steamboatmuseumlogo is looking for the steamboat that is the likeness for this model. If anyone has any insights about this, please contact the web master (click here for contact info.)

An interview with the man who sent in these photos:

Nori: How long have you had that?

Joe: 15 yrs

Nori: Is it from a play? I'll bet some kids would love to make it into a fun playhouse. I sometimes daydream about manufacturing steamboat kids toys.

Joe: Lets Do - Call me!

Nori: What do you know about the history of the steamboat?

Joe: From the St. Louis downtown Famous & Barr Department Store Steamboat Restaurant.

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One of our alert readers sent in a site that has plans for a play toy steamboat like the one on this page. It may even be the one on this page!
Click here for plans.