Dear Nori,
My name is Allen Dale Strange. As a small child, I was introduced to the wonderful world of steamboating through a long-time friend, Vic Tooker. He and Mom were very influential to me not only from learning about steamboats, but also ragtime and dixieland music. From 1981 to 1987 I was the pianist on a small excursion boat called the Spirit of Evansville. In my tenure on the rivers I have met Capt. Wagner, Paul Harvey and your brother.. . albeit he may not recognize my name. I was only thirteen when I met him on the Delta Queen. I have played the calliope on five of the six existing steamboats. The only one I have YET to perform on is on the American Queen. I have MANY PERSONAL PICTURES I would love to add to the site. I am attaching a few with the hopes that you may want more and that you might post them in a particular place in your site.

Dear Allen,
Always great to hear from fellow steamboaters. Sounds as though you knew the whole pantheon of Delta Queen people. I remember Vic Tooker, Cap. Wagner and the others. I've posted your photos and invite you to send in some more.

The American Queen:

The Belle of Louisville:

The Delta Queen:

The Mississippi Queen:

The Natchez:

The Julia Belle Swain:

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