Saga of The President Steamboat

NEW LATEST NEWS ON THE PRESIDENT (updated 9/21/2009): Unfortunate news about the President steamship. Our correspondent has informed us that he saw the President steamboat cut up into truck-shipping-size pieces in a field in St. Elmo, Illinois. The man who did this is David Campbell and the trucker who moved it is house mover Jeremy Patterson. There is an effort underway to acquire the President's engines and get them to a secure location so they may be preserved. Our informant said he walked around inside the President's hull and it appeared perfectly sound. Therefore, we do not see any reason why the boat was removed from the water and chopped up. To see photos, click here.

OLD NEWS ON THE PRESIDENT (updated 8/13/2009): The President is up around St. Louis (or Davenport, Iowa??), and the machinery has all been removed. It is being used as a Casino Boat. (The machinery from the President was vertical engines, and could not be used on a stern wheel. The Presidents machinery was designed for a side wheeler.)

OLD NEWS: The PRESIDENT was decommissioned in 2000. A few years ago her fate was in question, as she was for sale by Isle of Capri Casino, resting on a shallow on the Yahzoo River near Vicksburgh, MS. Built in 1934; 280 X 80 X 9.0.

More photos, including one when the vessel was under construction:

For more information about the beginnings of this vessel, and history of it, link to the Online Exhibit on the Streckfus Excursion Boats.

Fate of the President Sidewheeler

This video shows the happy workers dismantling the boat and putting it up on the bank.


July 4th 2009 - I'd say it is the President, St. Elmo, Ill, I 70, x 76. Cut up and trucked 100 miles, costing what?


Crank end and cross head connection 40" low pressure, aft end 22" x 40" x 9' stroke, I 70 St. Elmo, Illinois. President cut up, stacked up. St. Elmo, Ill . . . why I 70, x 76.


Crank end, low pressure 40" cylinder, 22" x 40" x 9' President St. Elmo, Ill x 76 - why? "Over a very short time river engines left outside fill up with rain water. Rust freeze split. Capt. Michael sad.


President engines 22" x 40" x 9' stroke big pitman (pitmen) beam lays rotting on the ground. Non condensing by Charles Barnes Shops, Cincinnati, OH.


Original hull narrower and curved - outer hull flat. Bow section cut up side wheeler President. This will be put back together? Elmo, Ill I 70 x 76. Mike Giglio 07/01/09, it is all in pieces. Right side of hull, 296' (315) 395-0831 Mike.


Happy - does Michael look happy? Yep, in a farmer's field, it is all here, hull, 4 decks, etc.: President in St. Elmo, ILL I 70. 07/04/09.