John Hartford


Ralph DuPae kindly put me in touch with John Hartford who signed his name with vintage style on this photo of himself steering the Julie Belle Swain (scroll to the right to see autograph in uppler right hand corner).


John Hartford in the Julia Belle Swain pilothouse. Jim Hale took the photo on a fall foliage cruise on the Tennessee River out of Chattanooga, November 1974. Go to Jim Hale's page to see a photo John Hartford took of him the same day in the Julia Belle Swain pilothouse - click here.


Here's a poster for one of Hartford's live appearances in Hannibal, Missouri, by the Hannibal Arts Council. The poster must refer to Saturday, November 7, 1981. The same artwork was used for an album cover.

Link to John's memorial website:

Link to John Hartford's music and photos of John Hartford by Bill Muster (at this site).


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