Belle of Louisville and museum district
Fourth of July weekend 2023




Engine room video (1 of 3)
Youtube - video

Engine room video (2 of 3)
Youtube - video

Engine room video (3 of 3)
Youtube - video

This is part of the furnace where they burn the fuel to heat the boilers and make the steam (no video).


This is me in the engine room. There's nowhere else I'd rather be.


I was there for the ICSA* annual conference.


The object of all the mechanical gear is to turn the wheel, seen here.
Youtube - video

Letting off steam
Youtube - video


This barge sauntered by during our cruise (no video).

The Belle of Louisville flag waves as passengers enjoy the cruise.
Youtube - video

Support your local historic boats. Happy Fourth of July!

On Sunday we walked up Main Street to the museum district. This is the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.


After a fraught history David now stands in front of 21c Museum Hotel. When my friends said it was just up ahead, I wished for him they gave him a fig leaf. They have plenty of leaves, but alas they are in the wrong place to do him any good. So I got him a fig leaf in post. Now everyone can safely behold David checking his phone.


A friend added, David would look good in a pair of running shorts with steamboats on them. Here you go!


Our destination was the Frazier History Museum*. I learned so much about Kentucky there. Plus they had an impressive collection of miniature figures. Some had their own doll house or mini environment.




All this pageantry in miniature scale!

Views of the Ohio River along Main Street



Belvedere is a seven acre city park. You can get a good look at the Ohio River and they have a lovely fountain called the Belvedere Waterfall. Click here to see the waterfall - Youtube - video

The Louisville iconic skyline . . .


Note the building on the right has a lighthouse on top. There are two lighthouses; the other one is on the adjacent shorter building behind it. The lighthouses allow pilots and captains to gauge their distance to Louisville.


Our conference was at the Distil Hotel* and I would recommend them for conferences or people who want to visit Louisville. Everything on this page is walking distance to Distil. I found vegetarian pizza at Bearno's Pizza* just a block down the street, and In Season* a vegetarian restaurant two blocks on Main Street. The hotel restaurant, Repeal,* had great oatmeal and avocado toast for breakfast. Beyond that, try the pizza place if you're veg.

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