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Clemens coat of Arms for Tiffany by W.H.W. BICKNELL

The artist W(illiam)H(arry)W(arren) Bicknell - best known for his etchings
Made this etching of a "Coat of Arms for Mark Twain" (Samuel L. Clemens)
as an assignment for the Tiffany Company

This was printed on the title page of each volume in
in 22 Volumes
Published by
American Publishing Company
Hartford, Connecticut
In 1899

Graphic vignettes:

TOP: Steamboat Pilot, Western Stagecoach, Deckhand taking Sounding

MIDDLE: Atlantic steamer QUAKER CITY - Initials S.L.C. - Locomotive/Train (Cannibalism in the Cars?)

BOTTOM: Mark Twain/Clemens home Hartford, Connecticut

More about the artist:
William Harry Warren Bicknell

Signed his artwork: W. H. W. Bicknell
Also known as William Henry Warren Bicknell
Born Boston, Massachusetts 1860
Passed on in Provincetown, Massachusetts 1947


Mark Twain's LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI poster that promoted the TV movie back in the 1980's

A promotional poster for the PBS LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI TV movie in 1980 was issued with photographs of locations in Hannibal, Missouri that were associated with Sam Clemens. I reformatted the lettering and replaced their photo of the JULIA BELLE SWAIN inside the oval frame with a detail from Hippolyte Sebron's 1850 painting of steamboats at New Orleans.


MARK TWAIN commissioned woodcarving 2017

I had this custom woodcarving made in 2017 by John Lesage of LESAGE WOODWARE
166 Janeway Drive
Guilford, Connecticut 06437 203 710-3815
5" x 21-3/4"


The MARK TWAIN cigars metal advertising sign was returned to mint condition by 4th CONE RESTORATION


EXXON bicentennial 1976 Clemens in the JULIA BELLE SWAIN's pilotHouse

EXXON public service announcement for the U.S. bicentennial from 1976 with Sam Clemens in the JULIA BELLE SWAIN's pilot house.


Sam Clemens at approximately 50 years old

Not dated but this was how Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) may have looked when he was around 50 years old during the mid 1880's.


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