Steamboat Round the Bend - Scenes



* The dialogue above is derived from the Fox DVD English subtitles. All other dialogue on this page is derived from the "S.S. Springfield Movie Script UK - Steamboat Round the Bend" page - see

"Doctor" John Pearly (Will Rogers) buys an old steamboat and names it the CLAREMORE QUEEN. He plans to refurbish it to run for profit with his nephew Duke (John McGuire), who is a steamboat pilot. Doctor John sells an elixir that contains quite a considerable amount of alcohol and he runs a side show - a wax museum that had belonged to "Professor Marvel," given to Doctor John by Sheriff Rufe Jeffers.

This page includes photos from the opening sequence, the steamboat race, scenes concerning the New Moses, and scenes that take place inside the wax museum.

SEQUENCE 1 - aboard the steamboat PRIDE OF PADUCAH:

Scene 1. On the foredeck next to the jackstaff the evangelist who calls himself The New Moses' preaches his prohibitionist sermon against "The Demon Rum" and singles out the alcoholic Efe as his first candidate for reform.

Scene 2. On the boiler deck Doc Peddles Pocahontas Remedy to the passengers and when drunken Efe gets a taste of the Remedy he realizes it's mostly alcohol and gladly buys a bottle.

Scene 3. Doc visits Cap'n Eli and Pilot Mink in the Pilot House where Eli mocks the run-down steamboat CLAREMORE QUEEN that Doc has recently acquired which can be seen tied up along the riverbank.

Eli suggests that Doc compete with him an upcoming steamboat race and that the two of them should wager their boats against each other with the winner taking the loser's boat at the end of the race.

Doc hesitates a bit before agreeing to the proposal.

Scene 4. At the steamboat landing after disembarking from the boat the New Moses tells Doc he's going to board the steamboat MEMPHIS GIRL whose pilot has "back slid" (back on the Demon Rum) and Doc tell Moses that his nephew Duke is pilot on that boat and Duke would help Moses get the Captain back on the straight and narrow again.

Sequence II - aboard the steamboat CLAREMORE QUEEN:

Scene 1. Doc boards his dilapidated second-hand steamboat the CLAREMORE QUEEN

Scene 2. Efe joins Doc aboard the QUEEN where Doc hires him to be the QUEEN's Engineer and assigns him first to clean up and paint the boat, offering to promote Efe to the job of First Mate if he does a good job.

Scene 3. Doc's nephew Duke boards the QUEEN with his fiancé Fleety Belle and reveals to his Uncle that while aboard the MEMPHIS GIRL the Engineer Big Steve made a move to assault Fleety Belle.

Duke was obliged to defend Fleety from the attacker and during the fight Big Steve was accidentally killed.

Duke talks it over with the only witness to the unfortunate incident: The New Moses (Berton Churchill). The evangelist roams the river country baptizing people and preaching against the demon rum. The New Moses tells Duke that the killing was in self-defense and not a crime and that it would be best if he turned himself in to the authorities.

Doc says Duke must surrender to the Sheriff and await trial but Fleety Belle protests because the local magistrate has the reputation of being "a hanging Judge" who would condemn Duke to death. Unable to find the New Moses, Doctor John and Fleety Belle set off for Baton Rouge to try to meet the governor and plead for clemency. There's a steamboat race, so to get down river, Doc must enter the Claremont Queen in the race.

Doc sees his old nemisis Cap'n Eli (Irvine S. Cobb), owner of the PRIDE OF PADUCAH, and they make a bet. Whoever wins the race will take both boats.

Stills from the Opening Scenes


DOC - Morning, Captain Eli.

ELI - Hello, Doc. Make yourself at home.
(Doc pulls the whistle cord)

ELI - Say, what in thunder are you doin'?

DOC - I'm just teaching you how to salute my boat. The CLAREMORE QUEEN. Look at her layin' over there.

ELI - Yeah. Give her two more toots.

DOC - Say, that's four. That's a double salute.

ELI - No. Just honoring the unburied dead, that's all.

DOC - Don't try to poke any fun at that. Duke and I just bought it. We saved up every nickel we got to get that boat.

ELI - Duke? That's your nephew, ain't it?

DOC - You bet your life. And he's a great boy, Duke.

ELI - I thought he was pilot on the MEMPHIS GIRL.

DOC - Well, he was. He's the main pilot on there. But not no more. He's making his last trip and then he's comin' right on there with me.

