Scenes from Steamboat Round the Bend
Benton Churchill as the New Moses

the new moses

The New Moses, witnessed the fight between Duke and Big Steve, and is the only man who can testify Duke acted in self-defense.


Doctor John and the New Moses converse on the landing after disembarking from the PRIDE OF PADUCAH:

DOC - Ain't you gonna stay ashore here with us, brother? The devil's pretty active around these parts.

MOSES - Nay, brother. The Lord's a-callin' me up the river. Gotta wrestle with the Captain of the MEMPHIS GIRL. He's backslid.

DOC - Well, durn my britches! The MEMPHIS GIRL, huh? Say, I've got a nephew works on that boat. You need anybody to help you wrestlin' with the devil, he'll help you. He's the best wrestler in this whole country. His name's Duke. Duke's his name. Yes, sir. He's pilot of the boat.

MOSES - Thank you, brother. I'll fetch him the word.

DOC - You tell him to hurry on down here. I ain't any man to be kept waitin'. Good-bye, brother. Keep the faith.


Steamboat Round the Bend Doctor John pleads with the New Moses to come with them to Memphis to talk to the governor about Duke.

This is a vintage 1935 still photo. This scene occurs during the race with the Pride of Paducah.

MOSES: Brother, what are you doing here?

EFE: Helpin' to win a race.

MOSES: Race? Gambling? Devil's work!

Doctor John: Oh, no, no! This is a race to save a life.
Its Duke. They're gonna hang him in the morning.

MOSES: But they can't! I seen it!

Doctor John: That's what I want you to tell the governor!

MOSES: No, I got souls to save.

Doctor John: No, you got a life to save, and the Lord don't care which one of your jobs you do first.

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All captions provided by Dave Thomson, primary contributor and historian.