Ephemera - License Plate Decorations


License Plate "topper" HANNIBAL, MO

Hannibal, MO vintage automobile license plate "Topper" that I had chrome plated. After photographing the Topper outdoors on the patio under the striped awning I opened the file on the computer and added a photo I had taken of the Boyhood Home as it looks today and finessed it to fit where a vague bas relief impression of the Home had been on the Topper. I also used the lettering from the topper in a composite of Jim Waddell standing in the foreground with the town of Hannibal in the distance on the west bank of the Mississippi River.


Julia Belle License Plate in Huck Finn Ford frame

JULIA BELLE on a 1992 Illinois license plate with copper plated frame for HUCK FINN FORD from the Northern California town of Orland.


My personalized license plate and custom topper - Mid 1990's.


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