ELI - You stick to doctoring. You ain't no steamboat man.
[ELI to MINK, the pilot]: Cramp her, Mink. Cramp her. I'll take her, Mink.
Well, admittin' Duke's a pretty good boy, what could you do on a steamboat?

DOC - Well, I'm just gonna sit up in the pilot house and toot the whistle and listen to that old river sing.

ELI - The way you brag, I suppose you're fixin' to stick that old apple crate yonder in the big race to Baton Rouge this summer.

DOC - I never had thought of that. But that's an idea at that. You know, the CLAREMORE QUEEN won that race in '84. And with Duke as pilot, I'll bet she could win it again.

ELI - I suppose you'd like to bet your boat against my boat on the result of that race, huh?

DOC - Well, I don't know. Well, I'll bet you at that. I'll bet you.

ELI - You made yourself a bet and lost yourself a steamboat.


Fleety Belle was holding a rifle on the Sheriff while Will Rogers held Eugene Pallette as the Sheriff in a choke hold, but honorable nephew Duke, the Sheriff's prisoner fends off the barrel of Fleety Belle's rifle and prevents his own rescue from the law. I believe that sign on the screen door behind Fleety Belle read "WHITE" indicating a "white's only" entrance in what would have been the segregated South in the 1890's setting of the story of STEAMBOAT ROUND THE BEND.


RUFE - Hurry up now, Duke. Here she comes!

DOC - Yeah. Darned ol' train. It would be on time.

RUFE - Reckon Duke 'n me will be down in Baton Rouge before midnight. I hate to do this, Duke, but it's according to the law.

DUKE - I guess you done all you could, Rufe.

FLEETY - (Lifting a double barreled shotgun to help Duke escape from Rufe) They ain't takin' you!

DOC - Go on, Duke! Get away!

DUKE - Ain't no sense in that. I don't wanna get you in trouble. Or you either, Uncle John. I don't wanna get you in no trouble either, Rufe. You been mighty good to me.

RUFE - Oh, that's all right, Duke. I ain't holdin' no grudge.

DOC - Well, guess I kinda lost my head too. I wanted to see him get away.

DUKE - Don't cry, honey. Rufe ain't gonna hold nothin' against ya.

RUFE - Don't reckon we'll be needin' these handcuffs none, Duke.

CONDUCTOR - All aboard!

RUFE - C'mon, let's get on. Go ahead, Duke.


DOC - Was it one of her kinfolks you killed?

DUKE - No, sir. It was Big Steve.

DOC - Who's he?

DUKE - Engineer on the MEMPHIS GIRL. When he found Fleety Belle on the steamboat where I was hiding her he started after her. You know I don't get mad easy, but but when I do, it's like a thorn tree a-growin' and growin' inside of me, well, we started in fightin'. He drawed a knife and I picked up a chunk of stove wood and throwed it at his hand. And he ducked right into it, and I knowed by the way he fell that he was dead.

DOC - Well, then, ain't nobody can say that that wasn't self-defense. Did anybody see it?

DUKE - Nobody but a preacher fella. Calls hisself the New Moses.

DOC - I know him. He come up on the PRIDE OF PADUCAH with me. I sent a message to you by him. Did he give it to you?

DUKE - Yeah, he told me.

DOC - He seen it, huh?

DUKE - He seen it. And it was night, and he was sleepin' on deck. He didn't blame me none. Just done a lot of prayin' and told me to give myself up.

DOC - I don't know nothin' about religion. But he's right. He - he's right. You gotta give yourself up. There ain't no jury could blame you for doin' a thing like that. Now, come on. Come on and sit down there. Come sit down. Get you something to eat here now. Then we'll go on over. We'll see the sheriff, and you can give yourself up.

FLEETY - No! He ain't gonna give his self up.

DOC - Listen here. Who asked for any opinion of yours on this thing? You've done enough to him already. Now, sit down there and get you something to eat. He's gonna do as I say. He knows that he can trust me.

FLEETY - No, he ain't gonna do what you say. We heard tell of this hangin' judge. Ain't nobody gonna hurt Duke.

DOC - Sit down!

DUKE - Sit down, Fleety Belle. Eat somethin'. Uncle John's right. There ain't nothin' to run away from.

FLEETY - I told you not to come here. We'd be safe in the swamp.

DOC - Aw, swamps! He's a river man. He couldn't live in the swamps. He's not that kind of people.

FLEETY - But they'll hang you, Duke. I know they will!

