A New Model on the Brazilian Waterways

Hallo, Nori ! I promised to send you some photos of my sternwheeler model as soon as it was ready. Here they are. She got the name "Louisiana Belle."

The steamer is electric powered. Length 1,54 meter, width 0,29 m. Scale about 1:35; weight about 10 kg. The ship was built following a German kit and design ("Chaperon") but as the hull of the steamer was horrible and impossible for Mississippi steamers. After 20 years I built a new fiberglas hull and improved the steering system, based on the photos you sent me.

The radio control works fine and the only handycap is the lack of people on board (I couldn't find a crew in that scale) and smoke coming out of the stacks, without burning the model. Of course. But it is difficult to be perfect, isn't it?
- Joachim F.E. Knop, Botucatú - SP, Brazil

[Thank you Joachim! I hope your work is an inspiration to other model builders! - Nori]

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