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I took these photos of murals at the Arabia museum when I visited during the 1990's. The steamboat Arabia sank in the Missouri River near Kansas City on September 5, 1856, carrying 200 tons of cargo. Lost for 132 years, she was unearthed in 1988. Well preserved clothes, tools, guns, dishware have been salvaged and are on display along with the engines and other remains of the boat itself at the Arabia Museum in Kansas City. Their website is 1856.com.

POSTER DaveMatthewsTimReynoldsPOSTER15July2012CanandaiguaNYenhanced

Rich Kelly poster for the Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds concert given at CMAC - Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center - Canandaigua, New York - July 15, 2012


Attached composite I made of a double page illustration of Sam Clemens as a steamboat pilot with Huck Finn on his raft in the foreground combined with the front cover of the book Adventures of Mark Twain by Huck Finn.

The Adventures of Mark Twain by Huckleberry Finn
by Robert Burleigh
Illustrated by Barry Blitt
Hardcover: 48 pages
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers (published March 8, 2011)

Mississippi River's Wrap Around LP album cover

Lucky Luke Cover 75 DPI for NORI 4 Oct 2013

Wrap-around LP album cover for "MISSISSIPPI RIVER'S"

The chief interest is of course the cartoon-style steamboat DIXIE ROSE and those crazy caricatured singers and dancers down by the riverside.

This is a scan of the cover only for the 16th in 79 Volumes in the serio-comic Western series which began publication in 1949 featuring a light hearted Belgian-French reimagining of what Western hero as incarnated as cowboy Lucky Luke.

LUCKY LUKE EN REMONTANT LE MISSISSIPPI (Lucky Luke Going Up the Mississippi)
Dessins de (Drawings by) MORRIS
Scénario de (Story by) R. GOSCINNY

Published in 1961
Belgian artist Maurice De Bevere (1923 - 2001) who created Lucky Luke, signed his cartoons "Morris."

René Goscinny (1926 -1977) wrote over half of the Lucky Luke stories.

Goscinny also wrote the stories for the comic series Astérix which was drawn by Albert Uderzo. Note also there's an alligator sitting up taking notice in the river near the center of the steamer's profile. A 'gator is also included on the cover by the same artist for the cover of the Lucky Luke adventure EN REMONTANT LE MISSISSIPPI BOGALUSA, LOUISIANA is on a label attached to the barrel that the banjo player is sitting on in the far right foreground is sitting on.

The celebrated Belgian cartoonist signed this and his other cartoons "Morris."

Danish illustratipons by Ib Spang Olsen for Livet på Mississippi NEW for NORI

Three examples of Danish illustrator Ib Spang Olsen's [1921 - 2012] carefully-researched illustrations for an edition published in Denmark entitled "Livet på Mississippi" (a translation of Mark Twain's "Life on the Mississippi") which was first published by Centrum in 1979.

On the left is Captain Leather's steamer Natchez about to make a landing. Upper right is a boy sitting on a capstan, below him be a drawing apparently based on a photo of the sternwheel of a later-day towboat.

Olsen's rough & ready style is humorous & whimsical, well suited to Sam Clemens' stories of the time he spent on steamboats.

Streckfus J.S. mirror 60 percent EXP

Steamer J.S. souvenir pocket mirror - 2.10 inch celluloid souvenir with pocket mirror on the back for the "EXCURSION STEAMER J.S."

Winona Steamboat Days Pin Back 1950 HALF size

My favorite pin back which in style looks earlier than 1950 1.60 X 2.30 inches on folded edge on the back it says MIDWEST BADGE & NOVELTY CO. INC. - MINNEAPOLIS.


Self evident pin back button from 1966.

