people seriously searching for their roots, so perhaps you can help some of our visitors.
Larry Backer   16/Aug/2002:14:27:57
I am looking for information on the steamboat "Gladiator" which was used
to ferry trups to Corinth MS in 1862. My great great uncle Anton Capser
USA was drowned when the boat was docked too hard on shore at Brown's
Landing Tenn.

I am interested in pictures of the Gladiator, and information on it's
voyages in April, May, and June 1862.

Thank you

Larry Backer
ron Byrd   16/Aug/2002:07:02:03
Looking for information and photographs of steamboat HORIZON used in
cival war..any help appreciated
carl hugh jones   15/Aug/2002:21:20:47
this is an interesting site, Who answers the questions? I do
research for individuals for a fee on river families. I have
thousands of names in my files.
Howell   15/Aug/2002:19:36:00
I havent read any info on the delta Queen between 1990-2000. Where can
I find any? Howell
Larry Walton   09/Aug/2002:11:16:29
Do you know anything about the river steamer "Pride of the West" out of
St. Louis in the 1850's? Captian,Crew names - what happened to it?
Herb   06/Aug/2002:19:39:50
Looking for information on Nathan Wintringer and his career on the Ohio
River between Steubenville and Pittsburgh; Probably 1870-1900
CHERYL   02/Aug/2002:19:57:38
James   02/Aug/2002:14:08:54
Looking for photos or drawings of a VERTICAL BEAN STEAM ENGINE. In
particular, an engine that might have been installed on a river
steamer in 1853; however any reference is welcome that will suffice
to show the difference between the vertical beam design and other
designs common around mid-century ot later.

The engine of particular concern was aboard Confucius (460 tons), a
sidewheel paddle steamer built by Thos. Collyer, New York, 1853, for
for coast and river service in China. She was unusual in that her hold
was 11 and 1/2 feet, with an 8 foot draft in ballast; I assume from
this that her engine may not have been on deck, but rather mounted
below deck with the shafts driving the sidewheels at deck level. She
left the American record books when she was sold to the Chinese in the
late 1850s and converted to a gunboat.
Dennis Hamburg   01/Aug/2002:22:35:38
I would like to get information about the sternwheeler Gleaner which
sank in 1941 at the mouth of the Skagit River in Washington State.
Thanks for any information you can give
Maura LaRie   28/Jul/2002:17:48:06
Everything I find on Chris Greene really only refers to his short life.
His wife LaRie was my grandmother's cousin and both my mother and I
were named for her. Anyone have any ideas for more information on this?
Ray   27/Jul/2002:13:14:29
I'm seeking any information available on 2 sidewheel steamboats active
on eastern waterways (Hudson or Delaware rivers?) prior to 1890. They
are called, "St. Johns" and "Republic"


Bert Greeley   21/Jul/2002:12:15:50
I am looking for a model or plans for the steamboat 'Red Bluff', which
ran the Sacramento River. I am guessing about 60 feet, stearn wheeler,
fairly compact design, one boiler.
It would be helpfull if the plans were 1/87th scale, but I can convert.
Ther is a model the correct size in the San Francisco Maritime Museum;
however, it appears to be a custom job.
This is intended to be used in a dock scene on my HOn30 railroad.
william anserson   19/Jul/2002:18:26:19
I would like to know how to tell if the wheel i have is a steamboat
wheel. It has been in the family a few years now.where can i find
information on them ? Thank you.
Jan Rodman Wells Landing B&B 14/Jul/2002:20:01:19
I live at Wells Landing, a riverboat landing (from 1898-1914)on the
Columbia River in British Columbia, Canada. We have a map from 1897
showing Wells Landing and we are researching information about the
riverboats that travelled this area. The names I have found are:
Duchess, 1886, CLine, Marion, Pert, Gwendolyn, Ruth, Hyak, Selkirk,
North Star, Klahowya.

We would like to have a reproduction or small "African Queen" back here
on the river.
Any information would be welcome.

W H Sheppard   13/Jul/2002:07:32:16
My grandfather, Hamilton Sheppard, was purported to be a steamboat
captain for Grays Iron Line. The line was established in 1863 and
operated out of Pittsburgh Pa. Any inoformation on Hamilton Sheppard,
Grays Iron Line or where I might obtain same would be appreciated.

