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1882 waybill - City of New Orleans

Way's Packet Directory
Number 1112
Built by Howard at Jeffersonville, Indiana in 1881
290 feet x 48 feet x 8.5 feet
Between 1885 and 1891 her captain was A.J. Carter with Archie Woods, clerk. By 1896, A.S. Lightner had become captain, with J.W. Langlois as clerk.

Brought under her own steam in May 1898 to Harmar, Ohio, where she was dismantled at the Knox Boat Yard, and much of her equipment used for the CITY OF PITTSBURG which operated 1898-1902 before being lost to fire.



2 Waybills from the steamboat REGULAR in May 1884

Regular Sidewheel Packet

Way's Packet Directory Number 4711
Built at Wheeling, West Virginia in 1884 using hull and machinery of SCIOTO. Was entered in the Wheeling- Marietta trade that year, Capt. T.S. Thomas, with T.J. Martin, clerk. The venture was not successful. She was loaded with 2,500 barrels of potatoes and sent off to Cairo, Illinois. New owners dismantled her.


Telegraph Sidewheel packet

Waybill from 21 April 1887

Way's Packet Directory Number 5320

TELEGRAPH built at Cincinnati, Ohio, 1877. 287 x 41.2 x 5.1. Engines, 22's- 8 ft.
Three boilers, each 47" by 30 ft., five flues each.
She was built on a new hull, and the cabin of the former TELEGRAPH was lifted over on it, probably using the old engines.
Owned by the Cincinnati, Big Sandy & Pomeroy Packet Co.
Capt. James Campbell was master & George Damron, chief engineer
Her fastest time Cincinnati to Pomeroy was 22 hours 26 minutes run on Jan. 1, 1878. It was a regular business trip making all landings en route, with eight feet on the Cincinnati marks. In 1887 a blacksmith at Augusta, Kentucky named James Hafer, made a brass cannon for this boat, about 30" long and 2" bore, the carriage having 30" wheels. His son James Hafer, Jr., later made a similar cannon for the CITY OF LOUISVILLE. It later was used on the GORDON C. GREENE and today is in the Ohio River Museum, Marietta. This TELEGRAPH was taken to Harmar, Ohio, and dismantled at the Knox Boat Yard in 1891. The hull was used as the wharfboat at Vevay, Indiana.


Waybill Steamer LULU
November 20th, 1876

One bale of cotton sold by McCaw for Baker, Lawler & Co. on the account of Hearst & Dennis

Received Mobile, Alabama November 25th 1876


Waybill B.T. ENOS 10 December 1887

B.T. ENOS Sternwheel packet

Way's Packet Directory Number 0425

Built at Ironton, Ohio in 1881 by the Brown brothers for the Gallipolis-Huntington trade but was sold upon completion to the Bay Line which entered her in the same trade.
150 x 23 x 4 feet.
Sank and lost at Limeville, Kentucky above the present day location of the C & O bridge at Sciotoville, Ohio on the Ohio River in November 1892.


GEORGE STRECKER Sternwheel Packet

Way's Packet Directory Number 2308

Built at Long Reach, West Virginia in 1880
127.6 x 23.8 x 3.9
Ran Marietta-Beverly 1885-1886 owned by Captain Seldon S. Stowe
Ran Marietta-Middleport, September 1886.

Burned at Beverly in 1887 apparently in December sometime after the waybill above was issued on December 2nd.

There is evidence that Captain W.D. Crammond of Hawesville, Kentucky, operated her.

The STRECKER's three-chime whistle was installed on the pilot house of the BEN HUR when that steamboat was built in 1887. The whistle had been made by a mechanically-minded farmer who lived above Waverly, West Virginia


VIRGIE RATLIFF Sidewheel batwing steamboat

Way's Packet Directory Number 5588

Built Catlettsburg, Kentucky 1887
113 x 15 x 4.3 feet

The hull was built on the river bank at Guyandotte, West Virginia.
Built by Captain John Hopkins for the Big Sandy trade


CLARIBELL Sternwheel Packet

Waybill dated Sept 1st, 1886

Way's Packet Directory Number 1170

Built Point Pleasant, West Virginia 1880
100 x 18.8 x 2.6 feet

There is evidence that the hull was built at Buffalo, West Virginia.
Ran Buffalo - Point Pleasant - Gallipolis. In 1882 here crew was in the charge of Capt. F.A. Barrows, with Austin Barrows, clerk.

In the Spring of 1898 she was running Parkersburg - Gallipolis, Capt. Charles F. Stalder, Master, with F.L. Barrows Engineer.
She was dismantled in 1898 and the NEVA was built to replace her.


