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Los Angeles in Books

Los Angeles: A Pictorial Celebration, byJon and Nancy Wilkman, Elan Penn (Photographer)

L.A.'s landmarks: the La Brea Tar Pits, Santa Catarina Island, Griffith Park,Hollywood sign, Beverly Hills Hotel, Rose Bowl, and more, byaward-winning photographer Elan Penn and award winning television producers Nancy andJon Wilkman.

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Picturing Los Angeles, byJon and Nancy Wilkman

. . . the creation, evolution, and ever-changing face of Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles A - Z:An Encyclopedia of the City and County, by Leonard and Dale Pitt.

People complain that Los Angeles is chaos, a massive tangle of freeways and boulevards, gangs,and movie stars. Leonard and Dale Pitt bring organization to the confusion with an encyclopediacovering the people, places, events, and icons that make up the city and county of Los Angeles.

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bookAngels Flightby Michael Connelly

Booklist Review --In his compelling Harry Bosch novels, Connelly typically puts the onetime Vietnam tunnel rat turned LAPD detective intoone tight spot after another. Here Harry is assigned to investigate a murder that threatens to set the city ablaze. AfricanAmerican attorney Howard Elias, who has become rich and famous suing LAPD for brutality, is murdered on the eve ofhis biggest case. Thousands of cops are likely suspects, and with the memory of the Rodney King incident fresh, policebrass are looking for any kind of spin control they can find.

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bookThe Los Angeles River: Its Life, Death, and Possible Rebirth (Creating the North AmericanLandscape)by Blake Gumprecht

In the artificial landscape that is contemporary Los Angeles, Gumprecht observes, perhaps nothing symbolizes the role of humanbeings in changing the face of the earth more than the exploitation and transformation of the Los Angeles River. Modified beyondrecognition, its flow tapped before it even reached the surface, the river was used, abused, and forgotten. In recent years,however, there has been a growing interest in revitalizing its course - part of an expanding worldwide movement to revive urbanrivers. The new attention that is being paid to the river highlights the need for a more complete telling of its history. The LosAngeles River offers the first comprehensive account of a river that helped give birth to one of the world's great cities, significantlyshaped its development, and promises to play a key role in its future.

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bookInner City Blues: A Charlotte Justice Novelby Paula L. Woods

Amazon Reader Comments --Want to see another side of the LAPD-read Inner City BluesAs a general rule, I don't normally buy into the hype about a " new exciting author" with a different view of myhometown of Los Angeles; invariably they disappoint me because the author does not understand the currents & nuancesof the City. However after reading this novel I believe that Ms. Woods has captured the city & its cops as well as itscitzens brillantly- I look forward to the return of Det. Charlotte Justice.

A reader from California , January 28, 1999My vote goes to WoodsIt seems there are a rash of books out right now that revisit L.A.'s recent, volatile racial history. After reading Kellermanand Connelly and now Paula Woods' INNER CITY BLUES, my vote goes to Woods for the most realistic portrayal ofthe racial nuances of L.A. and the secrets that threaten to destroy the city. And besides the thrills and suspense, this bookis sexy, funny, and gave me as a reader a great taste of black life in LA I never knew existed. And I want the recipe forthat Electric Lemonade the heroine, LAPD homicide detective Charlotte Justice, drinks--it sounds heavenly!

INNER CITY BLUES is a tremendous police procedural that stars a refreshing new character. The story line is loadedwith action and insight as the days following the LA riots of 1992 are explored from the unique perspective of a Blackfemale cop. Paula L. Woods clearly does justice to the sub-genrewith an excellent tale.

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bookDetails of Frank Lloyd Wright: The California Work, 1909-1974by Judith Dunham, Scot Zimmerman (Photographer), Eric Lloyd Wright (Introduction)

Renowned for the innovatively styled facades of the buildings he designed, Frank Lloyd Wright was alsofamous for creating many of their interior details. This elegant photographic survey offers a comprehensivelook at each of the 24 California homes and public buildings designed by Wright over a 60-year period. 175color photos.

Amazon Reader Comments -Wright's genius in all its amazing detail.As a builder, I'm in awe at what this man did with materials. Why are we not all living in houses that inspirelike these do? Have we forgotten that life lived fully is about beauty and adventure? Wright didn't. This is anexceptional book.

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bookFrank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House by Donald Hoffmann, David Hoffman

Booknews Review -Hoffman draws on primary documents and his own directobservation to recreate the turbulent history behind the house(located in Hollywood, Calif.) and to invite appreciation of itsmyriad aesthetic and architectural satisfactions. Includes abundantb&w photos and plan sketches.

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bookAccess Los Angeles (13th Ed.)by Richard Saul Wurman

Book DescriptionThe 40 detailed neighborhood maps in this guide will help you immediately locate the hotels, restaurants, shops, andsights of Los Angeles.

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bookLos Angeles: An Architectural Guideby David Gebhard, Robert Winter

Booknews Review:A touring guide to the architecture of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County,using freeways to separate regions and emphasizing buildings that can be seenfrom the street. Lots of maps and photographs.

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bookLos Angeles: A Certain Styleby John Vaughan (Photographer), Pilar Viladas (Contributor), George Christy

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bookCalifornia Cottages: Interior Design, Architecture & Style by Diane Dorrans Saeks, Alan Weintraub (Photographer)

California Cottages reveals the finest cottages created by some of the most talented designers and architects, from thecivilized seclusion of a home nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains to a Bolinas cottage overlooking the Pacific Ocean to arefined weekend home in Sonoma. 225+ full-color photos.