EadsBridgeStLouisTireAd 18 April 1925 Sat Eve HALF size EXP

The Eads Bridge at St. Louis with a Steamboat and a Motor Car
Ad for Kelly Flexible Cord Tires
18 April 1925 Saturday Evening Post

Text of the Steamboat/Motor Car advertisement:

The Peregrinations of the Pecks

After a delightful trip across country from Pinehurst, the Pecks have arrived in St. Louis, where we see them stopping for a few minutes on the picturesque waterfront to allow Jim the younger to add one of the famous Mississippi River steamboats to his collection of snapshots. The two young Pecks are getting a liberal education, father is having a wonderful time and the change of scene and release from housework are doing mother a world of good. The whole family, therefore, is enjoying the trip immensely.

THE KELLY FLEXIBLE CORD is the only tire in which the bead is built in as an integral part. Since it is this new Integral Bead construction that makes the flexibility possible, it follows that no tire built by the ordinary method can offer the same combination of mileage and comfort

Rugged, dependable and easy-riding, here is indeed the best tire that even Kelly has ever built.

Harper's 15 Sept 1888 cover artwork by Charles Graham Engraved by W

I received a complete edition of this 1888 Harper's Weekly which I've been meaning to track down for its cover for a long time.

Attached scan of the cover art without the "banner" above or the caption below.

The caption mentioned a POEM on page 694 which I have transcribed below. It's rather typical of its time or even a much earlier time, archaic in style but interesting nonetheless.

Better not reduce this any smaller than this if you post it or the "moray" pattern will become very distracting.

The original artwork was credited to Charles Graham (hard to tell if the original was a painting or a drawing).

The engraving was made by W. Redding Jr.

This image has been copied by other artists who especially like the heron or egret that is standing on one leg in the foreground below the derelict steamboat.

15 SEPT 1888
page 694


Where the black bayou pools,
In the flags and cypress stools,
It drops a dusky halo
In the opalescent shallow
That crowns in somber dimness.
A steamer's bulk and chimneys;
As if the crevasse had caught her,
Docked in her coffin, and hurried her,
In the arms of the pitiful water,
Into her grave and buried her.

The pastel painting mold
In colors of slime and ooze
Has laid their delicate hues
In panels of greenish gold;
And the vines in the grand saloon
Have woven a silk cocoon,
Like beds of the butterfly-moth;
But the gray moss has over all
Drawn a funereal pall
Of satiny velvet cloth.

How changed since the flying swallow-tail
At her flag-staff was symbolical
Of the Pride of the River, chiding
The fat salt marsh of the bayou,
When the lords of the South came a-riding
From the Gulf to the Falls of Ohio
On business lively as pleasure;
And the wealth of her gilded cabin
Was rich with a richer treasure
Than the Roman stole from the Sabine!

What has become of her Master?
What has become of her men?
Her damasks and lambrequin,
Ormolu and alabaster?
Her nostrils breathing benzene,
When throes of her mighty engine
Made chandeliers clink and shiver
To the throttle's hollow diphthong;
And the coils of tire sinuous river
Unwind like a flying whip-thong,
As she blows a smoky streamer
(That pictured photographic
The bends of the river traffic)
In the nose of her rival steamer?

What if some night-worn pilot,
By new cut or low sand islet,
Hears the capstan song of her dead men;
The pant of her engine churning,
The part of her buckets turning,
And the long soft cry of her lead-men,
As he sees her head-light burning
In the bends of the old dead river,
As of old the bold Sir Berliner
Saw the white barge of the king come,
And he swears a prayer or two;
Not for the National Income,
Less than the Evangelists
Would care or dare e'er to
Look on her passenger lists;
Or the marvelously splendid
Cargoes she has to deliver
On the banks of the old dead river ;
For the days of her glory are ended;
Captain and capstan-song,
And the phantoms she chased so long.

Ended her noble winnings,
That once set the river a-talking;
The junk-shop has scored her innings,
And the fungus is doing her calking.
But the tall magnolias above her
Hang like a mourning lover,
Dropping their immortelles
In the long, unbroken swells
That picture in polished emery
Cut-water to cabin spar,
Clear as a widowed memory
Of the days before the war.


German Huck Finn title page steamboat landing Horst Lemke EXP

Charmin' double title page illustration by Horst Lemke for a 1964 German edition of Mark Twain's HUCKLEBERRY FINN.


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