River Log

Nov. 21, 1998 to July 21, 1999

Anthony DiMaggio   21/Jul/1999:12:12:35
The radio control models are great and so are the photos I will submit photos of my sidewheel tugboat Glasgow shortly powered by real steam.I also have a Saito steam model of the Delta Queen.It is 90% complete with steam engine installed.I might be interested in selling as is.
Anthony DiMaggio   21/Jul/1999:11:50:37
The radio control models are great and so are the photos I will submit photos of my sidewheel tugboat Glasgow shortly powered by real steam.I also have a Saito steam model of the Delta Queen.It is 90% complete with steam engine installed.I might be interested in selling as is.
David Kosalka The Historian Underground 12/Jul/1999:18:07:49
Nice page, keep it up!
Bernard Faucher   11/Jul/1999:08:22:17

I am the CEO of a new river transportation service we are intending to
put into service this next december on the Orinoco river. I would like
to get intouch with the delta queen CEO and exchange Ideas. Many thanks
michael hogan   04/Jul/1999:20:19:16
Hello -

Not new to the internet...just finally have my own HOME e-mail
address...I was calliope player on the Belle of Louisville from 1978 to
1981...I have NOT abandoned my love of the river - of steamboats - of
the calliope...

Hopefully soon I will invest in a scanner to show some of the steamboat
"stuff" I've collected over the years...also have ALOT of calliope
music from all of the steam calliopes on the river...

More to come...

Carl Brewer   04/Jul/1999:06:27:38
Searching for Passenger List of the Steamboat "Princess" that blew up
and burned south of Baton Rouge, Feb. 1859. I want to connect a Mr.
Brewer who was killed on this boat with a lost Grandfather (Clark
Brewer) who went from Cherokee Co., Texas into Louisiana to gamble
about this time and never was heard from again. This will solve a 140
year family mystery and help complete my geneology file.
Brian Hughes 28/Jun/1999:06:31:31
Hi Nori,

I finally got around to steaming through your AWESOME Website. Many, many
congratulations on putting together an entertaining and informative site.
I especially enjoyed reading the stories of the old DQ/MQ crewmen. I
have, through default, become something of our resident historian and
love sharing these stories whenever I can through our publications such
as the "Steamboatin' Rag," our internal crew newsletter, and "The
Paddlewheeler," our past passenger newsletter. I also provide monthly
"milestones" as I unearth them to our Website. I feel it's important that
today's Steamboaters understand and appreciate our rich legacy: it's what
makes The Delta Queen Steamboat Co. such a unique company. Would you mind
if I shared some of the stories on your site in our newsletters from time
to time? Of course I will credit your site and provide the URL so others
can discover this excellent Steamboatin' resource.

Thanks a lot, Nori!
Best wishes,
Brian Hughes
DQSC Marketing Servic
Rini 25/Jun/1999:19:12:16

This site is a pretty good site, but I was looking for information on
Mary Green, the ghost of the Delta Queen. Please, I need some
information on Mary Green.
Libby Schmitt   25/Jun/1999:17:52:24
My great-grandmother was Cecelia Greene....
She mentioned being related to the Delta Queen Greenes.
A recent TV documentary spoke of possible hauntings of the DQ by Mary Greene in room 109. Curiously, 109 has been a reoccurring number in my brother's and my life. Any source I can check on para-normal happenings aboard the ship?
John Wolf   25/Jun/1999:17:40:26
is this the same boat that suffered an explosion and almost sank in Pittsburgh in the late 1940's ?
Kenneth Lish   19/Jun/1999:18:01:29
I was trying to find a Captain Keeton of one of the boats.
doug   18/Jun/1999:18:58:40
i would like some imformation on steamengines and maybe where to find an outlet to find and build a steamengine.
Jane Greene   15/Jun/1999:06:46:12
Hello to all steamboat fans, especially those with fond memories of the
Delta Queen!
Dave & Shirley Marsh   14/Jun/1999:21:01:48
We own a lithograph # 80 of #200 by CH Johnson. We also have been
passengers on the Delta Queen when it traveled up the Ohio to East
Liverpool, Ohio around 1950's. Of course we were teenagers then. What an
experience we never forgot.

