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Towboat JAMES Y. LOCKWOOD in a scenic color photo from a 1949 calendar sponsored by De Laval, a company that manufactures dairy equipment.


JAMES Y. LOCKWOOD history gathered from the following two sites:

The JAMES Y. LOCKWOOD, a sternwheel towboat built in 1896, towed a railroad transfer barge for many years at St. Louis (Ivory Street) for the M-P railroad.

In 1927 this vessel began towing a transfer barge for the Natchez & Southern Railway at Natchez.

The LOCKWOOD was retired from active service in 1961 and Joseph H. Salon of Chicago bought it from the Missouri Pacific Railroad and the boat traveled to Chicago under its own steam.

Subsequently Salon poured about $250,000 into renovations before opening it as a restaurant-nightclub in 1963, naming it the SHOWBOAT SARI-S after his daughter. (See post card illustration)

The restaurant was docked in the Chicago River off Ontario Street near Salon's trucking company at 600 North Kingsbury Street.

In 1970 the SARI-S was taken to Buffalo, N.Y. where she again served as a restaurant.

In 1989 she was transported to the Netherlands and renamed MARK TWAIN.



Attached photo of a cookie tin with a colorized picture on the lid of "Tom and Huck" circa the 1930's at Nipper Park in Hannibal with the GOLDEN EAGLE paddling down the Mississippi in the distance.

The tin measures 10 inches in diameter by 3 3/4 inches high. There is no text printed anywhere on it so we can't determine when this was manufactured and what sort of delectables it originally contained.

I have only seen one of these before, in "Pudd'nhead's" gifts and antiques in Hannibal, MO on Bird Street. "Pudd'head's" tin was "not for sale" so I was very pleased to find it listed on Etsy last week.

Massie's original photo is attached for comparison along with a colorized post card from Massie's photo of the boys and the steamboat taken a few minutes earlier as it passed Nipper Park.

Massie took many photos for the Missouri Commerce division to use in publications to promote tourism, in this case of "N.E.MO." (local abbreviation of North East Missouri) and Hannibal which was so richly endowed with nostalgia by Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) whose novels about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn created a world so believable that many readers thought the boys and their adventures were real. Clemens accessed his memories of people, locales and events which were often depicted in his novels very much as they were in the 1840's and 50's.

I photographed the cookie tin on a book shelf downstairs in which you can glimpse just a few of my editions of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn including the first publications and also many foreign language versions.

Massie's prints and negatives are in the Missouri State Archives in Jefferson City (the State Capitol) which would be well worth visiting:

Gerald R. Massie Collection, 933 prints, 768 negatives, mid-1930s-1974

This collection contains Massie's work while employed with Commerce and Industrial Development and his early photography while living in Kansas City in the 1930s. As state photographer, Massie was in charge of developing the visual concepts for Missouri's regional booklets and tourist advertising. This collection, like the Commerce and Industrial Development Collection, depicts Missouri scenery, industry, agriculture and recreation, as well as special events, such as Sir Winston Churchill's visit to Westminster College in Fulton.


A Gambia Islands collector's stamp from Disney, for International Youth Year, 1985: Mark Twain's "Packet Landing at St. Louis from LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy in the foreground and yet another recycling of Cornwell's ROB'T E. LEE from the racing painting with the NATCHEZ.

This was done in a faithfully cartoony in style and the influence of Dean is evident from the low angle perspective and details of the boat's stacks and 'scape pipes etc. "The Gambia" is the smallest country in Africa and is located on the Atlantic coast in the northwest area of the continent.

This presentation is 4 x 5 inches with a perforated rectangle around Mickey and the paddlebox of the "Bayou Belle" that could be extracted and used as legitimate postage. Other Mark Twain novels were also given this treatment. I was made aware of the project when the artists in Disney's "Character Merchandising" department were developing the project.

I was given some photocopies of the original black and white drawings which were eventually all painted in the same style as this one.

