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Waybill from the EMMA No. 2

Mobile, Alabama
April 29th - May 4th, 1869
Emma No. 2 Sternwheel packet boat

Way's Packet Directory Number 1821

Built at Freedom, Pa., 1862. 156.7 x 33.7 x 5.
Engines, 16's 5 feet. Two boilers, each 40" diameter by 26 feet.
Hull by McKaskey & Kerr, and engines by Robert Lea.
Capt. James H. Maratta was first master, with James Dunlap as clerk.

Was in the Memphis-White River run in spring 1864, Capt. Millard. She brought the machinery from the burned DES ARC to Cincinnati in July 1864 and appeared "considerably tattered and torn."

Then ran Vicksburg-Yazoo River 1866, Capt. John O. Page, connecting with FASHION and GENERAL QUITMAN, New Orleans. In 1868 went to New Orleans, owned by John B. Ludgate, with Capt. William Bowen, master. She was taken to Mobile soon after.


EMMA GRAHAM (1872 - 1876)

Sternwheel packet
Waybill date July 28, 1875

Way's Packet Directory Number 1833

Built at Marietta, Ohio at the Knox yard in 1872
for the Parkersburg-Gallipolis trade. 165 x 35 x 4.5 feet
Captain J.N. Williamson owned a large interest in her.
Captain J.T. Russell was master. The U.S. mail clerk was John Roedell, Pomeroy, Ohio who had lost one arm in the Civil War. In the fall of 1875 she was entered into the Pittsburgh-Cincinnati trade, replacing the JUNIATA that was lost in a fire.
Captain J.T. Russell was in charge, with Nat Earhart, clerk.

She was taken to Cincinnati in the fall of 1876 and parts from her were used in building the "new" EMMA GRAHAM in 1877.


Waybill from GEORGE STRECKER 1887

Sternwheel packet
Waybill from GEORGE STRECKER dated 2nd of December 1887

Way's Packet Directory Number 2308

Built at Long Reach West Virginia in 1880 - 127.6 x 23.8 x 3.9 feet
Ran Marietta - Beverly 1885 - 86, owned by Capt. Seldon S. Stowe
Ran Marietta - Middleport during September of 1886
Burned at Beverly in 1887.
There is evidence that Capt. W.D. Crammond of Hawesville, Kentucky operated her.




This extensively restored Waybill from the EMPIRE when she was a Louisville & New Orleans Packet was written in January of1854

Way's Packet Directory Number 1848
Sternwheel packet

Built at California, Pennsylvania in 1854. 152 x 29.5 x 3.6 feet - 152 tons.
First owners were A.S. Shepherd, Pittsburgh, and George Doyle, Steubenville, Ohio.
She was sold to Mobile, Alabama, owned 1855 by Cox, Brainard & Co., Capt. Charles Miller, master.
Came back to the Mississippi River in 1856 owned by William Underwood and A. Palacio of Portland, Kentucky and William G. Underwood and J. B. Russell of New Albany, Indiana.
She was downbound through the chute at Island 37, hit a snag and was lost on August 15th, 1856.
The FALLS CITY brought the freight and passengers to Memphis.


Waybill from the steamer EDINBURGH 1867

Sternwheel packet
Waybill dated 18th April 1867

Way's Packet Directory Number 1712

Built at Louisville, Kentucky in 1865.
210 x 30 x 5. 393 tons.
Built for Capt. Steve Thompson and others and ran Wheeling-Cincinnati, and later Pittsburgh-Cincinnati, Capt. I.L. Thompson, master, with G.W. Thompson, clerk.

Sold in February 1870 to Capt. F.Y. Batchelor and others.
That September she sank at Island 40, Mississippi River, Capt. J.L. Carter in command.
Sold January 15, 1871, to Capt. W.W. Fenton who loaded her out for Red River from Cincinnati.
In November of 1871 she was the first boat to pass up through the new Louisville-Portland Locks and canal improvement, followed by the CHARMER and R. C. GRAY.
Was again sold and ran from the lower Ohio to Arkansas River.
Sank May 1, 1873, 40 miles below Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
She was dismantled that summer.