W H Sheppard

John McFarland   11/Jul/2002:10:17:17
I read once that steamboats at a busy port would land at a levee bow
first and then back out for departure into the channel.Is this true?
All of the old photos I see show the boats parallel to the bank. Did
passengers on shorter trips have cabins or stateroom? Or could they
pass the whole trip on deck? Thanks John
Charly Michel   07/Jul/2002:05:02:33

This is Charly from Germany.
So I visited the States befor, I've never bveen at the "Ol man River"
This is one of the dreams of my life.
My wife and me plan a journey on a steamboot, but jet we don't know
So I was pleased to find some informations here in the net.

Thank you and grretings from Europe to you all

John Smithe Web Hosting Australia 05/Jul/2002:06:37:02
Great Looking website, I like the colors. Thanks for the info.
e.n. lashney   04/Jul/2002:13:55:46
love the queen.............
Chris Osborn   04/Jul/2002:12:42:59
i worked on the dq from 76 to 81
with my brothers Randy and Ted
Randy and I each received our mates licenses while on the boat
Frank Trumpy Trumpy Family Homepage 03/Jul/2002:08:47:19
I am seeking information about the steamboat Majestic, formerly called
the Keystone State. The Majestic sunk in the Mississippi near Alton,
Illinois early on a Friday morning ind June of 1914. My great uncle was
a musician in the Majestic the night she sank. I inherited his gold
watch which he claimed saved his life. He decided not to swim for it
and to start climbing to keep his watch dry. When the sun came up he
realized the captain had backed out into the center of the channel
after he hit a sandbar. It was a half mile to shore and way too far to
swim. I seek more details, original news stories, etc. I believe the
captain was charged with negligence and may have lost his license over
the incident. Thanks. Frank Trumpy,
William H sheppard   03/Jul/2002:07:39:52
Keep up the good work!
sarah winkworth   03/Jul/2002:00:20:36
i have to do a project on the first commercial steam ship- robert
i was wondering if you could help me.
I was wondering what were the disadvantages of this invention in the
Industrial Revolution and how it effected society in good and bad ways.
how did it contribute to the Industrial Revolution?
Janice Alston FREE STUFF 29/Jun/2002:13:28:36
Love the photographs. Thanks

George Deeming   27/Jun/2002:13:47:14
Can anyone help me? I would like to get a print of a painting entitled
Hippolyte Sebron. The original is supposed to be at Tulane University
in New Orleans but no-one there will get back to me or even knows about
the painting. Thank you.
Tina   25/Jun/2002:16:53:44
I apologize for signing the book again, but I forgot to include my
email address regarding purchasing pictures of the Delta Queen. I am
new to doing this. My email address is:
Thank You
Tina Leib   25/Jun/2002:16:49:33
I enjoyed looking at your photos of the Delta Queen and would be very
interested in purchasing one for my boyfriend if that is possible. He
loves the whole nostalgia of the boat and is a big history buff. It
would rock his world if I could get a picture. I am starting to
understand why the fascination. It is a grand boat!!! If I can get a
picture, please contact me at my email address. Thank you!!
Tina Leib   25/Jun/2002:16:44:46
I like the photos you have of the boat on your website and would be
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Beth   24/Jun/2002:08:49:54
I am trying to find out information about furniture that was used on
Steam Boats. I have two chairs that have arms that are as high as the
back with lions heads at the end of the arms. One is a rocker the other
a straight chair. The person that we aquired these chairs from
believed that they came from a river boat. If you have any info it
would be appreciated.
Gari-Anne Patzwald   24/Jun/2002:06:07:53
About 1895, a minister named L. C. Mast of the Church of God converted a
show boat to what he called the "Gospel Ark" and operated a ministry on
the Ohio River for two or three years. I would like to find out the name
of the show boat. Does anyone know? I believe that the actual work to
convert the boat to religious use was done at Wheeling, WV, but I am not
sure of this.
holly   20/Jun/2002:20:32:01
Could someone provide me with some info about the Bama Belle Riverboat
ride on the black warrior river in Tuscaloosa, Alabama? It will be
greatly appreciated. Thanks.
jarvis cotton   16/Jun/2002:05:08:45
does anyone know if there was a "Robert E Lee?" steamboat (per the
song "Waitin' for the Robert E Lee". Are there photos? Was it a
sidewheeler or sternwheeler? We have a babrbershop chorus and would
like to make a cardboard mockup in a musical preentation
Rory   13/Jun/2002:09:14:30
I'm a looking for any information / statistics of trade after the
Steamboat came along. Also any first hand captains journal explaining
benefits of the Steamboat to the trading industry.
Nancy Hahn   12/Jun/2002:05:44:10
Looking for a model or photos of the "General Slocum." 1904 Steamboat
disaster Queen of Excursion Steamers, NYC.

