Bernd Mueller sent photos and technical details of his model of The Pacific:

The steamer is built in a metric scale 1:75 and I used the drawings, I bought from the Howard Museum. In addition I had a German drawing set and used books like "steamboat cyclopoedium" and "The Mississippi Steamboat Era."

Full length: 38.58 inches or 980 mm
Full width: 10.39 inches or 264 mm
Full height: 13.58 inches or 345mm (bottom top chimney).

It is a scratch built model.

The hull is made in wood by frames and planks.

The upper parts are cutted and glued from Styrene Material from "Evergreen" and than covered by hundrets of very thin and small wooden planks! It means that all outer and visible parts are wooden parts! (I have used some hundreds of meters of those wooden planks!)

The model is handpainted by brush and I have used "Tamiya" colors.

The painting is slithely "weathered," the top of the pilot house is gold plated not colored! The pilot house is fully equipped with oven, bank, steering wheel etc.

Most of the parts are made by myself only small parts like clamps or the flags are "bought parts.

The train is bought as well (HO scale) and therefore - good forgive me !!! - not in the absolute correct scale.

But this train parts are as well modified with enlarged roofs, "glass windows," ladders, etc.

So they are looking a bit larger!

I guess I have needed around 500 to 700 hours and now it's done! thanks Bernd Mueller of France for sending his photos. email Bernd Mueller

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