A Legislative and Corporate History
From the Files of Bill N. Muster
and Richard C. Simonton

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Summary: In January Greene Line Steamers, Inc. signed a contract with Jeffboat, Inc. to build the new boat.

In March, Rep. Sullivan introduced several bills to extend the life of the Delta Queen for five years. Many congressmen and several senators followed suit by introducing similar bills. Simultaneously Greene Line Steamers announced their plans to build a new boat. Shortly thereafter (April 30) the Delta Queen returned to Cincinnati for a steamboat race with the Belle of Louisville (May 2). For the first time in five years, the Delta Queen won. Also in May, a model of the new boat was unveiled.

Hearings were held in April when legislators introduced more bills to save the Delta Queen. Throughout the year, Muster kept up active correspondence with congressmen and senators. His letters kept them informed about pending legislation, safety improvements, and plans to build a new boat.

In July, the Delta Queen legislation passed the House and went on to the Senate. In the Senate, the bill was heard, reported on, and passed all in one week. President Nixon signed it into law on Aug. 16.

Nov. 11 was the dedication of the new hull at Jeffboat shipyards. Numerous legislators and other officials attended. Rep. Sullivan was guest of honor and addressed to the crowd. Press releases and publicity photos prompted articles in 143 American newspapers. Additional coverage appeared in magazines, and on radio and TV.

In December, the Delta Queen went into layup for $1 million in repairs and safety improvements. The boat was put in drydock for a hull inspection; crew's quarters were overhauled, and a completely new galley was installed.

MISC.: Fred Way, Jr., the "dean" of steamboating believed that a boat with the letter "M" in its name was jinxed. He tried to rally support for his superstition when he heard the new boat would be called the Mississippi Queen. Therefore, Muster and Blake decided to have a "boat naming" contest and later the name Mississippi Queen won.

In February, Muster began filming and writing a script for a second Delta Queen movie. In April Muster's first film, Delta Queen, My Time Machine, won the Sunset magazine Certificate of Excellence. In May, Letha Greene released her book, Long Live the Delta Queen.

In September, Greene Line Steamers, Inc. officially changed its name to "Delta Queen Steamboat Company, Inc."

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Jan. 1973:

Misc.: Legal information and correspondence regarding Seapax/Marland sewers; Sanders court case; other liability cases; taxes. Correspondence regarding boat operations; media and PR; with Quinby.

New Boat: ONA memos on preliminary plans, contract; other correspondence. Contract and initial payment of $50,000 to Jeffboat to build new boat. Press release to announce ship building contract, including fact sheets on new and old DQ. Federal Register excerpt on capital construction funds. Great Ocean Cruise Line, Inc. board of directors minutes.

Unions: Memos and information on unions.

News Clippings: Fort Worth Star-Telegram column, jazz on the Mississippi; Coffin Turbo Pump ad with photo of DQ and correspondence.

Feb. 1973:

Misc.: Correspondence with Quinby; information on operations, menus, personnel, Seapax case; legal document on ONA's stock purchase, other legal information; sales reports, other financial reports.

PR/Supporters: Correspondence with supporters, media, legislators, with Hannibal, Missouri promoter, with Lee Motion Pictures ("I think we could use some more footage on the Delta Queen").

Unions: Memos and information on unions.

New Boat: Payment of $200,000 to Jeffboat, other correspondence.

News Clippings: Times-Picayune, article on Rep. Sullivan; DQ ad; full-page travel story in Natchez Democrat (front page, Section B, color photo).

March 1973:

Misc.: Legal documents: Sandars case, Seapax depositions, other legal; information on operations, personnel, ICC; letters from friends and passengers.

PR: Two press releases about Sullivan's new bill; information for Cincinnati Welcome, steamboat race; correspondence with media and friends.

Congress: HR 6188, HR 5649, HR 6188, HR 6189, HR 5649, all introduced by Sullivan; Calliope tabloid, "Only an Act of Congress Can Save the Delta Queen"; correspondence with Sullivan, other congressmen, Kohler, with Rep. Alexander, including Congressional Record on outdoor recreation.

New Boat: Press releases on new boat. Correspondence regarding proposed calliope with sketch and cost breakdown; other correspondence.

News Clippings: Articles on new boat contract, and construction details (including Washington Post, Detroit News, etc.); on Sullivan; on new legislation (including Washington Star); Travel Weekly on opening of Travel Center Pasadena; Cincinnati Enquirer editorial, "Superqueen" on Sullivan. Sky, in-flight magazine for Delta Airlines, cover story, "River's End for the Riverboat?" with photos by Muster; travel story in Detroit Free Press; photo in ONA tabloid.

