Julia Belle Swain
The Prettiest Lil' Boat in La Crosse, Wisconsin

The Julia Belle Swain is an authentic paddlewheel steamboat, built in 1971 in Dubuque, Iowa. In the Packet Directory, Fred Way says, "The grace and charm of the boat has made her famous to TV viewers as she appears in movies and commercials." These photos courtesy of Pilot Eric D. Dykman, Julia Belle Swain.

The Julia Belle Swain's steam whistle.

The Julia Belle Swain's starboard engine.

The Julia Belle Swain cruising up the river.

The Julia Belle Swain smoke stack.

The Julia Belle Swain paddlewheel.

Sailing into the twilight.

October Boat Days.

Julia Belle Swain in St. Louis.

The card reads: "In Loving Memory, 1937 - 2001, John Hartford." For photos of John Hartford taken by Bill Muster, click here.

Gilded antlers decorate the boat.

Deckhands wave to people on the shore.

Cub pilots visit the pilot house.

Caliope whistles on the top deck of the Julia Belle Swain.

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