Luella Sternwheel Packet
Waybill dated 20 August 1886

Way's Packet Directory Number 3639
Built at Mason City, West Virginia, 1875. 105 x 18 x 3 feet.
She ran Syracuse-Gallipolis daily, Capt. M.H. Brown with M.E. Brown, clerk.
During the Brown ownership they once had her in the Cairo-Paducah trade in opposition to the Fowler Line.
They sold her February 1881 to Capt. C.H. Crow, Capt. W.H. McKay and W.W. Hayman for $5,000.
These gentlemen put her in the Ravenswood-Middleport trade. Still documented 1888.


NORA BELLE Sternwheel Packet

Waybill dated August 1886

Way's Packet Directory Number 4222

Built Chambersburg, OHIO 1883
114 x 20.6 x 3.6 feet

Ran Gallipolis - Huntington.

Named for the daughter of J.M. Kerr, Gallipolis hardware merchant.

Also ran in the Kanawha River


Waybill from the steamer W.D. JONES dated 12 Oct 1887
JOHN McSHIRLEY, Master etc.

Not listed in Way's Packet Directory and there is no mention of a boat by that name elsewhere online. The only references we have can be read on the bill itself.

By coincidence a man named W.D. Jones was an accomplice to the notorious gangsters Clyde Barrow & Bonnie Parker. His full name and aliases were:

William Daniel ("W.D.", "Bud", "Deacon") Jones (May 12, 1916 - August 20, 1974)

Although there is no listing for a boat named W.D. JONES per se but there is a towboat named Wm. D. JONES listed by Fred Way and "All towing done . . ." is mentioned on this waybill.

WM. D. JONES Sternwheel towboat

Way's Steam Towboat Directory Number T2655

Built at Catlettsburg, Kentucky 1882
99.4 x 11.8 x 2.3 feet

Registered at Cincinnati through 1896 and possibly after that year.


Sternwheel packet

Waybill written on June 7, 1879 for deck passage from Greenville for $1.00

Way Directory Number 5125

Built at Jeffersonville, Indiana in 1872.
She was entered in the Evansville-Nashville trade with Captain Josh V. Throop, master, and George Throop, clerk.
Named for Colonel Silverthorn, river editor of the Evansville JOURNAL.

In 1877 she was owned by the Evansville, Cairo & Memphis Steam Packet Company, Captain George S. Throop, with Sid Humphrey, clerk. Was running Memphis-Hales Point in January of 1880.

Sold to New Orleans fall of 1883. She was returned to Paducah in the summer of 1883, given cotton guards and went back south.


C.P. Huntington Sternwheel Packet

(Waybill from September 1873)

Way's Packet Directory Number 0772

Built in Cincinnati, Ohio 1870. 147 tons.

Ran Pomeroy- Portsmouth, November 1871, Capt. James Newton, master with C.P. Sheplar, clerk.

In Kanawha River- Gallipolis trade 1872, Capt. J.W. Oakes, master, Wm. B. Donnally, clerk.

In 1874 Cincinnati-New Richmond, Capt. Wm. Riggs, master.

That year was acquired by the Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Big Sandy & Pomeroy Packet Co.

They leased her spring 1876 to tow a circus between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, and ownership was changed to Mary Stone of Michigan.

Capt. C.A. Bocaletti, Pittsburgh, bought the boat, insured it against sinking, and it burned.


1878 Waybill from

Sternwheel: Packet
Built at Cincinnati, Ohio, 1873

Way's Packet Directory Number 1125

Built for Captain William Stricklett and raised steam for the first time December 15, 1873. She was sold to the White Collar Line, Cincinnati on March 25, 1874. They ran her Cincinnati-Augusta-Higginsport, under Captain S. W. Morgan.

She was forced ashore at California, Ohio in January 1877, by ice and drifted to Cincinnati, Ohio, when the gorge broke, she was unhurt. Ultimately dismantled.


City of Portsmouth Sidewheel packet

Waybill from 31 May 1879

Way's Packet Directory 1125

Built at Cincinnati, Ohio, 1873.

Built for Capt. William Stricklett and raised steam for the first time Dec. 15, 1873.

She tried running opposition to FANNIE DUGAN out of Portsmouth, Oh., but on Mar. 25, 1874

was sold to the White Collar Line, Cincinnati.

They ran her Cincinnati- Augusta-Higginsport, Capt. S.W. Morgan.

She was forced ashore at California, Ohio on January 1877, by ice, and drifted to Cincinnati, Ohio when the gorge broke, unhurt.

Ultimately dismantled.


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