April 1973:

Misc.: Information on layup, repairs; USCG inspection; operations; unions; insurance; misc. legal; friends; unions; new boat.

Supporters: Correspondence with supporters; with Hannibal, Missouri promoter.

PR: Information on Cincinnati Welcome (April 30); PR strategy; advertising schedule; Nashville Welcome; boat race (May 2); press release on new legislation; Sunset magazine Certificate of Excellence for Delta Queen My Time Machine; movie script for new film; correspondence with media.

Congress: S 1625 (Taft), HR 6693 (Alexander), HR 7243 (Sullivan: not on DQ ), HR 7244 (Sullivan).Congressional Record: Keating comments and article from Washington Post; Taft statements. Muster testimony on history of DQ legislation and construction of new boat. Letter to legislators thanking them for co-sponsoring bill; HR 6188.

News Clippings: Cincinnati Enquirer, editorial on new boat; Miami Herald, front page travel section, color photo, "Mississippi Legend"; articles on new boat; New York Sunday News nostalgia story; Travel Agent, new boat; DQ ads, Los Angeles Times, etc.; Washington Post article quoted in Congressional Record; Camera magazine, article on photographing DQ; Maritime Reporter, new boat; Hamilton, Ohio Journal News, front page photo/caption on DQ visiting Hamilton (April Fools Day spoof).

May 1973:

Misc.: Correspondence and information on new boat, unions, operations, personnel; inquiry to send DQ to Lake Tahoe.

PR: Press releases: steamboat race; book release, Long Live the Delta Queen, by Letha Greene; Save DQ/new boat; space available on DQ. Calliope newsletter on new boat unveiling, legislation. Correspondence with media; regarding NBC-TV filming; with ex-passenger (bad press); with Kentucky Derby festival committee; regarding grant for historical restoration.

Congress: Correspondence with legislators; proposed improvements for DQ if law is passed; HR 7576 (Sullivan); Muster testimony; Sullivan opening statements; list of congressmen and senators; DQ hearing on HR 5649, HR 6188, HR 6693. Letter to Sullivan regarding USCG; C.W. Stoll to Sullivan on DQ; Congressional Record, Sens. Taft, Saxbe, and Cook on new bill.

Supporters: Correspondence with friends, supporters, legislators, Sullivan, National Trust for Historical Preservation, tally of 1973 petitions; list of contacts for May 23 hearings in Congress; Jeffboat to Sullivan regarding new boat plans.

News Clippings: AP, "DQ Passengers Praised by Boat Manager"; UPI, Save DQ; DQ ad; L.A. Herald Examiner, Sunday supplement travel article; True magazine, listing; articles on steamboat race (DQ wins, first time in five years); story on Sullivan, Stubblefield and DQ; misc. new boat/Save DQ articles; obituary for Captain Jesse Hughes; Playboy magazine, Save DQ; Travel Agent, Save DQ.

June 1973:

Misc.: Information on layup, unions, advertising, new boat; correspondence with friends, passengers.

Congress: Congressional Report (to accompany HR 5649); correspondence with legislators.

Supporters: Letter to Admiral Rea III, USCG, regarding apparent contradiction of Paragraph 72.05 - 90 USCG Rules and Regulations for Passenger Vessels; correspondence with supporters, media, friends.

PR: Correspondence with media; with Hannibal, Missouri promoter; memo on boat naming contest.

News Clippings: Memphis Commercial Appeal, editorial to Save DQ; Boston Globe, Save DQ /travel story; Washington Post, steamboat race; Greater Cincinnati Commerce magazine, DQ Homecoming; Cincinnati Enquirer, DQ bill passes Congress; Mexico City News, story of DQ trip through Panama Canal; AP and UPI, stories on congressional battle; Preservation News, front page story on congressional battle.

July 1973:

Misc.: Information on new boat and calliope, legal, boat repairs.

PR: Proposed press release on DQ legislation.

Congress: Correspondence with legislators; Hearing on S 1625; Congressional Record, 7/17/73 and 7/18/73 with statements on DQ; testimony of Muster, Blake, others.

Supporters: Correspondence with DQ supporters.

