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This is the original Thomson River Sunset Cruise, which includes Starlight's Spectacular Sound & Light Show and a stockman's dinner around the camp-fire.

Take a gentle cruise at sunset down the peaceful Thomson River on the only paddlewheeler west of the Great Divide or on the Thomson Princess Riverboat.

Then, join us for traditional stockman's camp-fire dinner followed by bush poetry with local outback storyteller.

Afterwards marvel as the riverbank is lit up with Starlight's Spectacular Sound & Light Show - a unique big-screen presentation featuring the Kinnon & Co family and locals in the amazing adventures of the notorious local cattle thief known as 'Captain Starlight'.

Finally, in the atmospheric surroundings of the bush at night, enjoy the timeless favourite—billy tea and damper.

Sunset Cruise experience includes:

Sunset Cruise on historic paddlewheeler (nibbles included, BYO drinks)

Traditional stockman's dinner (2 courses) with bush poetry

Starlight's Spectacular Sound & Light Show

Transfers to and from accommodation.

Our Sunset Cruise departs 4.30 pm

Monday to Saturday
April 1st to October 31st

Thomson River (Queensland)
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Queensland State Archives 2133 The Thomson River at Longreach March 1938.png
Longreach, 1938
Country Australia
State Queensland
Part of Cooper Creek
Mouth confluence with the Barcoo River
The Thomson River is situated in western Queensland, Australia, and forms part of the Lake Eyre Basin. The river was named by the explorer, Edmund Kennedy, in the 1840s. The northernmost headwaters of the river begin as Torrens Creek, inland from Charters Towers. The watercourse becomes the Thomson just north of the town of Muttaburra, where the channels of Landsborough Creek, Towerhill Creek and Cornish Creek meet. Aramac Creek joins the river from the east, south of Muttaburra and Maneroo Creek flows from the west, joining the Thomson south of Longreach. Just to the west of Longreach the river is crossed by the Landsborough Highway. The river continues in a south westerly direction, passing the towns of Longreach, Stonehenge and Jundah, before joining with the Barcoo River north of Windorah to form Cooper Creek. This is the only place in the world where the confluence of two rivers form a creek. As with all of the rivers in the Lake Eyre Basin, the waters of the Thomson never reach the sea, and instead either evaporate, or, in exceptional flood, empty into Lake Eyre. Floods are relatively common within the catchement because of the summer monsoon rains. Due to the flat nature of the country traversed, the river can then become many kilometres wide, causing major difficulties. For much of the time, however, the river does not flow, and becomes a line of billabongs. The area through which the river flows is semi-arid blacksoil plains. The main industries of the area are sheep and beef cattle.


From John Fryant to Dave Thomson, August 13, 2015:
Dave, Fascinating photo! The big wooden bulkheads out on the head of the boat aroused my curiosity but then I realized that they were "wooding up" the boat and those were removable bulkheads normally placed along each side of the boiler area to form the "firebox" where the fuel was stored. But the big surprise to me was the wooden arch structure on the port side extending from the main deck up through the boiler deck. She had hog frames! I've only ever seen these on larger deep-water craft on the Great Lakes and coastal waters. This is a first for me. Never thought I would see this type of construction of a shallow draft sternwheeler. Well, ya learn something every day. The pilothouse roof is interesting too. Looks sort of like a standing seam metal roof. And the little weather-vane tops on the stove pipes must have kept the smoke blowing downwind.
Thanks for sharing.
John Fryant

Excellent 7.20 x 8.50 original albumen photo of the ELLEN HARDY mounted on card stock Written on verso: "Holmes Kaysar's (Keyser's) Boat" at Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin River 1870

ELLEN HARDY (1867-1888)
Sternwheel Packet
Built 1867 at Faxon, Minnesota
M.H. Keyser and Company of La Crosse, Wisconsin 1869; of Prairie du Sac, 1881
First home port, St. Paul, Minnesota. In the Minnesota river trade 1867-68
Abandoned in 1888

Officers: Captain Captain A. Russell (master, 1868); Captain Hardy (master, 1869); Jacob H. Hinderman (master); A. Baldwin (master, November 1881)


I was given this snapshot along with a bunch of others years ago. The dramatic three quarters stern view of a speedy steamboat about to pass under the Eads Bridge at St. Louis was taken from the hurricane roof of another sidewheeler whose paddle box is prominent in the lower left quadrant.

Had assumed for a long time that this was one of a number of boats that had "EAGLE" as their last name. The boat that most closely resembles this boat in the Murphy Library site is the second steamer called SPREAD EAGLE (1897-1910). The Murphy photo Number 35415 of that SPREAD EAGLE was taken from a similar angle but a lower vantage point. While there are many similarities between the two boats there are also significant differences which suggests they are not one and the same.

Some of the bulkhead may have been missing just aft of the paddlebox which could explain why the horizontal portion of the "L" in EAGLE is missing and the last "E" is gone. However if the boat's last name ended with the letter "I", making the last portion of the word "EAGLI" then it suggests it had another name entirely, a mystery yet to be resolved.


Yukon Steamer AKSALA (ALASKA spelled backwards)
Taken at Whitehorse, Yukon Territory July, 1949




Vintage 35mm Kodachrome Color Slide 1959-1962

SPRAGUE "Port of Baton Rouge, Louisiana" under her name at stern

Looks like this was taken at Vicksburg in the same location as the other color slide we have which was taken at a later date from a lower angle


LAFAYETTE LAMB at Winona, Minnesota in 1898
Detail from a Detroit Publishing photograph
Pretty picture taken from a high angle with riverfront park in the foreground

Sternwheel Rafter
Built 1874 at Clinton, Iowa

Way's Steam Towboat Directory Number T1541

C. Lamb and Sons; Valley Navigation Company (1893)
Bronson and Folsom Towing and Transportation Company (1899)
Lafayette Lamb (master, 1874); Captain Cyrus King (master, 1883); Captain John Monroe (master, 1890); Captain J.E. Kaiser (master, 1893) Captain Stephan B. Hanks (pilot/master, 1878); Chris C. Carpenter (pilot, 1899)

Was the first boat of the season to arrive at St. Louis from the south on April 2, 1892. Was sold to the Bronson and Folsom Towing and Transportation Company in 1899 for $2500. She then carried a passenger permit as well as towing. Her machinery, etc. went into the building of the packet FOUNTAIN CITY At one time she had served as the bowboat for the ISAAC STAPLES

Dismantled at Stillwater, Minnesota in the winter of 1904-05


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