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The steamboat MOHAVE (usually spelled MOJAVE) Yuma, Arizona on the Colorado River

The Yuma Collection Kenneth Riley
Signed Limited Edition Print
17.5 x 29.5" Western Art - The Connally Collection
Listed on ETSY by SpicewoodFrameworks


Painting by Leslie Ragan featuring the towboat NORTHERN pushing barges in the foreground for a 1935 railroad travel poster which had the following text under the artwork: "Cincinnati on the Ohio Gateway to the South - New York Central Lines"


This mural of the WAR EAGLE at 520 South Third St., La Crosse, Wisconsin

Vernon County Museum Notes
Kristen Parrott, curator
January 4, 2017

This mural of the WAR EAGLE can be seen at 520 S. Third St., La Crosse. The steamboat will be the subject of the Vernon County Historical Society's next program, which is set for Jan. 10.
Angie Cina
Steamboats on the Mississippi will be the subject of our first public program of 2017 - specifically one steamboat, the War Eagle. If you've ever passed by the mural of the War Eagle painted on the side of 520 S. Third St. in La Crosse and wondered about its significance, now's your chance to learn the story.

Local historian Robert Taunt of La Crosse will talk about the WAR EAGLE, and the 1870 fire that destroyed her, Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 7 p.m., at the museum. The steamboat was traveling north to St. Paul on May 14, 1870, having just passed by Vernon County, when she docked in La Crosse and took on a load of lamp oil. The oil leaked, was ignited, and soon the whole boat was ablaze. Most of the passengers escaped unharmed, but several died.

The WAR EAGLE burned to the waterline and sank in the Black River. Artifacts recovered decades later are currently housed at the Riverside Museum in Riverside Park, La Crosse. They include tools, dishes, bottles, a sword, a doll's hand, and a wooden beam.

The WAR EAGLE is also featured in the book, "Paddlewheels on the Upper Mississippi 1823-1854: How Steamboats Promoted Commerce and Settlement in the West," by Nancy and Robert Goodman. This book is available for sale in the museum's gift shop. From it we learn that the War Eagle was actually the second steamboat by this name, and that she was built in 1854 as a packet boat for travel between Galena, Ill., and St. Paul, Minn. She had velvet carpets and oil paintings, and was the lead boat in the 1854 Grand Excursion along the Upper Mississippi River.

The Vernon County Museum, 410 S. Center Ave., Viroqua, Wisconsin 54665 • 608-637-7396 •


Frank Leslie's steamers America and United States colliding on the Ohio River, December 4th 1868

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
December 26, 1868 engraving on page 287
"Terrible steamboat accident - The steamers America and United States colliding on the Ohio River, December 4th 1868."


Painting of "fictional character" steamboat FRED C. DOBBS

"Fred C. Dobbs Paddle Steamer"
Oil on Canvas 30.00" x 24.00" | Lot 4126

"Fred C. Dobbs" was a fictional anti-hero created by B. Traven in his 1927 novel

In John Huston's 1948 movie version of the novel, Fred C. Dobbs was portrayed by Humphrey Bogart in one of his most memorable roles as an amateur prospector who became paranoid and homicidal towards his two partners after they had gathered a fortune in gold dust from the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico.


Steamboat Oil Painting 'Beating The Storm' by Bryant Wade Logan

Original Steamboat Oil Painting 'Beating The Storm' by Bryant Wade Logan
24" x 36" in rustic frame.
Painting location is Ripley, Ohio. Includes signed Certificate of Authenticity.


J.M. WHITE at Baton Rouge
by Burny Myrick
L. Ruth Gallery of Louisiana Art
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Jack Woodson's painting of the GORDON C. GREENE

Jack Woodson's serigraph of the GORDON C. GREENE.
Need to find one of the original serigraphs since this was only a "print on demand" reproduction, made from a high resolution scan of Woodson's first edition that was published sometime before 1997.


Watercolor of the LIBERTY by Ralph Richards


Colorful spontaneous watercolor of a sidewheel steamboat by Carsten Wieland
File can be downloaded on ETSY

Brushpark-Watercolors: Carsten Wieland@brushparkwatercolors

Watercolor Steamboat Sunset PRINTABLE Watercolor Art | Etsy


BLASER WITH HIS STEAMBOAT RACE BETWEEN THE NATCHEZ AND ROB'T E. LEE AT NEW ORLEANS 1870 taken in his basement studio - by Dave Thomson Oct 2007:

Michael Blaser in his Bettendorf, Iowa studio with a work in progress: the Mississippi River at New Orleans on June 30, 1870; the beginning of the race between the ROB'T E. LEE and the NATCHEZ.


Stobart Rob't E Lee Natchez Under The Hill Wharfboat Moonlight Night


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