News Clippings: Hartford Courant, editorial on DQ legislation, new boat; UPI story on legislation; AP story on Save DQ; Christian Science Monitor, Save DQ editorial; Adelaide News, story on Murray River steamboat; Los Angeles Times, travel story; Toledo Blade, negative editorial, "Mothball the Queen"; Coast magazine, Save DQ; other articles on DQ legislation, new boat.

Aug. 1973:

Misc.: Legal documents and correspondence regarding DQ car wash, Seapax; other liability cases. Correspondence and information on engineering details, layup and improvements; corporate minutes (change company name to "Delta Queen Steamboat Company, Inc."). Correspondence with passengers, reservation inquiries, Girl Scouts.

Congress: Correspondence with legislators; to Sen. Long, to Counsel Daschbach, regarding early passage of bill; PL 93-106 ("To extend until Nov. 1, 1978, the existing exemption of the steamboat Delta Queen from certain vessel laws."); other Senate Reports.

PR: Correspondence with various officials; with media; with Fred Way. Press releases on pending DQ legislation, president signs bill. 1974 DQ marketing program report (themes: "Explore the Rivers of America" and "Come Steam with Me"); report on UPI and AP stories.

Supporters: Correspondence with supporters; with the National Trust for Historic Preservation; with Quinby; with non-supporter Kenneth Pearl who wrote to various legislators.

New Boat: Information on keel-laying, new vessel dedication; proposed schedule for new boat; suggestions for new boat from deceased passenger's wife; correspondence regarding handicapped passengers on new boat; proposal/agreement to build steam calliope; memo about fall promotional events: ASTA, boat-naming, keel laying ceremony.

News Clippings: Cincinnati Enquirer, DQ a good insurance risk. "DQ saved" stories: New York Times, Washington Star-News, Washington Post, Miami Herald, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Christian Science Monitor, Houston Chronicle.

"DQ saved" editorials: Washington Post, Cincinnati Enquirer. Negative editorial: Muncie Star.

Sept. 1973:

Misc.: Legal information on DQ car wash, corporate name change, other legal. Correspondence with passengers, DATO (upcoming conference). Information on layup, "Save the Mark Twain Lounge" petition.

PR: Correspondence with media, supporters; letter of agreement for PR, advertising with Northlich, Stolley, Inc.

Congress: Letters from legislators including Percy, Keating, and Sullivan (with autographed copy of PL 93-106; letter to all legislators who co-sponsored legislation.

New Boat: Correspondence with Hinckley (architect); with Fred Way; with Demetrion (ONA); with Sullivan; others. Reports on advertising, promotion, and publicity for new boat.

Oct. 1973:

Misc.: Legal information on liability cases, Seapax, Beatty case, trademark. Information on mileage calculator, layup and repairs.

Congress: General correspondence with legislators regarding upcoming hull dedication, steamboat race, and Wojatas book.

New Boat/PR: Correspondence about 1974 steamboat race, radio interview, plans for hull dedication. Calliope tabloid with stories on successful 1973 season; DQ saved; new boat.

Nov. 1973:

Misc.: Information about legal matters, operations, and correspondence with passengers.

Hull Dedication: Guest list; wording for plaque, design for seal; new boat cost estimate. Press releases: "We're Dedicating the Hull of our New Boat"; Sullivan to announce new boat details; "New Riverboat for Greene Line Steamers," background information. Correspondence regarding ceremony: with legislators; with Jeffboat; with supporters; with other government officials; other corespondence; comments on hull dedication.

Layup: Documents regarding winter layup repairs.

News Clippings: Courier-Journal, hull dedication; DQ drawing on cover of Enquirer Sunday magazine; Travel Writer, review of Ed Wojatas' book; DQ in Riley-Beaird, Inc. ad printed in Maritime Reporter.

Dec. 1973:

Misc.: Legal information and documents, financial statements, ONA annual report; correspondence with passengers, and regarding operations.

Layup: Documents regarding winter layup repairs.

New Boat: Correspondence with supporters regarding hull dedication, naming new boat. Calliope tabloid with story on hull dedication and numerous photos.

News Clippings: Waterways Journal, brief mention, photo caption on hull dedication; ONA Horizons, story on Capt. Wagner; The Times Record (Illinois), front page stories on new boat, etc.


Misc.: Information on 1973 sailing schedules, operations, blueprints, unions, hoodoo over "M" boats; Muster bio-data; background sheet on DQ.

