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Full view and close up of the Gordon C. Greene June 1942 approaching the TVA Wilson Dam in Alabama Arthur Rothstein. I retrofitted the steamboat with tall stacks and a larger pilot house to give it a vintage appearance.


This photo was one of Fred Way's favorites and he used it on the cover of the Dec. 1990 Reflector. I got the original photo from a dealer out here, had Ralph DuPae copy it and got prints made for Fred and others. Photographer was Paul Briol. Tom Greene set him ashore from the Gordon C. Greene then steamed away up river at Pipe Creek. Fred didn't say what year it was or where on the Ohio River that Pipe Creek is located. I would guess the 1940's.

Fred recollected that the Captain put the photographer ashore at the foot of a hill that the man climbed with his camera and took some photo of the GORDON C. GREENE steaming off with lots of black smoke rising from its stacks. Then the Captain turned the boat around and retrieved the photographer after he had climbed down the hill. Fred mentioned the location on the Ohio River where this was taken and if and when

The credit on the back of the picture was given to Henry Flannery of 402 Battery Street San Francisco. but the caption is corrected by Fred Way himself in The Reflector, Vol. 27, No. 4 December 1990, p. 19.

Caption on page 19 written by Fred Way himself:

"The GORDON C. GREENE wending her way up the Ohio River. This photo portrait was recently found by Dave Thomson who sent it to Ralph DuPae for inclusion in the University of Wisconsin's collection in the Murphy Library at La Crosse.

The original was made from an 8x10 glass plate negative taken by the late Paul Briol of Cincinnati.

Capt. Tom Greene set Paul ashore with camera and tripod, then staged a "pass by" with coal smoke billowing, upbound at Pipe Creek.

Editor's note: Our thanks to Sharon Cunningham for sending this Ohio River map from the Corps of Engineers, 1923, showing Pipe Creek and Landing on the right bank downbound at the top of the page.


A composite of four color slides taken by Charles W. Cushman during the 40s.

The Cushman collection is at Indiana University and his approximately 14,500 slides make a wonderful travelogue of people, scenery, cities and towns which can be viewed at this link:


These 3 excursion boats were photographed by Cushman when were looking their best:

CAPITOL Nov. 5, 1941 at New Orleans

GORDON C. GREENE May 15, 1949 at Cairo, Illinois

ISLAND QUEEN Oct. 15, 1945 at Owensboro, Kentucky

Charles Weever Cushman, amateur photographer and Indiana University alumnus, bequeathed approximately 14,500 Kodachrome color slides to his alma mater. The photographs in this collection bridge a thirty-two year span from 1938 to 1969, during which time he extensively documented the United States as well as other countries.

Indiana University's Digital Library Program and the Indiana University Archives invite you to explore what Cushman saw.

Here you can view his photographs as well as read contextual information about Cushman's life and work.


This was taken from the Bayou-bound boat as we passed the NATCHEZ. The sternwheel was turning prior to departure with some touristas watching with rapt fascination.



Attached 2 from the Oct '89 N'awlins trip.

The one of NATCHEZ at the wharf was taken from a boat bound for the Bayous . . . thus the American flag flying lower left which makes the picture more interesting that it would have been otherwise.

The stern view of the NATCHEZ came out pretty nicely by saturating the color in PPS7 which gives it the appearance of having been shot through a polarizing filter.


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