Steamboat Paintings by James L. Kendrick III


James L. Kendrick III's RACE OF THE NATCHEZ & THE ROB'T E. LEE. Believe this was off an online catalogue but it seems to be out of print now.


NATCHEZ VIII (the "Eighth" steamboat by that name)

steamboat illustration

James L. Kendrick III was a Louisiana artist who painted plantation homes and steamboats.

The cotton packed AMERICA in the foreground closely follows a vintage photo of the boat but the CITY OF MEMPHIS on the left bears a strong family resemblance to a painting by John Stobart of the J.M. WHITE (a detail of which is on the cover of Way's Directory). The swinging stages are lined up the same way in both paintings although there are differences in various other details if you compare them.

Natchez VI James L Kendrick III EXP for Nori

The NATCHEZ VI painted by James L. Kendrick III is now posted on a page dedicated to Captain Cooley at this site*).


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