Save DQ/New Boat: Summary of ballots for name of new boat; "Only an Act of Congress can Save the Steamboat Delta Queen" 1973 version; lists of senators, congressmen; Taft statement to Commerce Committee; anticipated questions for DQ hearing; statement of Admiral Rea III, USCG; discussion between Sullivan and Rea and statement of Muster; list of legislation; testimony of American Heritage magazine editor.

News Clippings: Travel articles, Repro newsletter, "A Steam Powered Time Machine," by Steve Christensen; Steamboat Bill, story by Quinby (not on DQ ); Cincinnati Enquirer, story on Blake; UPI, story on mail delivery; other stories and editorials on Save DQ; AP story on legislation; UPI story, National Trust for Historic Preservation speaks on behalf of DQ.

Summary: Construction on the new boat progressed steadily. Numerous press releases were issued throughout the year and national media followed the story. On Nov. 11, the hull was launched and christened.

The company had still not named the new boat and a list of 208 possible names was compiled in May. Press releases in November announced the name Mississippi Queen. The name was officially adopted until the following March by a corporate resolution.

The Delta Queen raced several boats, including the Jullia Belle Swain, the Natchez, and the Belle of Louisville. She won the race with the Belle, breaking a tie-record of five-to-five. Playboy magazine ran a humorous piece on steamboat races in April.

Winter layup repairs and improvements exceeded the budget for 1973 - 74 and ONA officials accused Muster of overspending. In February, Muster resigned as president of the corporation, but remained as a director. In September he was asked to act be a marketing and PR consultant. Muster also began work on his own project, compiling the Travelers' Almanac.

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Jan. 1974:

Misc.: Correspondence on river mileage calculator, layup, unions, Sepax, other legal matters, Kentucky taxes, energy council, foreign commerce and tourism; DQ stack insignia; information on New Orleans tour.

PR: Correspondence with media, museums, others; advertising and marketing data; PR meeting notes on press files; "want list" for PR stories; press release on what passengers like best about DQ.

New Boat: Correspondence between Hinckley and Jeffboat regarding delays in construction; with Sullivan; regarding new calliope; other details of new boat; party for shipyard workers.

News Clippings: Business Insurance , story of how Mayfield got insurance for DQ.

Feb. 1974:

Misc.: Correspondence regarding layup, legal matters, oil spills, unions; financial projection.

PR: Ad agency report; ASTA convention; press release on new boat name, cruises; small business seminar (Blake lectures on "Success in Business").

Muster Resignation: Telegram on layup cost overrun (Bailey to Muster: "I cannot over-emhasize the seriousness of this situation and the adverse consequences this huge cost overrun"). Muster to Bailey: three letters Feb. 15 regarding layup budget, loan, and cost overrun. Corporate resolution accepting Muster's resignation Feb 20. Muster to Sullivan. ("It's hard to explain the ambivalent feelings I have had about the Delta Queen in the past four years. . . . I had some conflicts in philosophy with the airline that I couldn't resolve.") Blake to Sullivan (" Bill Muster has done such a good job that he is far and beyond our million dollar budget and in fact, we may need to 'save' him before it's all over.")

New Boat: Cabin classifications; calliope agreement; telephone line assignments.

News Clippings: San Francisco Chronicle, "Last Days of the Delta King"; Wall Street Journal, ad; New Jersey Music & Arts, story about Quinby on the New Jersey, and about DQ calliope; Southern Living magazine, travel, "DQ saved" story.

March 1974:

Misc.: Correspondence regarding Delta King, engineering, layup, general correspondence. ONA cancels insurance contract with Mayfield.

PR: Calliope tabloid, stories on DQ improvements, passengers' favorite activities on DQ; advertising list; outline for new boat advertising; misc. correspondence with media, Sullivan, others.

Muster Resignation: Correspondence between Sullivan, Hinckley, Muster, and Shanesy.

News Clippings: Waterways Journal, item on management change; San Diego Union, minature steamboat builder; Cincinnati Post, item on management change.

April 1974:

Misc.: Correspondence regarding unions, DQ traveling to Houston, with friends; with National Trust for Historic Preservation on new boat name; other correspondence. Layup invoices; travel agent agreement.

PR: ONA press release on Demetrion and new boat; information on wholesale tour sales; correpondence with model builder; 208 suggested new boat names; memo on advance publicity for new calliope; three press releases on steamboat race (boats are tied, each winning five races).

News Clippings: Ford Times, travel story; Seventeen magazine, travel story; Playboy magazine, "sports" article on steamboat races; Travel Weekly, article on demise of US passenger ship industry, comments by Sullivan.