The stamps commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Mark Twain's birth and, International Youth Year, 1985:
Three scenes paying tribute to Mark Twain's LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI (1883):

Mickey Mouse "In the Pilot house of the "Calamity Jane"

Donald Duck and Goofy "taking soundings" at Natchez, Mississippi

"Packet Landing at St. Louis" from LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy in the foreground and the steamboat "Bayou Belle" influenced by Dean Cornwell's ROB'T E. LEE from the racing painting with the NATCHEZ. "The Gambia" is the smallest country in Africa and located on the Atlantic coast in the northwest region of the continent. This large presentation measures 4 x 5 inches with a perforated rectangle around Mickey and the paddlebox of the "Bayou Belle" that could be extracted and used as legitimate postage. Other Mark Twain novels were also given this treatment for the 150th anniversary.

I was made aware of the project when the artists in Disney's "Character Merchandising" department were developing the project. One of them gave me some xeroxes of the original black and white drawings which were eventually all painted in the same style as these.


In addition to the Disney - Twain themed stamps in 1985 (which was not only "International Youth Year" but also the 150th anniversary of Mark Twain's birth, November 30, 1835) there were also commemorative stamps issued for the Turks & Caicos Islands. The artist did a nice job depicting the steamboat GRAND TURK (probably based on the lithograph Henry Lewis made in 1848 that we have on one of the illustration pages) and Mark Twain riding Halley's Comet which was in the sky when he was born in 1835 and when he died on April 21st, 1910. Clemens had often predicted that he would pass on when Halley's comet returned 74 years, 4 months, 23 days after he was born.


The Turks and Caicos Islands , or TCI for short, are a British Overseas Territory consisting of the larger Caicos Islands and smaller Turks Islands, two groups of tropical islands in the Lucayan Archipelago, north of the larger Antilles island grouping.

There is also a strong influence from Cornwell's ROB'T E. LEE painting in the depiction of the GRAND TURK which was different primarily in the design of the upper deck and pilot house etc. which is apparent in Henry Lewis' lithograph.


This March 25, 1882 cover from sketches by Charles Upham is one I've always liked and finally found one (attached).

Page 75 was not included, no pages outside of the cover were, so I don't have the article that pertains to the cover art.

Harper's Weekly published an article on the subject in their May 13, 1882 issue from which I extracted 2 paragraphs of useful history. Have provided the link to the article for those who would like to read the whole thing.

excerpt from
May 13, 1882, Harper's Weekly
The South Asking the Federal Government's Protection from the Unruly, Overflowing Monster Mississippi


The great flood of 1882 ravaged communities along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and their tributaries. In Cincinnati, heavy rains began on Sunday night, February 19, 1882, and lasted for two days, causing the Ohio River to rise at a rate of two inches per hour. The flood blocked railroad tracks entering the city, submerged homes and factories, displaced hundreds of families and put thousands out of work temporarily. Similar scenes occurred along the Ohio in southern Indiana and Illinois.

Even more serious was the flooding along the Mississippi River, from Illinois and St. Louis virtually all the way down to the delta of New Orleans. The 1882 flood was one of the most devastating to the lower Mississippi River Valley. The water easily broke through most of the levees, burying entire towns, killing livestock and other animals, and forcing thousands of residents to flee for safety. In Arkansas alone, an estimated 20,000 people were left homeless. In some places the overflowing Mississippi River transformed the adjacent communities into a lake, 15-miles wide. Private steamboat companies rescued those stranded by the flood, as did the Army Corps of Engineers and the Quartermaster Corps, which also distributed rations to the victims.


The attached is a composite of 3 of the 8 vertical "columns" from a brochure for "River Tours" aboard the QUEEN CITY, SENATOR CORDILL and the LIBERTY. The "columns" as displayed in this comp are not in the order that they appear in the brochure but the arrangement looks satisfactory for presentation.

This brochure has to pre-date 1934 when the SENATOR CORDILL expired. The LIBERTY lasted until 1938 and the QUEEN CITY until 1940.



Attached art for the 2011 U.S. postal service FOREVER stamp dedicated to MARK TWAIN.

I believe that the artist based the steamboat on the little White River (Arkansas) steamboat MARY WOODS No. 2 that was on display at Jacksonport, Arkansas until she sank and nobody wanted to pay the cost of restoring her so she was scrapped in 2011.

The attached photo of the WOODS from the CAPTURE ARKANSAS photo site was taken by Marvin Barrow and copyrighted by him 2014.

