Steamboat Paintings by Robert William Addison

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Robert William Addison (1924-1988) was a busy artist who produced many illustrations including this one of a mounted redcoat looking down at a sternwheeler paddling on a Canadian river.

ROBERT WILLIAM ADDISON 1924-1988 steamboat Illustration and Serigraph

On the left is Robert Addison's (1924-1988) painting/illustration of a steamboat named PARGOUD. There was a steamboat called the FRANK PARGOUD (1868-1887) which was a sidewheeler as is the boat in the painting so it is likely that is the boat Addison intended it to be.

A later boat named simply "PARGOUD" (1884-1898) was a sternwheeler.

The silk screen of Addison's haunted derelict steamboat WESTERN WORLD (1973) frame in a photo leaning against a case with Jim Hale's 5 foot model in it inside my River Room.*



Abandoned steamboat GREAT REPUBLIC (1980)
Serigraph signed by the artist Robert Addison with color that he added by hand.

(The black and white version can be seen in the previous file on this page).

This is serigraph Number One of one hundred that were hand painted by the artist.

Image area 13 1/4 x 23 1/2 inches.


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