May 1974:

Misc.: Correspondence regarding DATO conference, mileage calculator, engineering, general correspondence, DQ traveling to Houston; DQ registration information from US patent department.

New Boat: Press release on naval architects meeting; memo on Cindy Bacon as new PR director; corporate minutes and operating agreement concerning new boat; misc. correspondence.

News Clippings: Conference brochures with cover photos of DQ; Learner Newspapers, photo of DQ paddlewheel "floating" above boat; Cincinnati Enquirer, article on Blake, on steamboat race (DQ won); Cincinnati Post, photo/caption Cincinnati homecoming; Kansas City Star, travel story with photos.

June 1974:

Misc.: Misc. correspondence; cruise schedules.

New Boat/PR: Press releases: "Stern Attached to DQ's Sistership," steamboat race with Julia Belle Swain, race with Natchez; DQ loses to Natchez; article about leviathan steamboat; article on Pujol death with correspondence; Calliope storie on DQ defeats Belle of Louisville, Cincinnati welcome, November boat launch.

News Clippings: Detroit News, new boat;Cincinnati Enquirer, travel story with half-page color photo of paddlewheel and two other color photos, front page of "Weekender" section.

July 1974:

Misc.: Correspondence regarding unions, Pujol vs. DQ, advertising, filming; with friends, supporters, Blake's parents.

New Boat/PR: Correspondence and blueprints from calliope builder; media background information on new boat; press releases: new boat construction, "Engines for New Boat Began as Pine Trees"; summary of comment sheets; on race with Julia Belle Swami.

News Clippings: Cincinnati Enquirer, new boat construction; color photo and mention from unidentified travel magazine.

Aug. 1974:

Misc.: Marketing program; misc. correspondence.

News Clippings: Wall Street Journal, editorial criticizing $10 million guaranteed Merchant Marine loan for new boat.

Sept. 1974:

Misc.: Correspondence on Muster as DQ consultant; state of Delta King; trademark of name "Delta King"; othe legal; new boat calliope; new boat presentation, "Sister for the DQ "; new DQ movie; other media; negative editorial and Kohler's reply.

News Clippings: River News-Herald & Isleton Journal, two articles on Delta King; Sacramento Bee, on Delta King.

Oct. 1974:

Misc.: Information on Magic Castle party for travel agents to promote New Orleans cruises through Christmas; misc. correspondence.

News Clippings: Waterways Journal, remebrance of Tom Greene, with photo of Tom Greene steamboat; Travel & Leisure magazine, story with folk tales of DQ.

Nov. 1974:

Misc.: PR information: background for Mississippi Queen, Delta Queen.

News Clippings: Cincinnati Post, two articles: Blake discusses public landing with city manager; new boat construction.

Dec. 1974:

Misc.: Correspondence regarding new boat film, boat launch, Pujol vs. DQ; balance sheet.

News Clippings: Cincinnati Enquirer, Dayton Daily News, Dayton Journal Herald, Maritime Reporter, boat launch and construction. Napa County Times-Herald, refurbishing Delta King.


Misc.: Brochures for Mississippi Queen; information on Delta King trademark; new boat progress report; personnel; misc.

News Clippings: Cincinnati directory, color cover photo; West Virginia brochure, photo of DQ; college brochure, cover photo; highschool textbook, photo and brief explanation.

Summary: Main activities of the year included building the new steamboat and meeting with various delays; naming the steamboat Mississippi Queen in March; christening the new boat in April; and a calliope premier in Seattle in September.

Bill Muster released his first Travelers' Almanac in January and a second version by the end of the year. His services continued as photographer and consultant. Several books and a movie were made about the boats and media and travel industry interest continued.

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Jan. 1975:

Misc.: Muster publishes Travelers' Almanac; Muster/Tooker talk show tour: letters to talk shows; bio-data for Tooker; outline for David Hunter's river lot; Blake's limericks.

News Clippings: Travel Agent, article on new boat.

Feb. 1975:

Misc.: Information for travel agents; misc. correspondence; cover letters for Travelers' Almanac to friends.

News Clippings: Buyways magazine, cover story on DQ.

March 1975:

Misc.: Corporate resolution to name boat Mississippi Queen; correspondence to media regarding Travelers' Almanac; description of new boat film; inquiries/reservation requests; press release for new boat christening.

News Clippings: Cincinnati Post & Enquirer, item on Blake elected to chamber board of trustees; Memphis Press-Scimitar, Blake addresses Memphis tourist interests.