Bob 07/Jun/2002:09:35:56
Cheers from Nunavut in Arctic Canada
Renee Sexton   05/Jun/2002:05:21:06
My husband and I have just purchased the family home of former Delta
Queen Captain Harry Louden in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Sayler
Park, on the Ohio River. We are restoring the home and I hope to
include Harry's history in the decor and presentation. A neighbor who
knew Harry told me that every time the Delta Queen passes by on the
river, the Captian toots her horn in Harry's memory. If anybody has
any information on Harry or the house, or if you have any advice on
where I should go in my research, I would appreciate it.
Thank you.
Renee Sexton
sherley moore   02/Jun/2002:12:07:35
I am doing research on my family and in 1860 Ferrington or Herrington
L. Lemons was living in Fayette Co., AL and said he was a steamboat
pilot. I assume that just because he was a pilot it did not make him a
captain so my question is, did he have a license to be a pilot and
where could I find these records? There is also a Henry Temon (but I
believe it is mispelled and should be Lemons) in Mobile Co., AL in 1850
who was a pilot. Both of these men were from South Carolina.

I know this is an unusual question but your help would be greatly


Sherley Moore
Howard W. Hudson   01/Jun/2002:17:26:05
In 1942 I was assigned to the USS Pennsylvania in SFO. The Delta Queen
was along side and was used for living quaters because the Pennsy was
being worked on 24 hours a day. I lived on the Delta Queen for about
two months. I was just 17 at the time and I learned how to shave aboard
the ship. What memories.
Howard Hudson
stacie inman   01/Jun/2002:16:25:28
I am looking for information regarding a riverboat named the U.S.
Engineer. My late grandpa was Captain Paul H. Johnson. The history
of my grandfather and the boat would probably be linked to the
southern Indiana area. (Evansville and Mt. Vernon) I know there is a
model of his boat somewhere in a museum, but I have yet to locate it.
If anyone can help, please contact me.
Steve Shanesy   29/May/2002:10:36:23
I spent the better part of the '70's working in the Fourth Street office
of the Delta Queen company and it was a memorable time indeed.
We "Saved The Delta Queen" at least twice, participated in the
delelopment and building of the Mississippi Queen at Jeffboat,
Inc., got to know Fred Way, Jr., enjoyed the company and the antics
CW Stolle and Clyde Glass of the Belle of Louisville group, even
survived the shakedown and maiden voyages (yes voyages, it took
a couple times to get it right!) of the Mississippi Queen.
What an incredible cast of characters I called co-workers and
friends; Betty Blake, Bill Muster and Capt. Ernie Wagner -- all larger
than life and each amazing individuals in their own respects. Of
course, there were many others like Franklin Myles, Vic Tooker,
Capt. Gabe, Don Deming, the list could go on and on. Of them all,
Bill Muster was the mastermind who kept it all going. Betty was the
front person who had the heart and instinct, but Bill also had heart
and the
Bob   22/May/2002:12:04:11
I wrote this e-mail earlier this week to Steamboats and Nori asked me
to place my question here. I have been very heavily involved in
education the past several years. I work under contract for the St.
Johns River Water Management District. I am presently putting together
a water resouce box for the teachers of the 11 Counties SJRWMD serves.
In doing so I became enchanted with the history of the old steamboats
that traveled from Lake Monroe to Jacksonville, Florida from the 1800"s.
I am looking for support in the way of grants or corporate sponcership
to purchase and run a steamboat on the St Johns River. There is much
more information but,because of space I can not explain here. I will
let you know that I already have an educational/historical eco-touism
company in place for several years and I have started my Captains
licensing program. I also have a captain available now. If anyone is
interested please contact me through my e-mail.
john sweet   17/May/2002:23:52:37
I am trying to locate information on two prints that I have by the
artist W.A. Brian. the prints are originals one shows two river boats
racing the other shows three boats racing. Any help will be appreciated
Herman Sayre   17/May/2002:00:25:08
My ancesters were Boat Captains in the 1800's. Would like information
Adam & Andrew Poe . they owned these boats,Financier, Cindrella, Royal
Arch, Belfast, Big Foot, Neptune, and the Ella. Thank You very much.
