Ephemera - Mirrors


Decorative mirror for a fictional "Louisiana Steamboat Company"

18 x 24 framed mirror circa 1970-80 for the fictional "Louisiana Steamboat Company - Founded 1869.

Probably intended as décor for bars or lounges "Down South." The artist and/or designer of the mirror may have taken a shine to the name of Captain Buck Leyhe's beloved sternwheel GOLDEN EAGLE (1918 - 1947) and decided to assign the name to the sidewheeler in the graphic portion of the mirror.

Streckfus J.S. mirror 60 percent EXP

Steamer J.S. souvenir pocket mirror - 2.10 inch celluloid souvenir with pocket mirror on the back for the "EXCURSION STEAMER J.S."


Cornwell's ROB'T E. LEE (mirror image) on a beer glass

Beer glass for a brew named Riverboat Brown from Rock Bottom Brewery when there was one in Kansas City, circa 2003. Artist painted a faithful mirror image of the ROB'T E. LEE from Cornwell's Race with the NATCHEZ painting.


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