April 1975:

Misc.: Correspondence regarding new boat christening; Sullivan's christening prayer; press release on new boat name; media background information on MQ, DQ; information on MQ engines; christening guest list, information (separate folder); christening invitation with sealing wax (separate folder).

News Clippings: None included.

May 1975:

Misc.: Press release, "Donahue on the DQ "; DQ 1976 Marketing Plan; report from travel wholesaler. Muster's correspondence with Sullivan congratulating on boat christening; with Larry and Nancy Meyer on steamboat book; misc. for Travelers' Almanac; with Bern Keating; to Blake regarding Lady Sullivan Day in Los Angeles; misc. media and others. Barnes' correspondence.

News Clippings: Boat christening: International Herald Tribune, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Phoenix Gazette, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, New York Post, Courier Journal, Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati Enquirer, Rocky Mountain News, Travel Management Daily, Travel Agent, Travel Trade News, Discover America Carrier News, American Maritime Officer, Christian Science Monitor, Hartford Courant, Sunday Ledger-Enquirer, New York Times News Service, Naples Daily News, AP, Toronto Star (editorial)

Steamboat race (Belle of Louisville wins against DQ and Jullia Belle Swaine): AP, UPI, Louisville Times, St. Paul Dispatch, New York Post (editorial), New York Times, Cincinnati Post (editorial)

Other: Travel Weekly, Round the Square (Cincinnati); National Observer (on Blake); Chicago Sun-Times (Donahue); Travel Trade, Hartford Times, Christian Science Monitor, River Ripples (Midwest Riverboat Buffs).

June 1975:

Misc.: Correspondence with media; with lawyers; memo regarding 1976 brochure; with travel agents; with Sullivan regarding steamboat race with Natchez, other publicity; Field Rep Newsletter; report from wholesale travel agents; ONA quarterly report; DQ Travel Newsletter; Travel Weekly, boat christening.

News Clippings: New Orleans Times-Picayune, photo of Mark Twain on DQ; Laguna Beach Tides and Times, photo from travel agent convention; Travel Age Mid America, new boat; unidentified on Delta King.

Steamboat race between DQ and Natchez (Natchez wins): New Orleans States-Item, Times-Picayune (two stories, one with color photo, front page, editorial cartoon); Memphis Press-Scimitar, Clarion Herald (full front page of section two, with photos);

July 1975:

Misc.: Correspondence with Sullivan, others; regarding legal matters (trademark infringement); with travel agents; with American Heritage VP, editor, regarding bicentennial; with Rep. Annunzio regarding HR 190 (foreign visitors to U.S.); Blake to National Observer travel editor, thanking for article; Blake to National Observer writer, thanking for article; Steamboat film agreement; Unitours agreement; notes on copyright infringement; PR agency conference report on recent publicity.

News Clippings: TV Guide, "Only Mark Twain is Missing"; Courier-Journal and Times, story on Blake.

Aug. 1975:

Misc.: Correspondence with lawyers, copyright infringement and other legal matters; with travel agents; memo on 1976 cruise brochures; with Lee Motion Pictures; form letter to all congressmen, regarding HR 190 and HR 8059, travel restrictions. Record company agreement; wholesale tour operator agreement; PR agency report; DQ Marketing Guidelines.

Sept. 1975:

Misc.: General correspondence; ONA quarterly report; corporate minutes regarding ship mortgage; legal; press release, "Seattle Man Builds World's Largest and Loudest Calliope for Mississippi Queen."

News Clippings: Cincinnati Enquirer, obituary for Guy Tooker.

Oct. 1975:

Misc.: General correspondence.

News Clippings: British magazine supplement, new boat; UPI and Seafarers Log on steamboat race between DQ and Natchez (Natchez wins).

Nov. 1975:

Misc.: General correspondence; calliope record contract.

News Clippings: Live Steam Magazine, new calliope.

Dec. 1975:

Misc.: General correspondence; financial statement.

News Clippings: Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, DQ 50th birthday.


Misc.: Press releases: architects' on new boat; "The Lady Runs a Steamboat Company"; "Somethin's Always Happenin' on the River"; "Peanut Butter Soup on the Mississippi Queen"; "WWII Sternwheel Steamboat"; "The Steam-Pianna Man."

Calliope record contract; movie script; "Official Steamboat Cruise Guide"; general correspondence; misc.

News Clippings: Master charge ad; Christian Science Monitor, nostalgia story and photo; brochure for Cincinnati ballet cruise.