DOC - Aw, they won't do any such a thing. They won't hang him. Don't pay any attention to her, Duke. She'll only get you in worse.

FLEETY - You shut up and stop sayin' that! You're just thinkin' of yourself! You don't care what happens to Duke!

DUKE - Now, honey, Uncle John is -

FLEETY - I ain't never had nothin' to love in my life, and I'm not gonna let 'em take you.

DUKE - Nobody's gonna take me away from you, honey except maybe for a little while. You and me gotta be free to get married and - and live on this boat.

FLEETY - If you don't come with me now, you'll never see me again.

DOC - Come on, son. Let's get on over and see the sheriff.

FLEETY - You let him alone!

DUKE - Now, honey -

DOC - Come on, son.

FLEETY - I know why you're doin' this. It's because you hate me, and you think I ain't good enough for him.

DOC - Comin', Duke?

DUKE - I'm comin', Uncle John. But you've gotta take care of Fleety Belle while I'm gone.

Signing up for the Race


Close-up of Rogers and Cobb discussing terms of the steamboat race indoors in a waterfront building a few minutes before the race was to start.



When Rogers signs up for the race, he bets the CLAREMORE QUEEN against Cap'n Eli's PRIDE OF PADUCAH. Am not sure that this particular set up was included in the movie since John Ford shot it long with a lot more comedy scenes and Darryl Zanuck, head of 20th Century Fox cut out a lot of Ford's favorite scenes. Judging from the expressions on the faces of the Captains and Judges they're all rather amused with something that Will Rogers said or did when this photo was taken. The setting was an interior set of some waterfront building where steamboat commerce was managed, looks more like a warehouse than a commercial building but a pilot wheel hanging on the wall to the right of a stove pipe lends the place a nautical air.

CLAY - (Who is the official signing up Captains for the steamboat race):
Now, you captains ain't gonna start until the cannons go off. Then you can do what you please. The first boat that reaches Baton Rouge wins the race as well as the prize from the governor's own hand.

DOC - Here, Clay, hey, what's the idea of flaggin' me in here?

CLAY - Sorry, Doc, but you know the rules of the race.

DOC - I'm not in the race. I'm tryin' to get to Baton Rouge.

CLAY - Oh, no, you ain't, either.

ELI - I knowed you'd try to back out of that race. Scared you'll lose that old chicken coop.

DOC - Chicken coop, nothin'. You still wanna bet the PRIDE OF PADUCAH against the CLAREMORE QUEEN?

ELI - As I recall, that was the terms of the bet, unless you're crawfishing. Winner takes both boats.

DOC - Is that so? Well, I'll just take you up on that. I'll bet you my boat against yours, whole hog or none with me. I'll go in the race. It'll slow me up going to Baton Rouge, but I'll go in. What time do we start?

CLAY - Sergeant Benson shoots off that cannon in five minutes.

DOC - Now, wait. Give me time to load on some firewood. I'm purt' near out.

ELI - Same ol' Pokey-hontas. Always full of alibi's. You couldn't win if you put wings on!

CLAY - She starts when the gun goes off. That's the rules. You fellas better hurry and get on your boats.


Doctor John "learns" Fleety Belle how to be a pilot:

DOC - Put it over a little bit. Put it over a little. A little more there. Now just hold it steady.

FLEETY - You don't want me to run into that sandbar, do you, Captain John?

DOC - Hmm? What-Hey, hey! Look out there! Say, wait a minute there. Hey, you got to make up your mind who you're gonna take orders from - me or you. Now, hold her right there now. Right there.

FLEETY - You think I'm learnin'?

DOC - Say, you takin' to the river just like an old turtle. lf you listen to me, you'll be the best pilot on the whole river outside of Duke and me.

FLEETY - I sure would like to get back and see Duke.

DOC - You ain't, uh, getting tired of my company already?

FLEETY - Why, you know that ain't so. I ain't never had a dream like this. I ain't never knowed nobody like you. Why, you bought me dresses and pretty things like I ain't never see'd before. Sometimes, when we're goin' down the river at night I get to thinkin' about Duke and what you done for him and me. Seems like I can hardly stand it. I feel like the Lord's just shamin' me for having hated you so.

DOC - You don't have to worry about that, the Lord's a lot more broad-minded than you think he is anyhow. Put her over a little bit. Look out for this bend. That's it. Hold it steady.

FLEETY - Steamboat round the bend!

