Following is from Richard Sinex:

Good Morning! I have recently aquired a Lithograph, that shows the Steamboats, Robert E. Lee, and the Natchez. This is not the Currier and Ives Print. This Lithograph shows the two Steamboats, in a night scene, with a Full Moon. The Full Color Lithograph measures, 24" by 30", and I can not find the Artists Name, unless it its under the edge of the frame. At the very bottom of the Lithograph, are the words, "Race of the Steamers Robt. E. Lee & Natchez, and below that are the words, Copyrighted 1883 by Wm. M. Donaldson Co. Cinti. O. This appears to be a very old Lithograph, and so far, my research has not found any info. as to who may have done this piece. I have also not been able to locate info. on the Wm. M. Donaldson Co. Any info. you may be able to provide, would be Greatly Appreciated! Thank you very much for your time. Best Wishes, Richard Sinex

Ed's note: If you can supply information about the artist or any other details, please email

The inscription reads: "Celebrated race of the steamers Robt. E. Lee and Natchez."

The Natchez.

The Robert E. Lee.

Flames rise from the smoke stacks in front of a full moon.

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