The Great Race
Steamboats Round the Bend

All the usual captains for the online steamboat race are busy working to save our beloved Delta Queen. Therefore, this year we will just share some photos from the steamboat race in the movie, Steamboats Round the Bend. These photos provided by Dave Thomson, one of the steamboat experts at For more about the movie, click here.

Another scene from the set. Dave Thomson notes: "The pair of horses in the lower left appear to be agitated, most likely because of the shriek of steam whistles."

Dave Thomson notes of this photo: "A few minutes after the start of the race the still photographer got these stern views of Claremore Queen (left), Pride of Paducah (center) . . . the identity of the boat on the right is uncertain. Awful close quarters between the Pride and the boat to the right of it."

That is it for this year's online steamboat race! We hope you enjoyed these photos, provided by Dave Thomson. He won this year's coveted antler award for all the contributions to the over the years. Visit Dave Thomson's wing of the Online Museum: click here.

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