The Story of the City of Monroe

Read Jim Hale's article about the building of the City of Monroe, a radio-controlled model.

1. Nautical Research Journal, December 1975, Vol. 21 No. 4, p.173

2. Nautical Research Journal, p.174 - elevations

3. Nautical Research Journal, p.175 - deck floor plan

4. Nautical Research Journal, p.176 - illustrations: boilers, paddlewheel and framing detail of planked hull

5. Nautical Research Journal, p.177 - illustrations: hull decked with sternwheel attached, streamers and carlins of cabin deck, trial run of the cabinless model

6. Nautical Research Journal, p.178 - illustrations: two photos of the finished boat in the water

7. View of the City of Monroe model with the Texas deck removed to show the interior of cabin and inside doors to the staterooms etc.

8. Jim Hale and the City of Monroe (from the Dave Thomson collection)

9. The City of Monroe (photo by Dave Thomson)

10. The City of Monroe (photo by Dave Thomson)

11. The City of Monroe (photo by Dave Thomson)

Jim Hale at the Wheel of the Julia Belle Swain



Two photos above taken by John Hartford on a fall foliage cruise on the Tennessee River out of Chattanooga, November 1974. See Jim's photo of John Hartford taken the same day.* Photo below taken three years later on a cruise headed toward Peoria. Photos held in the Dave Thomson archives.


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