Waybill from the General H.F. DEVOL 1884
General H.F. Devol
Sternwheel packet
Waybill dated18 June 1884

Way's Packet Directory Number 2247

Built at Harmar, Ohio, at Knox Yard, 1879. 130x22.5 x 3.8. feet
Named for General Hiram Fosdick Devol, one of the five Civil War generals from Washington County, Ohio. Machinery came from the L.C. McCORMICK. Built for Capt. James Martin. Ran Marietta-Zanesville handling the U.S. Mail, then Parkersburg-Zanesville.
Capt. George Wallace and Dana Scott bought interest in August 1887 and commanded.
In June 1889 got a cargo of nails at Wheeling and delivered it to St. Louis.
In December 1889 running out of Memphis, then was chartered to the Greenville Packet Co., where she ran all that winter. Capt. Dana Scott was aboard for all of this.
Sold to Miles Orton's Circus in April 1890. Burned in 1895, rebuilt, and was sold to Tampico, Mexico, where she ran on the Panuco River many years, still there in 1934.


Waybill from packet DOVE 1882

Sternwheel packet
Waybill from 8th Sept 1882

Way's Packet Directory Number 1604

In 1880 her hull was built at Sewickley, Pennsylvania and construction completed at Pittsburgh 132 x 26.5 x 3.5 feet. Engines 8"- 3 ft. with rotary valves. One boiler, 44" dia. by 20 ft., six flues.
Built for the upper Arkansas River to run between Little Rock and Webb City.
Capt. W.C. Ghriest (or may have been spelled Ghrist), master and clerk.
Major John D. Adams ran operations.
Sold in March 1882 to T.C. and D.S. Butler, Mobile, Ala. Still documented at Pensacola, Fla., in 1896.


Waybill from Gallipolis, Ohio Steamboat & Wharfboat Proprietors 1879

Waybill from Gallipolis, Ohio Steamboat & Wharfboat Proprietors J.H. NEVIUS, R. ALESHIRE & SAM A. DUNBAR
for a steamboat which may or may not have gone by the name MILLBERTH, but the handwriting is difficult to decipher. The document is dated the 14th of August 1879.


Waybill FRANK PRESTON Oct 8, 1886

Frank Preston
Sternwheel Packet
Waybill issued on the 8th of October1886

Way's Packet Directory Number 2132

Built at Catlettsburg, Kentucky in 1884. 120 x 19.3 x 2.9 feet

Ran Catlettsburg-Big Sandy River, owned largely at Paintsville. Capt. Green Meek. In the 1880s carried a delegation up the Big Sandy investigating the Hatfield-McCoy difficulties. Often ran during low water in local Ohio River trades. Running to Racine, Ohio, September 1886, Capt. James Welch, with S.G. Preston, clerk. Still listed in 1892.


Waybill PRIMA DONNA July 1857 at St. Louis

Prima Donna
Sternwheel Packet
Way's Packet Directory Number 4582

Waybill from July 1857 at St. Louis

Built in 1856 at California, Pennsylvania.
304 tons. 151 x 37.3 x 6. Engines 22's- 5 ft. Three boilers, each 40" by 26 ft.
Built by stockholders of Pittsburgh and Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, Capt. Alexander McGowan, master.

Ran Pittsburgh- Cincinnati-St. Louis. She was pressed into U.S. service and loaded with heavy guns, etc., at Pittsburgh in February 1862, Capt. George D. Moore. Capt. William J. Kountz went along, his last trip down the Ohio until January 1878 when he rode the J.B.M. KEHLOR to Cincinnati.

Later in the war she was captured by the Rebels on Cumberland River, then in charge of Capt. Joseph Scott, Covington, Kentucky. The crew became prisoners and on March 3rd, 1865, arrived at Cincinnati aboard the PEYTONA.

"Captain Scott has suffered much; also here are W.R. Shaw and William McKinley, clerks; mate W.A. Henderson; engineer J. W. Clemens; carpenter D. Wald; also firemen, watchmen, and deckhands. For days they had no rations, and other days were handed one ear of corn apiece. Banquets were a pint of corn meal and a small piece of stale meat.

As late as March 1865, the PRIMA DONNA was in U. S. service, towing two monitors to Mound City. When condemned at Memphis early 1866, she was still owned by Capt. Joseph Scott and others. She was put in tow of the NICK HUGHES to be returned to Cincinnati, and the HUGHES exploded boilers near Randolph. Finally made it to Cincinnati and was sold that September to two gentlemen from Helena, Arkansas., who put her in tow of the packet CHARLESTON late October 1866 and took her there for use as a wharfboat.


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