Dave & Shirley
Simi Valley, Ca.
Wendy   14/Jun/1999:08:55:55

Having lived in a "river town" all my life, I have extremely fond memories of evenings at the river watching the barges lock through the dam with my family. The Delta Queen was an exceptional treat........I still have each of the items tossed by passengers to the onlookers ashore. Among many matchbooks, I have a gold Delta Queen coin, a songbook, and a memory of a tea-cookie that landed safely in the grass beside my Dad. (I did not eat it or keep it, but am still amused that someone would throw their dessert ashore!) The wonderful calliope music still rings in my heart. Thank you for sharing information about the majestic Delta Queen!
Diane Roland   12/Jun/1999:04:34:26
Jane Greene, younger daughter of Captain Tom and Letha Greene, retired
from a 32-year career as English teacher at Cincinnati's Withrow High
School yesterday - June 11, 1999. I'm reading her mother's memoir, Long
Live the Delta Queen. Anyone who wishes to correspond with Jane may
reach her at
Linda & Will Brinker Apple Hill Realty 06/Jun/1999:09:51:45
Can't wait for our third trip - the Great Steamboat Race!!! Hope to see some old friends!
Henry J. Breaden Bell - Sympatico 02/Jun/1999:13:10:12
I had the pleasure of plying the Yukon Rivers from 1942 to 1950. At that
period in time, the life of the steamboat was taken over by highways. In
1942 I joined the Steamer "Keno" as deckhand. The next vessel was M.V.
Neecheah which was a diesel screw boat of about 70 feet. I spent many
years on the Steamer " Nasutlin" until 1950 and served as mate for the
last several years. In 1960 it was decided by the Parks Board of
canada to take the STR. Keno from Whitehorse to Dawson, Yukon and set it
up as a historical tourist attraction. I served on that trip as mate,
and the event was recorded by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The
film was enroute by CBC and may be found in the National Film Board of
Canada. Vancouver branch would be the best to check. The name of the
film is "KENO"
John David Romero   01/Jun/1999:19:51:34
It is with great hope the Delta Queen can be saved, and I would like to
wish you all the luck and good wishes. I am an ex- stage manager
aboard the MQ from April 1991 to November 1991. That year she ran a
great race. Good Luck.
Steve Huffman Draftware Inc. 30/May/1999:11:36:08

I like your web site. I piloted a 78' sternwheeler in northern
Indiana called the "Dixie". It remains the oldest authentic paddle-
wheeler within Indiana (built in 1929). It was built by a packet
steamer captian that had worked the Ohio river at the turn of the

Thanks for the great web links and reference info!

Steve Huffman
Ron Tucker   27/May/1999:08:48:52
person   26/May/1999:13:22:41
Barbara Maikell-Thom   23/May/1999:22:06:42
Really enjoying reading about steamboats and their history.
My great grandfater was William Maikell, he may have been a steam boat capt. in the late 1800's or early 1900's, we have no information on him.
We know he lived in the New Orleans are.
Donna   23/May/1999:18:28:59
I am researching a steamboat company call Streckfus. In doing my
family tree it was learned that our great grandfather Thomas Garvey was
a captain on a steamboat that belonged to Streckfus. Any infomation
you can provide would be most helpful. Thank you
Bev   23/May/1999:13:30:41
I tried to send you an e Mail but a square came on stating that there
is no such the gangplank on a steamboat
called a "stage"?
John R. Weise   22/May/1999:07:39:06
very well done and documented too bad we don't have the documentation
from the california days in such detail - one long blast and two shorts
to you for your efforts!
Spazz Lee Spazz501 Homepage 21/May/1999:22:31:26

Hello there fellow online friend. Just surfin around to see what I can see, and pay a visit to anyone who would let me into their homesite. Well , I see you've been hard at work creating and a very fine job of it too. I've enjoyed my visit and hope you drop by and visit me
Niscintya Dasa   13/May/1999:15:12:43
Dear Nandini:
Please contact me at my mother's house in Chicago. I will be there
until the 27th of May. Her number is 773-735-2999. I would like to
discuss linking your website with mine ( Also have
other things to talk with you about.
James Higgins (Niscintya Dasa)
My brother checked out your website for me. I think I was goofing
when I performed reiki on Timothy Leary's pool table.
kim kitchens   09/May/1999:06:37:18
my parents live on the tennessee river in lawrence county,
alabama.they live above the wheeler dam. they look for the delta
queen when she is scheduled to come thru. they have also been down
to the locks when she passed thru at the dam. someone on the boat
threw them a pen with the delta queen picture on it. they will be
looking for you soon.
kim kitchens   09/May/1999:06:27:39
my parents live on the tennessee river in lawrence county alabama, right
Bob Reynolds   04/May/1999:14:48:35
Hi, Nori,

That was a L O N G party we went to!!! It's only been, what, 5
months since I wrote? :)

We have been busy lately...went to Russia to adopt a baby boy. He is
beautiful and healthy, 11 months old. His name is Jeff Reynolds, and
he's already been down to the D.Q. and met Capt. Hawley and some other
old-timers. Judy Patsch says they're never too young to get started!!!

