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Valletta steamboat

Steamer Valletta. Just bought this photo today at a Pasadena post card show. The Valletta (built in 1901 destroyed by fire 1932) was a Sacramento River boat. They're providing transportation for an Odd Fellows picnic here. (I confirmed it was an outing for Lodge 133 at Colusa on the Sacramento River.)

This almost looks like a movie still with a bunch of extras. My favorite part (outside of the boat) are the dogs in the lower right corner. Feels like you could step right into this picture doesn't it? There isn't a date on it but I'd guess very early 1900's, not long after it was built. Thought I may have scanned this crooked but the people are standing straight so the boat must be listing towards the shore with too many passengers on that side.

The original photo measures 6-1/4 X 8 inches, mounted on a larger piece of board.

paddlewheel boat

The Guiding Star (above) and observations by John Fryant:

"Wow! She looks brand new. Stage gunnels haven't been painted yet. You can see that there was steel plating around the bow. Some sort of big spar or derrick laying inside on the main deck as well as a yawl boat. You can also see that the 'scape pipes and stacks slanted outward from the vertical. Great photo! Thanks for sharing."

paddlewheel boat

Puddle Jumpers - There appear to be 5 boats in this photo although all you can see of one of them are its stacks visible between the 2 boats in the right foreground. Jim Hale identified more than the Yazonia and Hibernia, will have to ask him again what the other names were. This is pretty much the right half of a panoramic photo which included more of the riverbank to the left. The Yazoo was often not navigable when the river got really low and even these little puddle jumpers didn't have enough water to float on.

Jim Hale identified the Yazoo boats for us. I'm attaching the same file again so you'l have the caption ready if you decide to hang the picture in the museum.

The boat in front of the "Hibernia" is the "Des Arc." The boat nearest the bank is the "Fifteen" and the small pool style boat between the Fifteen and the Des Arc is the "Maggie."

paddlewheel boat

North Star of Rock Island on Upper Mississippi. This was one of the photos that was included in the Julia Belle Swain brochure when she was running out of LeClaire some years ago.

New Orleans photo

Newest arrival, an undated Associated Press photo, possibly '40's of '50's Probably not a paddlewheeler but a nice looking boat with great name and signage. Nice that the life preserver included NEW ORLEANS on it.

. . . written in blue pencil on verso:

Mississippi River
Packet boat which supplies delta with merchandise & returns to New Orleans with oranges, furs, fish, moss.


Hi Dave,
Fascinating photo. Great detail. From the size of the stack and the shape of the pilothouse front I'd say a gas or diesel powered prop boat. Not steam, as she has a horn on the stack. Perhaps converted from an old steamboat with new upper works. Can't find any reference to her in Ways Packet Directory. Might be a good submission to the Reflector for possible i.d. The paint job looks fairly new or well scrubbed.


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