Robert Thornton   14/May/2002:08:20:06
I am looking for information on my great grandfather Captain Joseph
Golike or his company Golike and Rust or any boats he owned. I know of
one named New Haven. He also leased the Wildwood. These would all have
been steam towboats. I think they mostly operated on the Missouri
river. Thank you Robert Thornton Chief Engineer.
Herman Sayre   12/May/2002:21:41:05
I have ancester's who owned boats and ran them on the Ohio,
Mississippi, and MO. rivers. They were Adam and Andrew Poe and their
brothers. They owned th Financier, Cinderella, Royal Arch, Belfast, Big
Foot, Neptune, and the Ella. They operated from 1845 to 1875's.
Herman Sayre   12/May/2002:21:02:59
Captain Ron Embrey Colorado King 09/May/2002:14:36:30
Hi! love your site I built my own sternwheeler 9 years ago and became
the master captain of my own ship. I run on the Colorado River near
Yuma, AZ. I am going to send you a video of our company, hope you enjoy.
I would appreciate any comment on our invention. Thank You Captain Ron
Embrey, Yuma ,az.
Crazy Albino Rhino   06/May/2002:15:20:21
im doin a project on steamboats and i think u site will be helpfull tho
i prefer the paste and copy report this will be closer to doing it my
Marguerite   06/May/2002:06:18:56
I enjoyed reading all the messages regarding the Delta Queen &
Mississippi Queen. I worked for Overseas National Airways in the
early 70's (they owned the Delta Queen Steamboat Company at that time)
and remember Jim Demetrion working closely with Betty Blake on the
design of the Mississippi Queen. That was so long ago. Thanks for the
Bill Worden Steamship Historical Society of America 06/May/2002:05:31:12
The Steamship Historical Society of America is sponsoring a trip to
northern Russia for a three-day two-night cruise on the sidewheel
steamer "N.V. Gogol", built in 1911 and one of the last surviving
steamers of her type. The trip also includes a two-night cruise on the
motorship "Klavdiya Yelanskaya" to the Solovetsy Islands, a fortified
monastery which is a UNESCO "World Heritage Site." There will be
several days touring St. Petersburg, capital of the Tsars. Dates are
August 9 to August 21. For further information contact Bill Worden at
the e-mail address listed.
Frank X. Prudent   05/May/2002:21:48:19
This past Friday, May 3rd. the Delta Queen Steamboat Co. and the three
at auction for a reported $80,000,000.00. The winning bidder is
Delaware North Corp. with headquarters in Buffalo, NY. The official
announcement is expected from the U.S.Bankruptcy Court on Monday, May
henry evans   03/May/2002:19:12:35
I am building models of the Streckfus Steamers J.S. Deluxe, Saint Paul,
Capitol, and Washington. After two years of extensive research, I have
drawn up plans, that I believe to be 90% accurate. I have one problem.
I can not find good information on the color schemes of these boats. I
can guess at some of it. For instance, I think the men who painted these
boats used many gallons of white paint. I can not guess at something
like: the colors used in the (elaborate) design of the J.S's side wheel
wells.I realize that these boats and there paint schemes changed many
times. If anyone knows the answer to these questions, or could lead me
to resources that address this, I would like to hear from you. If anyone
has taken an excursion these boats, and can tell me about them, I'd love
to hear from you. I can be contacted at Thanks for
your help and I look forward to hearing from someone.
Henry Evans
P.S. I find the an excellent resource.
Donna Biorseth   03/May/2002:15:15:09
Two of my ancestors were Steam Boat Captains on the Mississippi out of
St.Louis about 1847-1860. The boats Niagara,Highland Mary,The
Fulton,Little Giant,Monogahela,Robb and I believe Bald Eagle.How can I
locate information regarding these two Captains and their steam boats?
David Carrithers Rpicks 02/May/2002:21:02:07
I just listed on ebay a 1913 catalog of Steamships mfg. by the James
Rees & Sons Co. of Pittsburgh. I thought
perhaps you maight have an interest in it. Here's a link to the
item page on ebay. Thanks, David;
Nigel Daley   01/May/2002:07:16:24
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Nori More Guestbook Entries 18/Apr/2002:11:19:48
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Stan Survival story 15/Apr/2002:14:47:03
Great site.
Dan O'Neill   14/Apr/2002:22:19:16
Great site!
Can anyone help me find pictures or drawings of the Thomas Cornell
sidewheel steamship circa 1880.?
john   10/Apr/2002:06:53:36