Capt. Hawley is not online...he says he prides himself on the fact that
he's never touched a computer. He is very conscientious, though, about
writing letters, and will answer you if you write. He is an excellent
writer, and has MANY memories of the DQ. He was on her when she made
her "last" trip in 1971. I can't stress enough how valuable his input
would be to your site.

The things I remember about the company from the late '70's are that
there were a large number of young, well-educated people, some quite
bohemian and idealistic, working on the boat in all jobs during that
period. That w
harold & evelyn kern 03/May/1999:04:59:08
my wife and i are looking forward to book passage on the delta queen
for our next vacation.
Lee Raymond Rusetzke The Steamer Columbia Homepage 01/May/1999:15:00:54
I enjoyed your site immensely, I am glad to see others that are
interested in preserving our rich maritime history. Greetings from
Detroit Michigan, home of the historic 1908 Frank E. Kirby steamer
Columbia. Best of luck with the Delta Queen.
br Lee Rusetzke
Webmaster Steamer Columbia Homepage.
Greetings from the "Big Boat"
Jim Schenk   23/Apr/1999:11:41:58

Very good website. We need to have as much information as possible about Riverboats, River History, etc
I have found over the last twenty years or so, that there are a lot of people out there interested in these same things.
Check out John Hartford's website:
charlene wilson   10/Apr/1999:19:29:55


Ralph Lossing   10/Apr/1999:08:35:18
Please change the wallpaper so I can read the listings.

I build radio-controlled operating models of riverboats (paddle-wheel)
Anyone else interested in this?
Tyler Pregler   07/Apr/1999:10:14:11
I am doing a steamboat project & I need Blue prints of one. Can I get
some from you?
Franz Buddenberg   30/Mar/1999:17:29:22
I enjoyed the site very much. Am anxious to watch your progress.
Wish you had some caliope music to go with it. I did find the text on the links page hard to read. Here is a site I would recommend:

Franz Buddenberg
Kay Lee My Journey for Justice 29/Mar/1999:07:41:54
Your site is wonderful. Full of excellent resources. I was so impressed
that I linked to you on my site. Thank you for being there as we all
pray desperately for those who are being harmed, as well as those who
are causing harm. I do indeed, pray for peace. Looking Forward, Kay Lee
G. Presti   26/Mar/1999:08:02:46
The watercolor called butterfly is so very beautiful. I am very fond of
butterfly anything. If there is information as to where I can obtain a
copy of this watercolor please forward it. It can be on my next gift
list. Thank you. I'll visit again soon.
Gerald W. Jerry Su   24/Mar/1999:16:06:27
Great site!! We need more of anything that has to do with steamboats.
Julia McKenney   23/Mar/1999:19:17:35
I really liked your site. It gave lots of information on a report I
was doing for school. Thank You.

Julia McKenney
ERIKA Lazore   18/Mar/1999:16:12:12
I Love Leonardo Dicaprio...........
Dee   18/Mar/1999:05:55:55
Barry W Cornell   12/Mar/1999:20:59:22
It is STILL a glorious sight to see a steamboat traveling on the River!
james mccormack   11/Mar/1999:21:07:16
dear friend,

thank you so much for running this site.
i am a screenwriter doing research on a
story about a the underground railroad.

you have made my life easier and have
brought a big smile to my face when i
realized the passion that you have for
this splendid field of interest.

may you have a long and prosperous life.

take good care,
james mccormack
George Cantley / Pag   11/Mar/1999:14:29:26

I just got through signing this and then went back and started looking through the rest of the site. I was astonished and impressed with the "color" i found. Please understand the spirit in which this is meant, but who are you? I am a 38 year old gay guy who is interested in many things, including transportation. I like being nice to people, and happen to do it better than most others I have worked with. I have worked for three airlines, a rental car company, a hotel, a railroad, and the telephone company. I am also interested in bat conservation, as bats are beneficial, fascinating creatures that I feel sorry for. I love films. Especially avant garde cinema and offbeat movies. I have an extremely vivid sense of humor and was fired from my job as an AT&T operator because I would connect rude and hateful people who cast aspersions on my nature to "adult" telephone recordings.