DOC - Hey, that's the river talk! Steamboat round the bend. Steamboat round the bend! Here she comes. Hey, you know what that is? That's the PRIDE OF PADUCAH. Its old Captain Eli. Want to just give that old snappin' turtle a toot here to show him my boat can toot louder than his.

After Duke is taken away by the Sheriff on the train to Baton Rouge Doctor John tells Fleety what they're going to do next:

DOC - We're gonna get on that boat and we're gonna go all up and down that river. And we're gonna hunt and hunt till we find the New Moses. We'll find him somewhere.

Preparing for the start of the race:

DOC - Hey, come on there, Fleety Belle. Don't be standin' around.

FLEETY - Are we really goin' in the race?

DOC - Sure. We got to get down the river anyhow. Come on, honey. Let me get it, now. I wanna get a flyin' start. That's the boat we got to beat, this PRIDE OF PADUCAH.


Irvin S. Cobb is holding a mint julep in his mit . . . wonder if it was the real thing or a Shirley Temple? This documents what happened just before the race started with Eli tormenting Doc from inside the PRIDE OF PADUCAH's pilot house with Pilot Mink laughing in the background.

Eli's insult that he's laying on Doc:

"Hey, Doc, better hug close to shore! No tellin' when that ol' honey wagon's gonna sink."


This is the classic iconic view of Will Rogers at the bow of the CLAREMORE QUEEN lasso'ing the stern of PRIDE OF PADUCAH in order to catch a ride from Cap'n Eli one night. Rogers was legendary for his ropin' skills from his cowboy days in Oklahoma and on stage with the Ziegfeld Follies in New York City where Will first began talkin' to the audience on all kinds of subjects that led to him becoming a popular commentator and humorist.

(Below the dialogue that accompanies the scenes of Lasso'ing the PRIDE OF PADUCAH's stern and Cap'n Eli's discovery of the prank in the morning):

Doctor John: (to Fleety Belle): Say, look here, honey. Can you get over there and get right in behind him?

FLEETY BELLE: Sure, I can. Yeah.

Doctor John: In his backwash?


Doctor John: Because if you can, the Lord has given me an idea. Here she comes!

CAP'N ELI: Mink, when I get sound asleep, take this here cigar out of my mouth, will ya? Burnt up three, four steamboats that-a-way.

CAP'N ELI: Mornin', Mink.

MINK (the pilot): Mornin', Captain Eli! Have a good night?

CAP'N ELI: Holy jumpin' catfish! (Discovering that the CLAREMORE QUEEN is right behind them) Fletch! Fletch! Get an ax! Get an ax and chop that old scow loose! Doc, you connivin' old scoundrel! It 'taint fair! It 'taint fair!

Doctor John: I'm just as sore 'bout it as you are, Captain Eli... when I found out we'd been pushin' you all night.

Doctor John's Pocahontas Remedy and the New Moses

the new moses

Berton Churchill as THE NEW MOSES preaching Hellfire and Brimstone at the racing steamboats just before Will Rogers lassoed him and pulled him aboard the CLAREMORE QUEEN so Moses can travel with them to Memphis to testify in Duke's behalf about the murder he was about to be hanged for.

Looks like the Smith Bros. Cough Drops boys there in their beards . . . the disciples all look like a bunch of lunatics from ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST (or a Hare Krishna gathering?) For more about Berton Churchill, click here -

Note that some of the ladies are dressed in retro-Puritan costumes with strange bonnets and aprons. The tiny lady in the lower right looks about 4 1/2 feet tall.

"GLORY be! Halle-LU-jah!" as Moses shouted as he stoked the fires aboard the CLAREMORE QUEEN to get to Memphis in time, gathering speed with crates of combustible POCAHONTAS cure-all bottles.

DIALOGUE (excerpt)

THE NEW MOSES: Repent, oh, ye sinners!

Oh, ye children of darkness...behold...the New Moses.

Fight down the demon rum!

(Moses singles out Efe from the crowd):

Brother... I was once a sinner like you.

I was a hog. I was a slave of the demon rum.

A child of hell! Yes, sir.

But I was saved by this ribbon.

It raised me from a hog to a man.

It can do the same for you.

Raise your right hand and take the pledge.

(Efe raises his right hand and in it is a bottle of whiskey)

Brother, what do I see in your hand?

Don't be a hog! Cast the enemy away!

(Efe hands the bottle to the man next to him who passes it along to others on its way overboard)

Bury demon rum in the waters of the mighty Mississippi! Fling it away, I say!

