Photos of the W.P. Snyder, Jr.


The two historic photos from Murphy (above) are characteristic of the W.P. SNYDER, J.R. when she was still running. The bottom photo must date from after the SNYDER JR retired in the mid-50s, judging from the number of volunteer friends on board.

Photo Courtesy of Murphy Library at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse








The beautiful W.P. SNYDER JR. at Marietta, Ohio on the Muskingum River

Scanned from negatives of the towboat W.P. SNYDER JR. which I photographed at Marietta, Ohio on the Muskingum River in Sept 1990.

Got up early that morning at the Lafayette Hotel, had breakfast with Fred Way and company downstairs before heading to the "Campus Martius" Ohio River Museum which was not yet open.

The SNYDER JR is moored there and the museum's park like grounds were open and I was also able to get photos there and the high elevation photos from the Washington Street Bridge just south of the boat.

The overcast morning light softened the shadows and there's an atmosphere of tranquility on the Muskingum and the film grain on these photos was very subdued for a change, am very pleased with these images..

During that trip I drove up the Muskingum to Zanesville (where Zane Grey the Western novelist grew up) which is 70 miles northwest of Marietta.

The Snyder Jr. was in fine shape 24 years ago when I was there but the wear and tear of floating on the river and enduring the elements made it imperative that the boat get some restoration and miraculously she was given a grant for a million dollars to get her hull put into A-1 shape and to have her painted and otherwise spiffed up.

She was towed back to Marietta this Spring and this month she was towed to Louisville to be an attraction at the 100th birthday party for the Belle of Louisville (which started off as the Idlewild, then became the Avalon before finally being bought and restored by the city of Louisville where she's a beautiful excursion boat which I have taken two evening cruises that were wonderful).

BOAT'S HISTORY in a nutshell:

From 1918 to 1954, the towboat W.P. SNYDER JR. (in the class of towboat referred to as a "pool boat") pushed barges of coal for Crucible Steel (and other previous owners) in the Pittsburgh area.

In 1955 the Snyder Jr. was donated to the Ohio Historical Society to be moored at the Ohio River Museum.

On September 16, 1955 the SNYDER JR arrived at Marietta under her own power, smoke billowing from the stacks and the steam whistle echoing through the valley.

(The latter was adapted from a paragraph from the earlymarietta blogspot):

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
W. P. Snyder Jr. Sternwheeler leaves for Louisville


I took this from the deck of the Valley Gem, as we passed by on the river.


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