Customer CommentsA reader from New York, New York , February 25, 1999A BOOK TO LOOK AT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!I bought this book on a whim about two years ago and thought it would be like most of the decorating books I own. Iwould skim through it, read it, then put it away to take up space on my bookshelf. Not so! The book sits on my coffeetable in my small, adorable NYC apartment, which I rented after being inspired by the homes in this book. I have readevery word in this book at least three times and feel like I know the owners of each of the homes pictured. My favoritessurprisingly change from time to time as I spot things I never noticed before. I recommend this book for anyone to whomhis home is his cottage. It's wonderful.

A reader , November 17, 1996A beautiful book.What a beauty. If you have any interest in cottages or small houses, whether they are in California or not, you should takea look at this book. The photography of both the interiors and exteriors (mostly the gardens) are spectacular and theaccompaning text has stories about the owners and what has been done to the cottages to make them more livable. Greatbrowsing book.

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bookCalifornia Living Roomsby Diane Dorrans Saeks

Living Rooms shows how to make the comfortable elegance of West Coast style a reality in any home, offering tips fromprofessional decorators on everything from selecting a great sofa to choosing the best carpet or area rugs. Includesresource guide to design centers and retail stores. 90 color photos.

Saeks, a San Francisco city editor for Metropolitan Home, never interviews one expert when two will do. Quizzing fivedesigners on the shapely and versatile ottoman, she determines the best size (20 to 30 inches wide) and explores the rangeof prices ($50 for a down-at-the-the-heels, flea-market specimen to $5,000 n the top showrooms). Then she adds nineguidelines for upholstering, trimming, embellishing, or slipcovering to make one's ottoman ever more glamorous.

The rooms in the pictures are classic, but also highly imaginative. These are, after all, designers homes, and they knowthe secrets of fabulous style. As John Dickinson explains it, 'Style is not what you do, but rather how you do it.' This isone of the rare design books that gives the instructions away."

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More Books About L.A.

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City of Angles: A DrivebyPortrait of L.A., by Al Martinez, Los Angeles Times columnist.

A Collection of Al Martinez columns, "Ashes in the Rain"

America on Film: Hollywood and American History,by Kenneth M. Cameron

Bogart: A Life in Hollywood,by Jeffrey Meyers

52 Adventures in and Around Los AngelesLynn Gordon / Paperback / Published 1996

Above Los AngelesRobert W. Cameron / Hardcover / Published 1990

Afoot and Afield in Los Angeles CountyJerry Schad / Paperback / Published 1991

Always Running: LA Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A.Luis J. Rodriguez / Paperback / Published 1994

American Art: A Catalogue of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art -Ilene Susan Fort, Michael Quick / Hardcover / Published 1991

Angel Wings: A Love StoryNicole Conn / Hardcover / Published 1997

Anything but Mexican: Chicanos in Contemporary Los Angeles (Haymarket Series)Rodolfo Acuna / Paperback / Published 1996

Anything but Mexican: Chicanos in Contemporary Los Angeles (Haymarket Series)Rodolfo Acuna / Hardcover / Published 1997

The Applause: Performing Arts Guide to Los Angeles & Southern California:Including San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara & Palm Springs (Applaus) -Carey Simon / Paperback / Published 1994

The Ayn Rand Column: Written for the Los Angeles TimesAyn Rand, Peter Schwartz (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1998

Backstory 3: Interviews With Screenwriters of the 1960sPatrick McGilligan(Editor), Pat McGilligan / Hardcover / Published 1997

Backstory 3: Interviews With Screenwriters of the 1960s (Backstory Series)Pat McGilligan, Patrick McGilligan (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1997

Backstory: Interviews With Screenwriters of Hollywoods Golden Age -Pat McGilligan (Editor), Patrick McGilligan (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1989

Barnsdall Park: A New Master Plan for Frank Lloyd Wright's California RomanzaMelanie Louise Simo, Melaine Simo / Paperback / Published 1996

Barrio Gangs: Street Life and Identity in Southern California -James Diego Vigil / Paperback / Published 1988

Barrio Rhythm: Mexican American Music in Los Angeles (Music in American Life)Steven Loza / Paperback / Published 1993

Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture and Identity in Chicano LosAngeles, 1900-1945George J. Sanchez, et al / Paperback / Published 1995

Becoming Mexican American; Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano LosAngeles, 1900-1945George J. Sanchez / Hardcover / Published 1993

The Best of Los Angeles & Southern California (6th Edition)Alain Gayot / Paperback / Published 1998

The Best of Only in L.A.: A Chronicle of the Amazing, Amusing and Absurd -Steve Harvey / Paperback / Published 1996

Birds of Los Angeles: Including Santa Barbara, Ventura and Orange CountiesChris C. Fisher, et al / Paperback / Published 1997

Blue Dreams: Korean Americans and the Los Angeles RiotsNancy Abelmann, John Lie (Contributor) / Hardcover / Published 1995

Blue Dreams: Korean Americans and the Los Angeles RiotsNancy Abelmann, et al / Paperback / Published 1997

Building the GettyRichard Meier / Hardcover / Published 1997

Buzzwords: L.A. Fresh SpeakAnna Scotti, et al / Paperback / Published 1997

California Beach Houses: Style, Interiors, and ArchitecturePilar Viladas, Mark Darley (Photographer) / Hardcover / Published 1996

California Landscapes: Los Angeles, Big Sur, San Francisco, Yosemite, and DeathValley (Touring North America)Martin S. Kenzer, et al / Paperback / Published 1992

California Sights and Scenes of Los Angeles (California Sights and Scenes ofSeries.)Chuck Place / Hardcover / Published 1997