(Moses pins an abstinence ribbon to Efe's vest)

I swear that henceforth...liquor shall never touch my lips.

EFE: Me too!

MOSES: Bless you, brother. Bless you.



Doctor John and Fleety Belle in the pilot house of the CLAREMORE QUEEN while they are looking for the New Moses and come across the "New Elijah" . . .

DOC: Hey, brother, you seen anything of the New Moses?

ANSWER: Yes, sir! He was down in the swamp baptizin' about a week ago!

DOC: Hello, friends! Hey, have you seen anything of the New Moses?

ANSWER: Brother, he was here two weeks ago and I ain't had a drop since!

FLEETY: Uncle John, come here! Look!

DOC: What is it? Huh? Oh! Say, that does look like a baptizin'. That might be him. Pull over here.
Hey! Hey, brothers! Is that the New Moses?

NEW ELIJAH: No, brother, but I am the New Elijah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

DOC: No. Its the wrong prophet. Folks out there don't look like they seen anybody comin' through here.
Hey, brothers! You seen anything of the New Moses?

SMART PILOT: Brother, I ain't even seen the old Moses!

DOC: Fresh thing. Hmph. Your joke's old enough you ought to have seen the old Moses.


Here Will Rogers as Doc Pearly is peddling his "Pocahantas remedy" to passengers aboard the PRIDE OF PADUCAH.


Look at that. You see that? See that picture on there? Yeah, that's Pocahontas, the wonderful little Indian woman.

You know, you all know the story of Pocahontas. You know? That saved John Smith's life, you know? Well, John Smith wanted to get this remedy from Pocahontas, you know? Course, it's just made out of pure roots and herbs that she picked up on the hillside. But she wouldn't give him this remedy. He couldn't get it. He had to marry her to get it. Oh, yes, he did. He had to marry her to get the remedy. And that's how it got into the Smith family. And that's been handed down from generation to generation from Smith to Smith right on down... and that's how it come clear down to me. My great-grandmother was a Smith.



Close-up of the remedy.






From this pose you'd think that Will and Moses were having a disagreement but they were actually pretty agreeable with each other as I recall. Lighting is unusual . . . the actors are pretty much in shadow with lots of light on the PRIDE OF PADUCAH which is in soft focus behind them.

Doctor John and the New Moses converse on the landing after disembarking from the PRIDE OF PADUCAH:

DOC - Ain't you gonna stay ashore here with us, brother? The devil's pretty active around these parts.

MOSES - Nay, brother. The Lord's a-callin' me up the river. Gotta wrestle with the Captain of the MEMPHIS GIRL. He's backslid.

DOC - Well, durn my britches! The MEMPHIS GIRL, huh? Say, I've got a nephew works on that boat. You need anybody to help you wrestlin' with the devil, he'll help you. He's the best wrestler in this whole country. His name's Duke. Duke's his name. Yes, sir. He's pilot of the boat.

MOSES - Thank you, brother. I'll fetch him the word.

DOC - You tell him to hurry on down here. I ain't any man to be kept waitin'. Good-bye, brother. Keep the faith.



Note two bottles of Pocahontas remedy in the pockets of Efe's big overalls. This is the scene where the cabin of the CLAREMORE QUEEN is still looking like a pig sty. Doc plays motivational speaker to prod reluctant Efe into do some heavy housekeeping:

DOC - Come on in here. Well, engineer, what do you think of it?

EFE - Kind of looks as though a lot of rats have to find themselves a new hole.

DOC - Well, of course it don't look so good right now. But you got to remember that well, a steamboat is a female, you know? And when they're struttin' up and down the river where everybody's lookin' at 'em they're just like a woman with a new Easter bonnet on. But when nobody ain't lookin' at 'em, why they get kind of careless and don't care.

EFE - Yeah—sloppy.

DOC - Sloppy. That's right. But with a good, live man on this boat like you are say, you can make this thing perk up and strut. Get some paint on her nose and get these chickens out of here. We can put them right in the pot now. Here. Here. Start flirtin' with that. (DOC hands EFE a broom)

EFE - But, Doc, you told me yourself that a man couldn't do a lick of work when he's on Pocahontas.

DOC - Oh, that's the first bottle. But after that you've got to work to get the best results out of it. Now, hurry up. Duke's gonna be here any day now.