I am on a spiritual journey as well, and this is why I was interested in some of the other things I saw on this website. I
George Cantley   11/Mar/1999:14:02:32
I am using the internet from work, and am not yet proficient on using it, so I do not know what my e-mail address is. I fell in love with steamboats after my first cruise on the Belle of Louisville in 1968.
I have also ridden on the Natchez, and a delightful, tiny little steamboat in East Texas called the Graceful Ghost which cruises on Caddo Lake. My favorite book that deals with steamboats is "Fevre Dream" by George R. R. Martin. Sadly, this is out of print. In November, I visited my friends in New Orleans, and since I had never ridden the non-steam powered Creole Queen, I decided to do so. One of the neatest experiences I have had was after the CQ left Chalmette on the way back to New Orleans. The Natchez was behind us, and kept gaining until it passed us with a triumphant blast on her fabulous whistle. I would someday love to ride the Delta Queen, but this will have to be after I have won a lottery. As much as I would like to take a cruise like this, there are many other things I could put tha
Travis C. Vasconcelo   10/Mar/1999:08:50:03
Nori: I love your Steamboat Site, and all the Str. Delta Queen
stuff...ITS GREAT!!! Particularly all the links to the Str. Delta
King, of which all us easterners had left for dead, until hre
resurection in Sacramento.

I am a big fan of the rivers, as I was house Calliopist on the Str
Belle of Louisville, from 1981-1995. I miss the river and my friends
very much. Your site brought back so many great memories.

Long ago, a friend, whom you might know, Vic Tooker, Interlocetor (?)
on the Str. Delta Queen left the boat, and I havn't heard from him
since. Heard he was on the Str. Natchez. But, after following that
lead, I was told he had left the boat.

Might you know how to get ahold of Mr. Tooker. Would like to write him
and see how he is.

All that sentimental stuff behind, I can't say how many great memories
you have brought back with this page. Guess I'll have to go down to
the river and visit this spring, just to get it out of my system,
again. Although, you know
Sarah   03/Mar/1999:05:30:42

Macey Hardenbrook   28/Feb/1999:22:32:50

Ralph H. Somershein The Bhaktivedanta Memorial 21/Feb/1999:05:30:02

Dear Nori,
Greetings. We met on the road last summer when I was being ejected
from New Vrndavan and you were on your way to the restaurant. I can't
find your email address and the link to it on your page doesn't link, so
I thought to contact you here. I don't run the museum in brooklyn any
longer, since I am keeping my distance from unfriendly jiva souls.
If you care to check out VNN's and VINA's
archives I had some articles up recently (Jan-Feb l999). You can read
them at the url's below. Here are the most recent

Cooperation (transcript of Sept.l9,l994, Visvarupa Mohasva Celebration
of Srila Prabhupada taking sannyasa.)

A Society Without envy

A Pure Devotee of Krsna (Biography of Srila Gour Govinda Maharaj)
Patrick Hallowell Pat's Celebrity Prayer Page 17/Feb/1999:15:11:52
GREAT SIGHT!! I would like all of you to visit me at mine. My sight
includes a list of celebrities God has layed on my heart to pray for,
and would love to have your feedback, comments, or stories about
celebrities you may be praying for. Thanks!!!! Pat

visit me at:
sarah   09/Feb/1999:09:56:34
Mr Jodi Griffin   08/Feb/1999:23:48:33
NICCI   20/Jan/1999:20:48:00
kathleen   17/Jan/1999:10:30:00
Very good, but needs the pictures to be larger so they will show up better if printed out.
Ben Schwalm 15/Jan/1999:14:49:01
This web-site has helped me tremendously on my report on steamboats.
Timothy   13/Jan/1999:11:23:52
I'm 14 yeasr old. I have to do this thing for history.
Ken Jolliffe   12/Jan/1999:14:47:37
Kevin McCollister   04/Jan/1999:18:10:26
I worked as a deckhand on the Delta Queen and the Mississippi Queen all
thru the 70's. Despite the low pay and long hours, it was at times
terrific to see the Mississippi river from these two boats.

I remember several people such as Capt. Ernest Wagner and pilots Harry
Loudon and "Rip" Ware.

I'd like to hear from anyone else who worked on these boats back then.

Kevin McCollister   04/Jan/1999:18:05:30

I worked as a deckhand on both the Delta Queen and the Mississippi
Queen during the 1970's. Despite the long hours (six hours on
followed by six hours off for thirty or more days at a time and a
union that may not have had much interests in its members) in many ways
it was a great expereince to see the Mississippi River from these boats.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else who may have worked on
these boats. I remember lots of people from Capt. Wagner to Vic
Statmuller to cooks and maids to people who use to come out to meet the
boat at all the river towns.

Happy Happy Dog 28/Dec/1998:20:06:27
Keep up the good work.
doc   30/Nov/1998:14:33:39
I am looking for information for the Howard Steamboat Museum in Southern
Indiana. I would like to visit there but don't know what city it is
located in. Thank you.
Mark Twain Mark Twain Quotes 21/Nov/1998:20:34:43
I was here first. - Mark Twain