Jacksonport site feature on the WOODS from back when she was still a tourist attraction.

The WOODS had the distinction of playing the "PAUL JONES" in the 1979 T.V movie MARK TWAIN BENEATH THE LAUGHTER in the sequence where Horace Bixby is "learning" the river to young Sam Clemens on the Mississippi.

Way's Towboat Directory Number T1764

Stw tb sh 1931-1949. b. Nashville, TN (hull) and completed at Memphis, 111x26x4.4. Engines, Gillett & Eaton, 123/8's-6 ft. stroke. Engines new but boilers, doctor and pumps from the FRANK E. WOODS. Capt. Clarence Moxley came out master.

Capt. Ed B. Warner, approaching 81, was pilot on her in White River, March, 1940. He once piloted the packet CHICKASAW to Memphis with her largest cargo of White River cotton. Capt. Charles Warner also was on the WOODS as pilot. Converted to diesel at Memphis in 1949. Owned by the Woods Lumber Co.. Memphis, until sold in February, 1960 to Potlach Forests, Inc., Clarendon, AR. Decommissioned in 1967. Potlach donated the MARY WOODS NO. 2 to the Arkansas State Publicity and Park Commission in 1967. She was restored and exhibited at Jacksonport State Park, a mile west of Newport, AR on Highway 69.



From a 2009 Russian edition of Mark Twain's ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER, here are 3 illustrations, the double page spread of the ferry MISSOURI shows women and girls carrying picnic baskets aboard for the picnic at McDougals's Cave downriver from St. Petersburg (Hannibal, MO). The two "widescreen" compositions in the upper left are from the front and back cover of the book.

The second one shows Huck and Tom on the waterfront discussing how to cure warts.

Am providing the credit page since I can't tell which of the contributors is the illustrator. If you or I come across someone who is fluent in Russian we can get a translation of the particulars of the publication.

The steamboats are not of the Mississippi River variety, they bear a resemblance to some of the Pacific Northwest boats (Columbia and Yukon rivers and Puget Sound etc.) Perhaps there were some boats of this style in old Russia.

The artist's style is enjoyable and the colors beautiful.


Attached scan of DVD cover of the 1980 T.V. movie based on Mark Twain's memoir LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI first broadcast on PBS. The movie was filmed on the Illinois River with Dennis Trone's JULIA BELLE SWAIN doubling for both the PAUL JONES and the ALECK SCOTT. Shot on 16mm film there is some softness to the resolution of the movie which appears to have been transferred from video tape to DVD rather than remastered in high resolution to DVD. If that upgrade can be made someday the image quality will be improved a great deal. Robert Lansing portrayed Horace Bixby the master pilot who "learned Sam the river and Lansing became a kind of surrogate incarnation of a grown-up Mark Twain in both appearance and characterization. He really makes the show come alive.

Life on the Mississippi (DVD) is available from the Mark Twain Museum shop in Hannibal, MO:


Presented by PBS and the National Endowment for the Humanities, this movie version of Twain's exciting river memoir sticks to the book in both narrative and dialogue. Newsday called it, "The most respectfully faithful translation of prose to film I have ever seen or yet imagined..." Starring Robert Lansing and David Knell, with an introduction by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1980; color; 115 min.) Note to teachers: Includes study guide in the Root level of the disk.



April 18, 2014
By David Knell from his website (Knell portrayed the youthful Sam Clemens in this show). In Movie Memories davidknell.com

My film debut. When Dennis Christopher broke his arm, two weeks before production began, the producers of this Great Performance epic scoured the globe for someone else to play young Sam Clemens in Mark Twain's autobiographical tale of his years as a young riverboat pilot. They found me.

It was an amazing experience that I will treasure as long as I live.

Beautifully shot by Walter Lassely, and Directed by Peter H. Hunt. I have fond memories of every single person who worked on this film.

A few years ago there was a 3-D IMAX film called, I think, "Mark Twain's America" that featured some footage shot on the Julia Belle Swain, the steamboat on which we filmed. I cannot express how wonderful it was, reliving a cherished memory in 3D. Amazing.

"When I was a boy, there was but one permanent and burning ambition among me and my comrades, and that was to be a steamboat pilot."


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