It appears that they dried off the robes of the the New Moses and Francis (Frank) Ford as Efe the "First Mate" is wearing them along with the DOWN WITH DEMON RUM! badge. Frank is hamming it up into full alcoholic goofiness, having drunk to much of Doc's 90 proof Pocahontas "remedy." I think he's trying to listen at the engine room speaking tube where he could communicate with the pilot house. The "speaker" is probably that thing that looks like a lamp in the background over his right shoulder. Wonder how he injured one of the fingers on his left hand? Might have been when he was throwing fuel into the furnace to heat up the boiler.



MOSES - Nothing can save us now but the power of prayer. Hey! What are you drinkin' there?

EFE - Medicine.

MOSES - Brother Efe, you've been deceivin' me! That's demon rum!

DOC - Hey, that's Pocahontas. Its never failed us yet. Say, we got 10 gallons, right?

EFE - Ten? We got a hundred!

MOSES - Then fire it up! Down with demon rum! Down with demon rum! Down with it! Down with the demon rum! Into the fiery- Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

JONAH - Boy, that stuff is dangerous!

MOSES - Give it here! Keep it goin'! Down with the demon rum! There we are! Into the fiery furnace!

DOC - That must be some powerful roots and herbs in this Pocahontas!

Professor Marvel's Wax Museum


Excerpts of dialogue between Doc and Rufe at Professor Marvel's museum in a tent with movie still taken during the scene:

DOC: What's that you got there?

RUFE: Why, ain't you heard? Why, Professor Marvel done skipped town owin' everybody. Left his whole show and the calliope and everything. They got a dead fish in here. They call it a whale. Why, the whole tent's just chuck full of things that'll give you the shivers. Come on in. Yes, sir. All the greatest folks in history, from John the Baptist plumb down to the king of England. There's Little Eva sittin' there. Old Uncle Tom's layin' around here somewheres.

There's been a heap of argument around town about this here whale. And Professor Marvel, now, he claimed that it's the very identical whale that swallowed Jonah.

DOC: Well, it looks old enough to be. Say, wait a minute here, Rufe. You know, I got an idea. See what you think of this, Fleety. What do you say... You want to get your money out of this, don't ya?

RUFE: Sure do.

DOC: What do you say you let me take this on the CLAREMORE QUEEN and I'll soon have your money back. And we can get Duke that appeal lawyer too.

RUFE: Well, I don't see how nobody can kick about that.



"You know where those clothes come from? Way up to Memphis."

This still from ROUND THE BEND is from a scene that comes after the following dialogue between Doc and Fleety Belle in which he give gave her some vintage ladies fashions that had belonged to his sister:

DOC: That belonged to Duke's mother.
She was the prettiest woman I ever saw in my life, even if she was my sister.
She was a skinny little thing, just like you.

FLEETY: Dr. John, do you think any body'll take me for a swamp girl?

DOC: Swamp girl? What, in those clothes? No more swamp girl. Say, there's gals up in the big city like Vicksburg that ain't got duds like those. You know where those clothes come from? Way up to Memphis.

FLEETY: Do you think Duke'll like it?

DOC: Like it? Say, he ain't even gonna recognize you at first.
Duke's gonna have two sweethearts now.


DOC: Yeah. He's gonna have two. You and the CLAREMORE QUEEN.


Will Rogers conferring with 1st Mate Francis Ford about changing the identities of his wax museum figures from King George to George Washington and Queen Elizabeth to Pocahontas.

round the bend

Roger Imhof as "Breck's Pappy" (on the left pointing at George Washington) comments during the tour of Doctor John's Floating Museum (conducted by Will Rogers as Doctor John):

"Friends! That certainly is a fine man. All my life I've thought about him and what he's done for our country here! I sure would like to have my old woman see him if she can get away from her plowin'!"


Harvesting of the "Floating Museum" waxworks to feed the "fiery furnace" to keep the CLAREMORE QUEEN in the race against the PRICE OF PADUCAH. Efe (Francis Ford) has got a hold of "George Washington" and Jonah (Stepin Fetchit) seems to be concerned about sacrificing "The Father of our Country."

One of the exhibits in the Museum is a replica of a whale. When Stepin Fetchit's character - Noah - is found hiding inside the whale replica and rolls out of the whale's mouth, Doctor John dubs him Jonah.

In the background John Lester Johnson as Uncle Jeff is flourishing a rifle over his head and Berton Churchill as The New Moses is toting away the waxwork of Napoleon Bonaparte.